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Steps To Choose Right Martial Art Style for Yourself

  Which martial art should you learn? Which style or form is the right one for you? These are the most asked questions and the ones that trouble us...

Staying Calm and Dealing with Pre-Fight Nerves

 Every fighter is nervous before a fight or matches whether it be MMA, BJJ or boxing. Either they are a world champion, black belt master or a begi...

Effective Ways Which Muay Thai Fighters Can Improve Their Striking Game

 No matter the form of martial art, striking is one of the main focus and it is mandatory because without it you as a fighter would not improve. A...

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Muay Thai Training, Finding The Style That Is True To You

There is more than one way of doing things in life, this is exactly the case with Muay Thai. The method that you can use and it gets the job done ...

What Qualities to Look For When Searching For Muay Thai Trainer

Not every trainer is equal, while there are good trainers you will surely see a few odds and corrupted ones. Often, students believe and follow th...

Explaining The Different Types Of Muay Thai Fighting

As you get into Muay Thai you will know how brutal this art of 8 limbs is. There is a lot more than punches and kicks. This martial art form also ...

Develop Your Unique Muay Thai Martial Art Style

Whatever the goal may be, there are multiple ways to reach it. Just like that in martial arts either your goal is to learn self-defense, become a ...

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