Kids Bjj No Gi Rash Guards

Our premium rash guards aren't only limited to adults but have been specially crafted for your little warriors as well so they can also enjoy high-quality protective combat gear. BJJ and grappling sports alike spend most of the time on the mats. You’re young ones will be up close and personal with their opponent rolling around for hours day by day. The bodies will be making contact with the floor almost entirely. There’s constant pulling, grinding, impacts, sliding, etc on the mats and that's undeniable. So obviously this has the potential to bring up some hygienic issues. BJJ rash guards are skin tight and protect the skin from microorganisms, sweat, blood, etc. Mat burn is another common thing that fighters experience and rash guards are perfect for preventing it.


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Kids NOGI Rash Guards

Elite Sports rash guards are constructed out of heavy duty polyester & spandex materials for ultimate protection & longevity. Just like our BJJ gis, Our bjj rashguards are lightweight yet extremely durable. Featuring 4 way stretch capabilities and shape retention technology, your child can maneuver as quickly and as awkwardly as possible and won’t feel any restriction. Elite Sports rash guards allow for a full range of motion so that they can reach their full potential. Enjoy the peace of mind that your little fighter is rolling around fully protected with non-chafing, antimicrobial, and antifungal treated combat gear.

Kids BJJ Rash Guards

Elite Sports kids bjj rash guards sizes range from XS - XL so that children of any shape, weight, and size can enjoy premium protection and durable combat gear. Our bjj rash guards are ideal for more than just bjj but can also be used for various sports such as MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai, surfing, etc. 

Like all our products, these Kids BJJ no gi rashguards are IBJJF tournament approved, one can wear this in NO-Gi Jiu Jitsu. Also offering a variety of colors for your child to choose from like red, high-liter yellow, white, gray, or completely blacked out. Every fighter has a different personality & preferences so pick the right kids no gi rashguard for you and fight on. We all know how excited kids are for their passion, so let’s make sure they get the best BJJ kids rashguards in the market that’ll appeal to their personality and keep them safe from unnecessary health problems. 

Kids Jiu Jitsu Rashguard Features 

Elite Sports promises high-quality spandex and polyester combined to make the perfect youth BJJ rashguard for your little grappler. All our products including kids jiu jitsu rashguards are masterfully designed, carefully assessed, systematically verified and thoroughly tested to ensure they retain their shape, color, quality and added features. We continue to provide all the possible sizes of bjj rashguards for children as well as Kids BJJ shorts to fit every child. 

All our products come with the built-in anti-odor feature that ensures you don’t have problems with hygiene when wearing our Kids jiu jitsu rashguards. Moreover, all our BJJ rashguards come with an anti-rash guarantee as well. We all know how long and exhausting a tournament can be. All that sweat can cause problems in non-quality cheap attires. Don’t let anything but your absolute limit hinder your progress. Have the best BJJ kids rashguards for your kids and yourselves!