Women's Bjj No Gi Rash Guards

Elite Sports premium BJJ No-Gi rash guard collection for women is designed to open the floodgates of opportunities for female No-Gi BJJ practitioners aspiring to achieve their No-Gi black belts in record time and emerge as one of the finest No-Gi grapplers of this generation. Tailored to perfection, the Elite Sports No-Gi BJJ rash guards for women will improve your performance on the mats, give you the much-needed boost of confidence you need, and also provide the perfect blend of comfort and style.


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Women's BJJ Rash Guards

Crafted from a high-quality blend of 10% spandex and 90% polyester, the Elite Sports women’s No-Gi rash guards offer 4-way stretchability, crucial for increasing a grappler’s range of motion. Additionally, our stretchable rash guards for women ensure flexibility on the mat, so you can easily escape an opponent’s attack, adapt to your opponent’s maneuvers, and manage to execute complex submissions and transitions fluidly. Moreover, the inherent compression quality of our No-Gi women’s rash guards ensures increased blood flow to muscles for better performance and also facilitates speedy recovery after an intense and long No-Gi training session. This attribute also makes our rash guard ideal gym workouts as well. While the fabric itself is so durable and stretchable, eliminating concerns about clothing malfunctions on the mat, we offer flatlock seams in our entire rash guard collection for women to provide an extra degree of durability and peace of mind to our female  No-Gi champions. These flatlock seams allow you to increase your range of motion and better tackle your opponent. 

Sweating and body odor is are major problems faced by women who spend long hours training in No-Gi techniques, positions, and submission methods on the mats. Other rash guards available on the market fail to ensure odor control. However, our women’s No-Gi rash guards are made from a special breathable and lightweight fabric with sweat-wicking properties, keeping you feeling fresh and dry no matter how grueling the training session gets. Not worrying about causing any discomfort to your opponent due to body odor gives you all the confidence you need to conquer the world of No-Gi BJJ. 

During competitions and while performing difficult maneuvers, the anti-slip design of our BJJ No-Gi women’s rash guards keeps you securely in place on the mat, allowing you to focus on submitting your opponent. Moreover, as you roll, spar, and drill different techniques and transition into different positions, the built-in anti-chafing properties of our women’s rash guards will keep them comfortable and well-protected.   

True to size and offering an ideal fit, our women’s rash guards are available in five different sizes: S, M, L, XL, and 2XL, in vibrant colors. Plus, our rash guards for women are IBJJF-approved, allowing you to compete at the highest levels. Shop your favorites today to emerge victorious in all No-Gi BJJ women’s competitions.