Rafael Lovato Jr. First American BJJ Black Belt with Many Distinctive Records

Rafael Lovato Jr. First American BJJ Black Belt with Many Distinctive Records

1. Rafael Lovato Junior’s Details

Rafael Lovato Junior’s Details

Name  Rafael Lovato Junior
Nickname  N/A
Born  Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America
Age  39
Date of birth  25-6-1983
Weight  94 kg (207 lbs)
Weight Division Pesado (94 kg / 207 lbs)
Height  6’3’’
Foundational Style  BJJ
Career Disclosed Earnings  N/A
College University  N/A
Rank 4th Degree Black Belt 
Head Coach  Carlos Machado
Last Fight  2022 ADCC
Favorite Technique Well Rounded
Lineage  Carlos Gracie > Helio Gracie > Carlos Gracie Jr > Carlos Machado > Rafael Lovato Jr
Team Association  6 Blades / Lovato BJJ

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2. Rafael Lovato Junior’s Biography

Rafael Lovato is a Fourth Degree Black Belt in BJJ and also a retired undefeated MMA fighter (11-0). He was born on the 25th of June 1983 in Cincinnati, a city in the state of Ohio, USA. He is the first non-Brazilian to win CBJJ Brazilian Nationals twice as a Black Belt (2007) and open weight Champion in 2013.    

2.1 Son of a Martial Artist

Rafael Lovato was born in the house of a famous martial artist. He was familiar with the lifestyle of an MMA practitioner from his early childhood. He got early MMA training from his father. He also received early BJJ training from his father.

2.2 Best in Various Martial Arts

Lovato Junior started his MMA career with boxing. He also learned Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do Concepts, Thai Boxing, Escrima, and Jeet Kwon Do. He also achieved titles in Escrima. Along with Escrima, he was also ready to make his debut in boxing.     

2.3 Started BJJ Training With His Father

At the age of thirteen, Lovato observed his father doing something new. His father, Lovato senior, went to the Texan city and joined BJJ private class from Carlos Machado. He went to attend his private BJJ class once a week.

After returning from Dallas, he started training BJJ with his son, Lovato Junior. After a few years, he also joined his father and started going to Dallas every week.

2.4 Relationship with Saulo Ribeiro

When Lovato Junior was promoted to Brown Belt, he became one of the toughest athletes in BJJ. He became famous as a hot future prospect for BJJ.

At the age of 19, Rafael started fighting in the Arnold Invitational. He faced the multiple-time World Champion, Saulo Ribeiro in the final. After the fight, Saulo Ribeiro invited him to Brazil. Rafael accepted his invitation and went to Brazil that year and they trained together.

In Ribeiro’s Place, Lovato found his potential to do coaching. Furthermore, on his tour to Brazil, he also became a good friend of Saulo Ribeiro.

2.5 Relationship with Marc Laimon

At the start of 2004, Rafael was invited by Marc Laimon to help him in his preparation. He had a fight against Ryron Gracie. He accepted this invitation and joined Marc Laimon. Both lived as roommates for three months. During those three months, Rafael Lovato made a strong friendship bond with Marc Laimon. Both are still friends.

2.6 Joined Ribeiro Brother’s Academy

After becoming Black Belt, Lovato went to Brazil to join Ribeiro Brother’s academy. He wanted to train here and learn BJJ. His stay in Ribeiro's brother’s academy proved very fruitful and he won medals in various tournaments. He won major tournaments during his stay in this academy.

2.7 Mix Martial Arts Record

Rafael Lovato is not only winning the tournaments in BJJ but is also unbeatable in MMA. He made his debut in MMA on September 26, 2014. He has a record of 11-0-0 in MMA with 82% finishes.

He was on an 11/0 win streak and never being defeated and submitted in MMA. Here is the complete MMA professional record of Rafael Lovato Junior.

11 Matches  11 Wins  Losses  Draws
By Knockout  2 0 0
By Submission  7 0 0
By Decision  2 0 0

2.8 Bellator Middleweight Champion

After UFC, Bellator Fighting Championship also had his name among the top MMA fighters. Rafael Lovato Jr. is Bellator Middleweight World Champion. He earned this title after fighting against Gregard Mousasi in 2019. 

2.9 Lovato Junior’s BJJ Pro Combat

First American Athlete to Win in Juvenile Division

Rafael is honored to have this achievement that he was the first American who won IBJJF World and Pan Championship in the Juvenile Blue Belt division. At the age of 16, he won IBJJF Pan Champion in the Juvenile Blue Belt division.

Later in 2001, he became the first American to win 2 medals in the World Championship Juvenile Blue Belt division. He became a Bronze medalist in his weight division and Silver Medalist in Open Class.

Promoted to Black Belt

In August 2004, Rafael was promoted to Black Belt at the age of 21 by his coach Carlos Machado. He became the youngest American BJJ Black Belt. Another title Rafael and his father achieved is that they are the first American father and son to become BJJ Black Belt.  

Second American to Become World Champion

After BJ Penn, Rafael Lovato Junior earned the honor to become the second American IBJJF World Black Belt Champion. After this victory, he won various World Championships in Gi, No-Gi, and Masters championships. Now Lovato Junior is 8 times world champion. 

First American to Win Brazilian National Championship Twice

Rafael Lovato Junior became the first American who won the Brazilian National Championship twice. Rafael won his first Brazilian National Championship as a Black Belt in 2007 and became the first American to secure the win twice in the different weight category.

Rafael again won this title in 2013 when he submitted 3 of his opponents out of 5. He submitted his opponents in the semi-finals and final with Kimura. He was the first non-Brazilian who won this championship in the absolute weight division. Rafael was crowned as the best fighter in Brazil.

First Black Belt American to Become Grand Slam Champion

Rafael Lovato Junior became the first person to win the Grand Slam in 2007 after winning four major championships. He was the first American to win a European championship, Brazilian National, and IBJJF Pan Championship in the same year.

He also won the World Championship the same year and became the second American after BJ Penn to achieve the milestone.

Submission of the Night Award Against Kayron Gracie

Lovato Junior added his name to the history of BJJ by winning in the first-ever Metamoris event. He submitted Kayron Gracie with his favorite Kimura technique. He achieved the submission of the night award on this submission.

Most Decorated American BJJ Competitor

Rafael Lovato Junior is the most decorated American BJJ competitor who is famous for his toughness. He won major championships including the European Championship, IBJJF Pan Championship, and Brazilian National Championship twice. Furthermore, he is the youngest American athlete to achieve BJJ Black Belt.

No-Gi Champion in three Weight Categories

Rafael Lovato is honored to have this record that he is the only person to win No-Gi championships thrice in different weight categories. In 2010.

  • He became the heavyweight No-Gi world champion. 
  • In 2011, he won the No-Gi world championship in the medium-heavy weight division.
  • In 2013, he was the No-Gi world champion in the ultra-heavy division.

Grappler Quest Hall of Famer

In 2009, Rafael received another achievement because of his long list of accomplishments. He was inducted into the Grappler Quest Hall of Fame.

Owner of Lovato’s School of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts

Lovato Junior is now the owner, head, and instructor in his own Lovato’s school of BJJ and MMA in Oklahoma City, USA. He is training IBJJF World and Pan (Gi and No-Gi), ADCC, and UFC fighters.

Online Training Sites

Rafael Lovato Junior is a very humble, courteous, and meek person who wanted to share his knowledge in any way. Rafael Lovato is very passionate about transferring his knowledge to the young generation. He also started his online instructional classes for those BJJ competitors who cannot join big schools.

Top BJJ Competitors

Lovato’s school of BJJ and MMA is producing great competitors. He is the first instructor in America whose Black Belt students are winning World Championships. In 2010, Lovato’s first Black Belt student Justin Rader won the world No-Gi championship in the featherweight division.

James Puopolo also got his Black Belt under Rafael Lovato Junior. He is also a World and Pan champion in Gi and No-Gi in both colored and Black Belt divisions. He is also the ADCC U.S. Trials champion.

3. Rafael Lovato Junior’s Historic Fights

3.1 Rafael Lovato Junior Vs. Kayron Gracie

Rafael Lovato faced Kayron Gracie in the first-ever Metamoris event in 2012. This was one of the most memorable matches for both players. At the start of the match, Rafael applied pulling guard and took down Kayron.

Rafael tried to control both of his legs to prevent full guard. But Kayron Gracie took down Rafael by pulling his Gi from his legs and secured the top position. This was an incredible sweep from Kayron Gracie.

Lovato tried to create distance by using his legs and tried an inverted guard. Kayron side-mounted Rafael but Rafael pulled him down by strangling his legs. Kayron looked helpless. Rafael gained the top position and his body weight pressure did not let Kayron Gracie's inverted guard to work.

Rafael took the top position, turned Kayron into a turtle position, gained control of his back, and applied a triangle. And then this triangle changed into full guard. These all moves in a single minute were fascinating but Kayron’s way of surviving the technique was also a feast for the eyes.

At the end of the match, Rafael took down Kayron. Kayron tried to keep distance by using his legs. Rafael did not let him sweep any guard and had complete control. He submitted Kayron Gracie with Kimura. After this match, Rafael Lovato Jr. achieved the submission of the night award.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2012 Metamoris 1 Kayron Gracie  W Submission by Kimura  SPF Absolute 

3.2 Rafael Lovato Jr. Vs. Rodrigo Teixeira

Rafael Lovato Junior faced Rodrigo Teixeira in the Pan Championship 2007. Both fighters looked highly energetic from the start of the match. Rafael took down Rodrigo which was inverted by Rodrigo. Rodrigo took the top position and two points for the takedown. Lovato Junior balanced his position by holding Rodrigo’s Gi and pulled him down. Now Lovato Jr. secured the top position.

In the next half of the match, Lovato Jr. was taken down by Rodrigo at the start. But Rafael maintained his balance and pulled down Rodrigo by strangling him with his Gi and scored two points for an outstanding takedown. Rafael full-mounted Rodrigo. Rodrigo tried his best to escape but Lovato Jr. did not lose his grip. He submitted Rodrigo with Brabo Choke.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2007 Pan Championship Rodrigo Teixeira  W Brabo Choke  Eliminator 100kg 

3.3 Rafael Lovato Jr. Vs. Hunter Colvin

Rafael Lovato Jr. fought with Hunter Colvin in Oklahoma City Open 2020. At the start of the match, Rafael took down Hunter Colvin and scored two points. He mounted him and restricted his moves. Hunter Colvin tried to escape. When Rafael’s grip was a little loose, Hunter found this a golden chance and pushed Rafael to escape.

In the next half of the match, Hunter made an attempt to apply a pulling guard and ended up in a position with Rafael on top. Rafael Lovato Jr. took this opportunity and mounted Hunter. He submitted Hunter Colvin with Mounted X Choke.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2020 Oklahoma City Open Championship Hunter Colvin  W Mounted X Choke  SemiFinal Open Class 

3.4 Rafael Lovato Junior Vs. Todd Walling

Rafael Lovato Junior faced Todd Walling in Oklahoma City Open No-Gi 2021. At the start of the match, Lovato Junior took down Todd Walling and scored two points. Lovato Junior controlled Todd Walling and mounted him. Todd tried to strangle Lovato Junior’s leg but Lovato passed his guard and scored three points.

Todd Walling tried throughout the match to counter Lovato Jr but Lovato did not provide any opportunity. Rafael Lovato submitted Todd Walling with an Ezekiel choke.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2021 Oklahoma City Open NoGi Todd Walling  W Ezekiel   Final Open Class 

4. Rafael Lovato Junior’s Main Achievements

4.1 Rafael Lovato Junior’s International Achievements

Year  Event  Weight Division 
2006 Pro Sub League Invitational  N/A
2007 IBJJF World Championship  100kg
2007 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals  100kg
2007 IBJJF Pan Championship  100kg
2007 IBJJF European Open  100kg
2008 IBJJF Pan Championship  94kg
2010 IBJJF World Championship NoGi  94kg
2011 Abu Dhabi World Pro no-gi  -92kg
2011 IBJJF World Championship NoGi  -85kg
2013 IBJJF World Championship NoGi  +97kg
2013 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals  Absolute 
2016 IBJJF World Championship Master  Open/Super-Heavyweight 
2017 IBJJF World Championship Master  Super-Heavyweight  
2020 IBJJF World Championship Master  Super-Heavyweight 
2022 IBJJF European Open  100kg

4.2 Rafael Lovato Junior’s Black Belt Achievements

Year  Event  Belt  Position 
2006 Pro Sub League Invitational  Black Belt  1st 
2007 IBJJF World Championship  Black Belt  1st 
2007 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals  Black Belt  1st 
2007 IBJJF Pan Championship  Black Belt  1st 
2007 IBJJF European Open  Black Belt  1st 
2008 IBJJF Pan Championship  Black Belt  1st 
2010 IBJJF World Championship no-gi  Black Belt  1st 
2013 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals  Black Belt  1st 
2016 IBJJF World Championship Masters  Black Belt  1st 
2017 IBJJF World Championship Masters  Black Belt  1st 
2020 IBJJF World Championship Masters  Black Belt  1st 
2020 IBJJF World Championship Masters  Black Belt  2nd (Open Class) 
2022 IBJJF European Open  Black Belt  1st 

5. Rafael Lovato Junior’s Professional Record Break

5.1 Lovato Junior’s Professional Record Break

180 Matches  122 Wins  54 Loses  Draws
By Submission  65 9 0
By Points  40 28 0
By Advantages  5 5 0
By Decision  11 11 0
By Penalties  0 1 0
By DQ 1 0 0
Draw 0 0 3

5.2 Submission Methods

Method  65 Wins  9 Loses 
Armbar  14 3
RNC 10 0
Triangle  5 0
Brabo Choke  3 0
Ezekiel  2 0
Anaconda  1 0
Mounted Triangle  1 0
Baseball Choke  1 0
Arm in Ezekiel  1 0
Choke  1 0
Kimura  10 0
Submission  5 0
Mounted X Choke  3 0
Kata Gatame  2 0
Crucifix Choke  1 1
Darce Choke  1 0
North South Choke  1 0
Arm in Guillotine  1 0
Cross Choke  1 1
Shoulder Pressure  1 0
Estima Lock  0 1
Foot Lock  0 1
Heel Lock  0 1
Choke from Back  0 1

6. Rafael Lovato Junior Fight History

Year Competition Opponent W/L Method Weight
2005 Budo Challenge Rolles Gracie W Brabo choke O108KG
2005 Budo Challenge Takeshi Kosai W DQ O108KG
2006 Pan American Eduardo Telles L Pts: 2x0 94KG
2006 Pan American Eduardo Telles W Pts: 2x0 ABS
2006 Pan American Roger Gracie L Armbar ABS
2006 GQ All Star Pro Nolan Dutcher W RNC 91KG
2006 GQ All Star Pro Dave Branch W Referee Decision 91KG
2006 GQ All Star Pro Chris Moriarty W RNC 91KG
2007 Budweiser Champ. Lee Synowski W Pts: 4x0 ABS
2007 Budweiser Champ. Ian McPherson W RNC ABS
2007 Budweiser Champ. Chris Moriarty W Injury ABS
2007 Brasileiro Braga Neto W Pts: 4x2 100KG
2007 Brasileiro Roberto Abreu W Pts: 4x0 100KG
2007 Pan American Unknown W Triangle 100KG
2007 Pan American Rodrigo Teixeira W Brabo choke 100KG
2007 Pan American Unknown W Brabo choke 100KG
2007 Pan American Cristiano Lazzarini W Pts: 2x0 100KG
2007 Pan American Romulo Barral L Points ABS
2007 ADCC Marko Helen W Armbar 88KG
2007 ADCC Demian Maia L Points 88KG
2007 World Champ. Bruno Paulista W Points O100KG
2007 World Champ. Luis Theodoro W Referee Decision O100KG
2007 World Champ. Braga Neto L Pts: 2x2, Adv ABS
2007 NoGi Pan Am. Nick Kline W Points 100KG
2007 NoGi Pan Am. Flavio Almeida L Pts: 2x0 100KG
2007 Super Challenge Luiz Theodoro L Pts: 2x0 ABS
2007 10k Challenge Mario Sukata L Referee Decision ABS
2007 10k Challenge Anthony Rode W RNC ABS
2007 10k Challenge Stephen Dawson W Anaconda ABS
2007 10k Challenge Braulio Estima L Armbar ABS
2008 Pan American Fabio Marmontel W Armbar 94KG
2008 Pan American Fernando Piero W Adv 94KG
2008 Pan American Roberto Alencar W Adv 94KG
2008 World Champ. Arthur Cesar W Kimura 100KG
2008 World Champ. Roberto Abreu W Pts: 8x4 100KG
2008 World Champ. Braga Neto L Pts: 5x0 100KG
2008 World Champ. Marcel Fortuna W Armbar ABS
2008 World Champ. Rubens Charles W Pts: 4x2 ABS
2008 World Champ. Andre Galvao L Choke from back ABS
2009 World Pro. Braulio Estima L Pts: 5x0 ABS
2009 Pan American Rubens Charles L Pts: 2x0 ABS
2009 ADCC Tom Lawlor W Points 88KG
2009 ADCC Bruno Bastos W Darce choke 88KG
2009 ADCC Braulio Estima L Estima lock 88KG
2009 ADCC David Avellan L Foot Lock 88KG
2009 World Champ. Fernando Piero W Adv 94KG
2009 World Champ. Alexandre Souza L Pts: 2x0 94KG
2009 World Champ. Roger Gracie L Cross choke ABS
2009 NoGi Worlds Marcel Fortuna W RNC 100KG
2009 NoGi Worlds Braga Neto L Pts: 0x0, Adv 100KG
2010 Pan American Leo Nogueira W Points 94KG
2010 Pan American Joao Assis W Pts: 2x0 94KG
2010 Pan American Bernardo Faria W Pts: 7x0 94KG
2010 No Gi Worlds Roberto Alencar W Referee Decision 94KG
2010 Brasileiro Bernardo Faria L Pts: 3x0 ABS
2010 World Champ. Tony Eduardo W Points 94KG
2010 World Champ. Joao Assis W Points 94KG
2010 World Champ. Bernardo Faria L Points 94KG
2011 European Lucio Rodrigues L Pts: 6x2 100KG
2011 World P. NoGi Rodolfo Vieira W Pts: 4x2 92KG
2011 World Champ. Mick Wilson W Pts: 2x0 ABS
2011 World Champ. Antonio Carlos W Triangle ABS
2011 World Champ. Bernardo Faria L Pts: 2x0 ABS
2011 World Champ. Fernando Piero W Triangle 94KG
2011 World Champ. Renan Vital W Armbar 94KG
2011 World Champ. Rodolfo Vieira L Pts: 20x2 94KG
2011 ADCC Jeon Doo Kwang W RNC 88KG
2011 ADCC Kyle Griffin W Triangle 88KG
2011 ADCC Rousimar Palhares L Heel hook 88KG
2011 ADCC Pablo Popovitch L Points 88KG
2011 No Gi Worlds Frederico Moncaio W RNC 88KG
2011 No Gi Worlds Otavio Sousa W Pts: 4x0 88KG
2011 No Gi Worlds Pablo Popovitch W Pts: 4x0 88KG
2011 UFC Expo Bruno Bastos W Pts: 2x0 ABS
2012 European Open Roberto Alencar L N/A 94KG
2012 European Open Igor Silva W Kimura ABS
2012 European Open Bernardo Faria L Pts: 4x2 ABS
2012 Pan American Igor Araújo W Points 94KG
2012 Pan American Yuri Simoes L Adv 94KG
2012 World Pro. Rodrigo Clark W Submission 88KG
2012 World Pro. Roberto Fonseca W Points 88KG
2012 World Pro. Vitor Toledo L Adv 88KG
2012 World Champ. Dimitrius Souza W Referee Decision 88KG
2012 World Champ. Romulo Barral L Pts: 5x2 88KG
2012 Metamoris Kayron Gracie W Kimura ABS
2012 NoGi Worlds Max Freitas W Kimura 94KG
2012 NoGi Worlds Nivaldo Oliveira W Kata Gatame 94KG
2012 NoGi Worlds Roberto Alencar L Referee Decision 94KG
2013 World Expo Murilo Santana D N/A ABS
2013 Metamoris 2 Andre Galvao L Referee Decision ABS
2013 Brasileiro Alexandre Ceconi W N/A ABS
2013 Brasileiro R. Evangelista W Kimura ABS
2013 Brasileiro Dimitrius Souza L Pts: 2x0 94KG
2013 World Champ. Antonio Peinado W Pts: 5x0 100KG
2013 World Champ. Joao Rocha L Pts: 10x0 100KG
2013 ADCC Shinsho Anzai W Mounted triangle 88KG
2013 ADCC Rustam Chsiev W Triangle 88KG
2013 ADCC Pablo Popovitch W Points 88KG
2013 ADCC Romulo Barral L Points 88KG
2013 NoGi Worlds Ricardo Rezende W Points O100KG
2013 NoGi Worlds Fabiano Scherner W Adv O100KG
2014 European Lucio Rodrigues L Pts: 2x0 100KG
2014 Pan American Bueno/Alliance W Points 94KG
2014 Pan American Yuri Simoes L Adv 94KG
2014 World Champ. Jackson Sousa W Pts: 2x0 94KG
2014 World Champ. Andre Galvao L Pts: 5x0 94KG
2014 Five TX Andrew Kimler W Kimura ABS
2014 Five TX Joshua Hayden W Pts: 10x0 ABS
2014 Five TX NoGi Andrew Kimler W Kimura ABS
2014 Five TX NoGi Joshua Hayden W Pts: 10x0 ABS
2014 Five TX NoGi Douglas Bueno W Ezekiel 94KG
2015 Curitiba No Gi Wellington Peroto W Kimura 100KG
2015 Curitiba No Gi Fernando Pires W North South choke 100KG
2015 Curitiba No Gi Unknown W N/A ABS
2015 Curitiba Open Hugo Britto W Submission 94KG
2015 Curitiba Open Jurandir Conceicao W Armbar 94KG
2015 Curitiba Open K. Moura W Submission ABS
2015 Curitiba Open Pedro Moura W Submission ABS
2015 ADCC Hidemi Mihara W Pts: 7x0 88KG
2015 ADCC Rustam Chsiev L Referee Decision 88KG
2015 ADCC Abdulkadirov Magomed W Pts: 5x0 ABS
2015 ADCC Rodolfo Vieira L Pts: 5x0 ABS
2015 Houston Nat. Pro Michael Liera W Pts: 0x0, Adv 94KG
2015 Houston Nat. Pro Carlos Farias W Baseball Choke ABS
2015 Houston Nat. Pro Michael Liera W Pts: 7x0 ABS
2016 F2W 3 Ricardo Abreu W Arm in guillotine ABS
2016 Respect Pro Steve Patterson W Arm in Ezekiel ABS
2016 F2W 7 Roberto Abreu W Referee Decision O100KG
2016 F2W 11 Tanner Rice W Cross choke ABS
2017 ADCC WC Trials Marcus Almeida L Pts: 4x0 O99KG
2017 ADCC Eliott Kelly W Points 99KG
2017 ADCC Mahamed Aly W Pts: 3x0 99KG
2017 ADCC Felipe Pena L Referee Decision 99KG
2017 ADCC Jackson Sousa L Referee Decision 99KG
2018 F2W 64 Tim Spriggs W RNC 100KG
2018 F2W 95 Josh Hinger W Referee Decision 88KG
2019 F2W 104 Yuri Simoes L Referee Decision ABS
2019 Polaris 9 Jake Shields W Referee Decision 92KG
2019 World Festival Richie Martinez W Kimura ABS
2020 Sub Stars Roberto Abreu L Points N/A
2020 F2W 141 Arnaldo Maidana W Mounted X choke 112KG
2020 F2W 144 Lucas Barbosa L Armbar 93KG
2020 F2W 147 Helton Jose W Armbar 93KG
2020 F2W 151 Tex Johnson L Referee Decision 126KG
2020 Oklahoma Open Hunter Colvin W Mounted X choke 94KG
2020 Oklahoma Open Victor Silva W Mounted X choke 94KG
2020 Oklahoma Open Emilio Hernandez W Armbar ABS
2020 Oklahoma Open Rodrigo Tatu W Ezekiel ABS
2020 BJJ Stars 4 Dimitrius Souza L Crucifix choke 94KG
2021 Dallas Open Rafael Vasconcelos W Armbar 94KG
2021 Dallas Open Yuri Santos W Armbar 94KG
2021 Dallas NGO Yuri Santos W Armbar 92KG
2021 F2W 166 Gabriel Almeida W Kimura N/A
2021 WNO 8 Gilbert Burns L Referee Decision 94KG
2021 Oklahoma Open Charles McGuire W Submission 100KG
2021 Oklahoma Open Eduardo Avelar W Choke ABS
2021 Oklahoma Open Leo Silva W Pts: 2x0 ABS
2021 Oklahoma NGO Damion Oranday W Kata Gatame ABS
2021 Oklahoma NGO Todd Walling W Shoulder pressure ABS
2021 F2W 177 Alexadre Ceconi W Referee Decision 100KG
2021 F2W 180 Gabriel Arges W Referee Decision 92KG
2021 NoGi Worlds Fellipe Andrew L Pts: 4x0 97KG
2021 Raw GC Adam Wardzinski W Referee Decision ABS
2021 UFC Inv. Mike Wilcox W RNC ABS
2021 UFC Inv. Jon Piersma D N/A ABS
2021 UFC Inv. Travis Tooke D N/A ABS
2022 Oklahoma Open Jonathan Andrew W Armbar 100KG
2022 Oklahoma NGO Hunter Colvin W Referee Decision ABS
2022 Oklahoma NGO Austin Oranday W Armbar ABS
2022 European Open Mikko Veijone W Armbar O100KG
2022 European Open Guilherme Jardim W Armbar O100KG
2022 European Open Yatan Bueno W Crucifix choke O100KG
2022 European Open Guilherme Bacha W Pts: 7x2 O100KG
2022 World Champ. Erberth Santos W Pts: 4x2 O100KG
2022 World Champ. Guilherme Augusto L Pts: 3x0 O100KG
2022 WNO 14 Nicholas Meregali L Referee Decision 93KG
2022 ADCC Perttu Terpponnen W RNC 99KG
2022 ADCC Vinicius Trator W Pts: 2x0 99KG
2022 ADCC Kaynan Duarte L Referee Decision 99KG
2022 ADCC Nicholas Meregali L Pts: 0x0, Pen 99KG

7. Rafael Lovato Junior’s Top Fight Links

Beatriz Mesquita vs Michelle Nicolini

Beatriz Mesquita vs Joaquina Bonfim

Beatriz Mesquita vs Luisa Monteiro

Beatriz Mesquita vs Sharol Siste

Photo Credit: @lovatojrbjj

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