Bjj No Gi Spat Pants

NO-GI is a form of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu comfortable and classy BJJ shorts? Because when you’re on the mat, you’re in your second home, your battlefield, and your safe haven. You want to always be prepared for what is going to be thrown at you and any and every hindrance in your way can result in your defeat. Elasticity and stretchability are important in the body as well as the apparel you’re wearing. This is why you need to get yourself the Elite bjj shorts that offer you everything you need to have a comfortably long rolling session whether you’re at the gym or at a tournament.


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BJJ Spats Pants

Welcome to the Elite Sports Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu compression pants collection. As everyone knows, BJJ fighters need hours of training per week to earn new stripes and hone the skills required to rise through the belt ranks. Hence, we strive equally hard to perfect our BJJ gis and No-Gi uniform which includes, rashguards, shorts, and spats. These Jiu-Jitsu spat pants are designed for long training sessions and will prove valuable in a BJJ match. These are available in men, women and kid’s sizes and can be worn under your regular fight shorts. We guarantee that you will be comfortable and dry in your rolling sessions. We made these BJJ spats with high-quality material and have rigorously tested their quality and durability. So, choose from our high-quality BJJ gear and hit the mats for your next rolling session.

Some call them “man-tights”, “man leggings'' or “meggings”, some call them just tights, sports tights, or what they actually are, which is bjj spats. You’ll see these being worn in almost every BJJ gym for they are primarily worn by grapplers. They can be worn by themselves, under shorts, or under a gi. They are technically compression gear so they offer muscle support by strategically wrapping and supporting vital groups of muscles by compressing them. Studies have shown that athletes may receive an increase in power output, reduced muscle vibrations, reduced soft tissue damage, and boost muscle soreness recovery time. 


Similar to rash guards, which are basically the top versions of no gi jiu jitsu spats, there are some hygienic benefits. There’s constant pulling, grinding, impacts, sliding, etc on the mats and that's undeniable. So obviously this has the potential to bring up some hygienic issues. BJJ rash guards are skin tight and protect your skin from microorganisms, sweat, blood, etc. Mat burn is another common thing that fighters experience and rash guards are perfect for preventing it. By wearing spats your legs avoid ailments such as rashes, ringworm, or other infections. Whether it be from your training partner or some old worn mats that could use a good cleaning. Sweaty skin to skin contact in grappling is definitely something to prevent as much as possible. 


Elite Sports spats are carefully constructed out of the highest quality polyester & spandex fabrics. Featuring a lightweight yet durable build, our spats will keep you comfortable and allow you to reach a full range of motion without any restriction. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing you’ll be rolling around fully protected with its non-chafing, moisture wicking combat gear. 


Fitting will range from sizes S - 2XL (waist sizes 30” - 38”) so that fighters of various shapes, weights, and sizes can enjoy premium combat gear. Also offering various colors and designs for different personalities to express themselves.