Nicholas Meregali- Leading BJJ Fighter of 2022

Nicholas Meregali- Leading BJJ Fighter of 2022

1. Nicholas Meregali Details

Name Nicholas de Barcellos
Pro BJJ Record 62-13-0 (win-Loss-Draw)
Nickname Alemão
Date of Birth 27 may 1994
Age 28
Height 6 ft 2 inch
Weight 224 lbs 101.5 Kg
Born Santo Antonio, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Nationality Brazilian
Last fight August 8, 2022
Weight Division Super Heavyweight
Career Disclosed Earning N/A
Fought out of Brazil
College/university N/A
Foundation Style omoplata attacks, X-guard
Rank Black Belt in BJJ
Lineage Carlos Gracie -> Helio Gracie -> Alvaro Barreto -> Sylvio Behring -> Mario Reis (-> Jefferson Adan) -> Nicholas Meregali
Team Association Alliance Jiu-Jitsu
Favorite Position/ Technique Lasso Guard, DLR Guard

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2. Nicholas Meregali Biography

2.1. Who Is Nicholas Meregali?

Nicholas Meregali is a well-known Black Belt BJJ player from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Meregali was a student of Jefferson Adan and later started training under Mario Reis. Meregali is famous for his infamous and lethal Omoplata attacks, X-guards, and his aggressive style of jiu-jitsu. Recently he started competing in No-Gi and dominated every single fight against more skilled and older opponents. He is the most famous and talented athlete in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul,

Meregali had been a prominent figure in colored belts ranks. He completed a Grand Slam as a Purple Belt in 2014. Meregali has earned Double Gold medals in important tournaments like the World Championship, Abu Dhabi World Pro, and Pan American Championships.

2.2. Nicholas Meregali Early Life And Bjj Career

Nicholas Meregali started his Jiu-Jitsu training with his brother as his brother used to practice Jiu-Jitsu, at an academy situated in the same town. After training, he used to come home and show some movements to his siblings. At that time, Nicholas was just 13 years old. Just as children choose their careers by getting inspired by others, this sport also made him more curious. He joined the ACJJ academy in Santo Antonio when he was just sixteen years old.

2.3. Meregali Education And Career

Meregali started studying Agrochemical engineering, not because he was interested in this course but because at that time, he did not have any other courses to choose from, as there was only one college in the city. His Family put a lot of pressure on him to study and become a successful person in life. For instance, his parents used to say,

Meregali!, “ you should not be the person that does not study in life”.

2.4. Meregal Career In A Colored Belt Category

Nicolas began training in Jiu-Jitsu at the age of 16 and won many titles along his Juvenile Belt journey, on the state level, in the Purple Belt category. He became prominent when he started his training under Mario Reis, and many other fighters started to recognize him as the best fighter in the Colored Belt category in gi Jiu-Jitsu.

2.5. The Decision To Leave Jiu-Jitsu

Meregali decided to leave Jiu-Jitsu after he lost in Abu Dhabi and got dishearted.

He stopped fighting and continued his education, but he resumed his training because he was in love with BJJ. It was his passion for BJJ, Meregali always liked doing it because he had been indulged in BJJ from the core.

According to Meregali's teacher:

“To be a man, one has to practice martial art.”

This was the motto that inspired Meregali to keep doing BJJ training.

2.6. Meregali’s Returned To BJJ And Started Training And Fighting

Meregali left everything and resumed his BJJ training because it worthed a lot of money, money that will give him the lifestyle that he dreamt of while doing something he loved to do. So, he left everything behind and went to Abu Dhabi and became the Champion of his weight class. Meregali trained a lot and participated in Brasileiros. He loved to fight above his weight category.

2.7. Meregali Fight In California (BJJF) Against Mario

Nicholas went to California to fight for the World Championship where he got the third position in his category. This incident broke his heart as he felt he had lost everything in life. Nicholas had been training for years and years for this event but his struggles did not get him the results that he was expecting. This was the time when Coach Mario consoled him and suggested that if he wants to be the Champion, he needs to move to Porto Alegre and train with a great team of champions.

2.8. Meregali Moved To Porto Alegre And Received Training From The Great Instructor Mario Reis

Nicholas Meregali got an invitation from Mario to join the academy In Porto Alegre but he had no money to manage his expenses there.

But after some time Mario invited him and allowed him to reside in the gym without paying any fee. Only on this condition, he did agree and went there, he had to lead a difficult life there because he was living with limited resources as he had only a pillow and blanket to sleep on.

He was living a difficult life but at the same time, it was very enjoyable for him because he was training to become the best fighter in BJJ. As time passed, he had lots of friends around him because of his amazing learning capabilities and an elite orthodox approach towards BJJ in terms of practice and general outlook and practice.

2.9. Journey To Black Belt

He spent all his time training under the supervision of Mario Reis, who took him to the next level in competition. He won many titles as Purple and Brown Belt. After he was well-reputed as the best colored- belt in the world with the gi, he got his black belt in December 2016 from Mario Reis and Adan.

2.10. Won The Gold Medal At World jiu-jitsu Championship In 2017

After receiving the Black Belt, Meregali earned some of the greatest achievements of his career as he won the World Jiu-Jitsu championship when he won against an opponent named Leandro Lo ( A well-known BJJ fighter). And next year, Meregali had a memorable victory in BNJJC.

2.11. Meregali Disqualification From The 2021 World Championship

Meregali was disqualified because he did show the middle finger to a spectator who was jeering him. This incident proved a great loss because he was already halfway to winning the Gold Medal in the absolute weight division.

2.12. Meregali Makes His Transition to NoGi

In 2022, Meregali decided to make his transition to Nogi competitions. He had his debut fight against Arnaldo Maidana at WNO, he won the fight via armbar. Then he started training NoGi Jii-jitsu at the New Wave Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Texas under John Danaher. He prepared for the ADCC Championships and won a bronze and a silver medal in weight and absolute weight divisions. Later in 2023, he won WNO, IBJJF Grand Prix, and UFC Fight Pass Invitational 4 and 5.

3. Meregali Famous Fights

3.1. Nicholas Meregali Vs Mahamed Aly / 2019 World Championship Final

Clash Between 2 World Champions

This fight was among the best finals of the season. It was between the 2017 Heavyweight Champion and vs 2018 Super Heavyweight Champion. The match was played between Nicholas Meregali vs Mahamed Aly.

Aggressive start & Incredible Defense from Aly

The match started and at the end of the first minute, Nicholas tried the triangle attack while switching from De La Riva to upper body attack and framing his favorite Omoplata. He successfully slipped his elbow from the attack of Meregali. Meregali applied the elbow attack from the ground but Mahamed Aly managed to escape from that, Meregali played another move and applied the triangle attack and hold it for some time and secured 2 points.

Result of the Fight

Mahamed Aly struggled to break the guard but until Mahamed Aly could manage to escape, MereGali Applied the back choke and got 4 points. Finally, the Fight ended with Mahamed Aly's submission when he could not survive the Bow and Arrow Cross Choke from Meregali.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2019 World Champ. (Final) Mahamed Aly Win Bow & Arrow Cross Choke F Super heavy

3.2. Nicholas Meregali Vs Breylor Grout (Tezos WNO)

The Start of Fight

The match was between Nicholas Meregali vs Greylor Grout in the Whos Next Finale. Both fighters played really well. Actually, it was Meregali's first No-Gi match. Meregali applied the Armbar attack (The Arms collected and chest on the face of the opponent) and then a splendid single-leg takedown. Both fighters had been struggling over that but Breylor managed to escape the position.

Again Breylor Grout is caught in the smash pass position and later into the control position and advances his hips higher. Meregali was struggling to win over his opponent but the slippery clothes were the reason that his opponent escaped every grip.

Result of the Fight

Again Meregali applied the third Armbar attack, with the legs over the head but he could not succeed. He had been dominant throughout but Breylor Grout executed lots of escapes. Finally, the fight ended with the Meregali victory when he applied the arm triangle choke from the back.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2022 WNO Breylor Grout Win Triangle Choke F 104 kg

4. BJJ Records/ Medals

4.1. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championship

Year Medals
2023 Gold
2023 Gold
2022 Silver
2022 Gold
2019 Gold
2018 Bronze
2018 Bronze
2017 Gold

4.2. Brazilian National Championship

Year Medals
2019 Gold
2019 Gold
2019 Gold

5. Nicholas Barcellos Meregali Main Achievements

5.1. Brazilian jiu-jitsu World championship

Year Weight Class
2022 100 kg
2022 Absolute
2019 100 kg
2018 100 kg
2018 Absolute
2017 94kg

5.2. Brazilian National Championship

Year Weight Class
2019 100 kg
2019 Absolute
2018 100 kg

6. Nicholas Meregali Main Achievements ( Belts)

6.1. Black

Year Events Belts Positions
2023 IBJJF Pan American Championship Black Belt 1st
2023 IBJJF Grand Prix Black Belt 1st
2017,2019,2022 IBJJF World Champion Black Belt 1st
2018,2019,2022 CBJJ Brazilian National Champion Black Belt 1st
2019 BJJ Stars Grand Prix Winner Black Belt 1st
2022 IBJJF World Championship Black Belt 2nd
2018 IBJJF World Championship Black Belt 3rd position
2017 IBJJF Pan American Championship Black Belt 3rd position

6.2. Colored

Year Events Belts Positions
2014,2015 IBJJF World Champion Purple 1st
2016 IBJJF World Champion Brown 1st
2014 IBJJF European Open Championship Purple 1st place
2016 UAEJJF Abu Dhabi Pro winner Brown 1st place
2016,2015 UAEJJF Abu Dhabi Pro winner Purple 1st place
2016 IBJJF European Open Championship Brown 1st place
2014 IBJJF European Open Championship purple 1st place
2016 IBJJF Pan Champions Brown 1st place
2015,2015 IBJJF Pan Champions purple 1st place
2013 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals Championship Blue 1st place
2014,2015 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals Championship purple 1st place
2013 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals Blue 2nd place
2014 IBJJF World Championship purple 2nd place
2016 IBJJF European Open Brown 2nd place
2013 IBJJF World Championship Blue 3rd place

7. Nicholas Meregali Grappling Record

Matches 67 wins 15 loss
By Points 8 10
By Advantage 5 1
By Submission 48 0
By Decision 4 3
By Penalties 1 1
By DQ 1 0

7.1. Submission Technique

Submission Method Wins Losses
Choke From the Back 18 0
Armbar 7 0
Loop Choke 6 0
Triangle 6 0
Kimura 4 0
Ezekiel 2 0
Katagatame 1 0
Triangle Armbar 1 0
Arm Triangle 1 0
Submission 1 0
Verbal Tap 1 0

8. Nicholas “de Barcellos Meregali Bjj Fight History

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Weight Stage
2017 Manaus Nat. pro Maik Matos W Triangle 94 kg R1
2017 Manaus Nat. Pro Tyron Gonzalves W Choke from back 94 kg 4F
2017 Manaus Nat. Pro Tryron Gonzalves W Choke from back 94 kg 4F
2017 Manaus Nat. Pro Marcus Reis W Choke from back 94 kg SF
2017 Manaus Nat. Pro Alexandre Ribeiro W Adv 94 kg F
2017 Pan American Otavio Natati W Loop Choke ABS 8F
2017 Pan American Mohamed Aly W Choke from back ABS 4F
2017 Pan American Leandro Lo L Points: 3x0 ABS SF
2017 Pan American Leandro Lo L Points: 2x0 94 kg 4F
2017 World Champ. Arnaldo Maidana W Points:10x0 ABS R1
2017 World Champ. Joao Rocha L Points: 10x0 ABS R1
2017 World Champ. Helton Jose W Triangle 94 kg 8F
2017 World Champ. Lucas Leite W Choke from back 94 kg 4F
2017 World Champ. Dimitrius Souza W Triangle 94 kg SF
2017 World Champ. Leandro Lo W Points: 2x0 94 kg F
2018 Brasileiro Eduardo Sarkissi W Armbar 100 kg R1
2018 Brasileiro Rafael Silva W Choke from back 100 kg 4F
2018 Brasileiro Rodrigo Ribeiro W Choke from back 100 kg SF
2018 Brasileiro Igor Schneider W Arm in Ezekiel 100 kg F
2018 Brasileiro Raphael Braga W Katagmatame ABS R1
2018 Brasileiro Jonas Campos W Armbar ABS 8F
2018 Brasileiro Fellipe Andrew W Armbar ABS 4F
2018 Brasileiro Victor Honorio L Points: 5x2 ABS SF
2018 World Champ. Igor Schneider W Triangle 100 Kg 4F
2018 World Champ. Mohamed Aly L Points: 5x0 100 kg SF
2018 World Champ. Pedro Palhares W Choke from back ABS RD
2018 World Champ. Ricardo Evangelista W Kimura ABS 8F
2018 World Champ. Felipe Pena W Arm in Ezekiel ABS 4F
2018 World Champ. Marcus Almeida L Points:5x2 ABS SF
2018 ACBJJ 14 Joao Rocha L Points O95 kg SPF
2018 WSOG 2 Kaynan Duarte L Referee Decision O81 Kg 8F
2019 BJJ Stars Leandro Lo W Points: 4x0 100 kg SPF
2019 Brasileiro Paulo Dantas W Kimura 100 kg R1
2019 Brasileiro Hugo Leonardo W Submission 100 kg 4F
2019 Brasileiro Rodrigo Rodrigues W Points:0x0, Adv 100 kg SF
2019 Brasilero Fellipe Andrew W Choke from back 100 kg F
2019 Brasileiro Henrique Riedlinger W Choke from back ABS R2
2019 Brasileiro Agnaldo Silveira W Choke from back ABS R3
2019 Brasileiro Pedro Elias W Choke from back ABS 4F
2019 Brasileiro Kaynan Duarte W Choke from back ABS SF
2019 Brasileiro Rudson Mateus W DQ ABS F
2019 World Champ. Roberto Torralbas W Triangle 100 kg R1
2019 World Champ. Helton Jose W Points: 2x0 100 kg 4F
2019 World Champ. Luiz Panza W Triangle Armbar 100 kg SF
2019 World Champ. Mahamed Aly W Choke from back 100 kg F
2019 World Champ. Tanner Rice W Armbar ABS R2
2019 World Champ. Keenan Cornelius L Points: 2x0 ABS 4F
2019 Third Coast Roberto Abreu W Loop Choke 100 kg SPF
2019 BJJ Stars Victor Hugo W Points: 6x2 ABS 4F
2019 BJJ Stars Lucas Barbosa W Points: 9x0 ABS SF
2019 BJJ Stars Gustavo Batista W Kimura ABS F
2019 Spyder Invitational Tim Spriggs W Choke from back 100 kg 4F
2019 Spyder Invitational Erberth Santos W Verbal tap 100 kg SF
2019 Spyder Invitational Kaynan Duarte L Referee Decision 100 kg F
2019 Whos N1 Victor Hugo L Points:2x0 ABS SPF
2020 BJJ Bet Leandro Lo D —----------- ABS SPF
2021 BJJ Stars 5 Gutemberg Pereira L Points: 0x0, Adv 96 kg 4F
2021 BJJ Bet Rider Zuchi W Points:2x0 98 kg SPF
2021 World Champ. Marlon Tanaka W Triangle ABS 8F
2021 World Champ. Victor Hugo W Points 2x2, Adv ABS 4F
2021 Word Champ. Kaynan Duarte W Referee Decision ABS SF
2019 World Champ. Robert Abreu W Loop choke O100 Kg 4F
2021 World Champ. Victor Hugo W Points: 0x0, Adv O100 kg SF
2022 WNO 12 Arnaldo Maidana W Armbar O92 kg SPF
2022 Brasileiro Marcos Carrozzino W Choke from back 100 kg 4F
2022 Brasileiro Fellipe Andrew W Choke from back 100 Kg F
2022 World Champ. Davi Souza W Armbar 100 Kg 8F
2022 World Champ.  Helton Jose W Choke from back 100 kg 4F
2022 World Champ. Fellipe Andrew W Choke from back 100 kg SF
2022 World Champ. Davi Souza W Armbar 100kg 8F
2022 World Champ. Helton Jose W Choke from back 100 kg 4F
2022 World Champ. Helton Jose W Choke from back 100kg 4F
2022 World Champ. Fellipe Andrew W Choke from back 100 kg SF
2022 World Champ Erich Munis L Points: 6x4 100 kg F
2022 World Champ. Seif Houmine W Loop Choke ABS 8 F
2022 World Champ. Wallace Costa W Loop Choke ABS 4F
2022 World Champ. Fellipe Andrew W Armbar ABS SF
2022 World Champ. Erich Munis W Points: 0x0, Adv ABS F
2022 WNO 13 Breylor Grout W Arm triangle 93 kg SPF
2022 WNO 14 Rafael Lovato W Referee Decision 93 kg SPF
2022 ADCC Henrique Cardoso W Kimura 99KG R1
2022 ADCC Yuri Simoes W Referee Decision 99KG 4F
2022 ADCC Craig Jones L Referee Decision 99KG SF
2022 ADCC Rafael Lovato W Pts: 0x0, Pen 99KG 3RD
2022 ADCC Vinicius Trator W Injury ABS 8f
2022 ADCC Giancarlo Bodoni W Points ABS 4F
2022 ADCC Tye Ruotolo W Referee Decision ABS SF
2022 ADCC Yuri Simoes L Pts: 0x0, Pen ABS F
2023 Pan American Joshua Guerra W Smother choke ABS 8F
2023 Pan American Roberto Jimenez W Choke from back ABS 4F
2023 Pan American Dimitrius Souza W Choke from back ABS SF
2023 Pan American Erich Munis W Pts: 11x0 ABS F
2023 Pan American Jose Inacio W Choke from back 100KG 4F
2023 Pan American Roosevelt Sousa W Choke from back 100KG SF
2023 Pan American Yatan Bueno W Choke from back 100KG F
2023 WNO 18 Pedro Marinho W Triangle ABS SPF
2023 WNO 19 Kaynan Duarte W Katagatame ABS SPF
2023 IBJJF GP Francisco Lo W Smother ABS 4F
2023 IBJJF GP Gutemberg Pereira W Choke from back ABS SF
2023 IBJJF GP Victor Hugo W Pts: 2x0 ABS F
2023 UFC FPI 5 Felipe Pena W RNC ABS SPF

9. Nicolas Meregali Top Fights Links

Marcus Almeida Vs Nicholas Meregali

Nicholas Meregali Vs Breylor Grout

Photo credit: @nicholasmeregali

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