Kids Boxing Headgear

Boxing is a rigorous combat sport and demands safety, especially when the practitioners are kids. At every level, boxing training and competitions can lead to injuries if athletes are not wearing proper protective headgear. Elite Sports has designed reliable safety headgear for kids to make boxing a safe and risk-free sport for youth. Engineered to perfection to reduce the impact of blows to the head and also decrease the risk of head trauma, our safety headgear for kids is high-quality and necessary equipment in combat sports. 


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Boxing Safety Headgear for Kids

One of the main purposes of boxing headgear for kids is to absorb the force of strikes and punches to the head. While many adults often train without protective headgear, the same is not safe for children because they are still developing and are more vulnerable. However, wearing safety headgear is not enough if it lacks padding that acts as a buffer against the impact of punches. The Elite Sports boxing headgear for young athletes comes with a foamed polyurethane padding with a triple layer cheeks shield, offering maximum shock absorption for safe boxing, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, and kickboxing training sessions where young boxers are exposed to repeated blows. 

The Elite Sports boxing headgear is lightweight and comfortable, allowing kids to feel comfortable and move freely. Unlike other headgear available on the market, Elite Sports’ safety boxing head guard for kids does not put strain on the shoulders and neck of young fighters which makes it easier for them to stay comfortable and focus on refining their striking skills despite long and intense training sessions. Lightweight headgear also ensures fluid movements while ducking, slipping, and weaving to avoid a blow. A heavy boxing head guard impedes agility and slows down a young boxer’s reaction time. With a bulky head guard resting on your child’s head, he can be exposed to a greater risk of injury. Elite Sports has found the perfect balance between keeping the headgear for kids well-padded for safety and lightweight for greater agility. We know that a split-second can affect your child’s performance in a boxing tournament, so safety gear that promotes swift movements is crucial. For a comfortable and snug fit, the Elite Sports kids safety headgear for boxing features an adjustable chin strap and head cap. This enhances safety and encourages young boxers to wear their headgear in every training session. The adjustable straps also make the children independent, allowing them to loosen the headgear during short rest breaks. Additionally, our boxing headgear for kids offers a full 180-degree field of vision, allowing them to anticipate and counter their opponent’s attacks. Browse our collection of Elite safety headguards for kids to ensure your children’s safety while they confidently navigate the challenges of the boxing world.