Gilbert Burns - The King of UFC Welterweight Division

Gilbert Burns - The King of UFC Welterweight Division

1.Gilbert Burns Details

Given Name  Gilbert Alexander Burns
Nickname   Durinho
Born Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Current Residence  Lantana, Florida
Date of Birth 07.20.1986
Nationality  Brazilian
Age 35
College/University N/A
Last Fight April 09, 2022 in UFC
Last Weigh In  170 lbs
Weight Class  Welterweight
Weight 170 lbs / 77 kg
Height 5'10" (178cm)
Leg Reach 40"
Reach  71.0" (180cm)
Career Disclosed Earnings N/A
Fighting out of Boca Raton, Florida
Foundational style  N/A
Pro MMA Record 20-5-0 (W-L-D)
Rank   3rd Degree Black Belt in Jiu Jitsu
Awarded By   Rafael "Fofitio" Barros
Head Coach  Henri Hoft
Lineage Carlos Gracie -> Carlson Gracie -> Andre Pederneiras -> Rafael Fofitio -> Gilbert Burns
Team/Association Xtreme Couture / Blackzilian / Sandford MMA

2. Gilbert Burns’s Biography

2.1. Who is Gilbert Burns and How did he Get Into Jiu-Jitsu?

Gilbert Burns is an exceptional player of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. He is a three-time champion in grappling and a World Cup Gold medalist. Currently, he is at number four in the Welterweight ranking of UFC. He belongs to a middle-class family. His parents owned some land in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro. When Gilbert was 12 years old, his father made the best deal of his life with one of his customers. Burn’s father fixed a man’s car in exchange for three months of jiu-jitsu training for his boys. What a deal! Burns started jiu-jitsu training with his brothers, Herbert and Fredrick, at the age of 12.

2.2. Early Difficulties of Burn’s Martial Art Career

Gilbert Burns could not afford a taxi to come to his academy. He joined Academia Associacao Oriente, which was an affiliate of Nova Uniao. He stayed with Nova until the World Championship of 2007. Burn couldn't afford the 50-cent bus fare and used to walk 50 minutes to the academy and 50 minutes home. But now he can afford a lot more than 50 cents. Hard work pays.

2.3. Childhood Health Challenges of Gilbert Burns

Burns suffered from some respiratory issues growing up. He said in an interview that he still remembers going to the hospital multiple times in a week for adrenaline shots for his breathing difficulties.

2.4. When did Gilbert Burns International fame start?

Gilbert Burns got noticed by the international community when he won a silver medal at the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship in 2009.

3. How did an International Grappler End in UFC?

Burns managed to compete in the semifinals of the European Open in 2010. He won against the favorite contestant of the World Pro Cup Trials, Celso Vinicius. He Defeated Claudio Mattos in the World Cup Finals in Abu Dhabi and also won gold in the Brazilian Nationals. Gilbert won Gold in the World Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships in 2011. After this exceptional winning streak, he joined MMA.

Burns is the third child among his siblings. Due to pulmonary disease, Gilbert Burns had to be vaccinated every month and after the doctor’s suggestions, his father admitted him to swimming school for better cardio health. Positive results from swimming motivated him to incorporate heavy exercises into his daily routine. This is one reason why he joined martial arts apart from his passion to become an international grappler and fighter.

3.1. Who Influenced and Helped Gilbert in his MMA Journey? 

Gilbert Burns happens to meet MMA heavyweight fighter Vitor Belfort. Belfort taught Burns punching and winning techniques. Gilbert Burns was always ready to put in whatever it takes to be an international MMA fighter. He continued his training with sheer dedication and persistent fortitude.

3.2. Early Life and Amateur Fighting

One day a promoter came to the academy and acquired a fighter to replace his dropped-out contestant for an amateur MMA fight on short notice. Gilbert Burns was presented with this opportunity and what do you think his answer was? It was the sheer definition of luck which is; when opportunity meets preparation, we call it luck.  He got his first MMA fight just like that which he eventually won. He started his pro career after his professional debut in January 2012.

Burns was four years old when he started training in karate. But his practice did not last long due to a lack of interest. Later, he developed his interest and joined Jiu-jitsu with all his heart and earned his brown belt in the IBJJF world championship.

Burns joined MMA in 2012, to pursue his professional career. During his career, he lost a couple of matches in 2015. However, losing a few fights never brought him down from accomplishing his purposes.

3.3. Does Gilbert Burns Ever Cry After Defeat?

There is no shame in expressing the natural flow of emotions and yes, after losing the fight, Gilbert Burns cried many times. His crying has turned him into an MMA meme for some time. He is a very emotional guy. He works with a psychologist to control his flow of emotions. He said in an interview:

"It's getting worse, you know. I have a psychologist that I talk to her. To be honest, the fight with Kamaru [Usman] changed that. The fight with Kamaru, I remember the last training we had before that – I lost a couple of trainings, I won a couple of trainings – but the last one where we trained hard, it was at my garage at my house and I did very good, especially in the grappling scenario. I got a couple of submissions in, that kind of boosted my confidence so much that it passed the level where it's over. I was overconfident."

3.4. What is the Story Behind the Nickname of Gilbert Burns, “Durinho”?

His nickname is Durinho, which means “tiny tough guy”. His brothers, Herbert and Fredrick named him while they were training at Nova together in their teen years. Gilbert Burns’ both brothers are black belts and Herbert Burns also competes in the welterweight division of UFC.

4. Gilbert Burns’s Professional Life

4.1. Pro BBJ Combat

Burns has all the skills and techniques necessary to win the Brazilian jiu-jitsu combats. After taking home two gold medals from the IBJJF World Tournaments and a successful and victorious fight in 2009 with the legendary MMA fighter Felipe Vida he was awarded a "black belt" by Rafael "Fofitio" Barros. Burns is still an active grappler with a current record of 44 wins and19 losses.

Gilbert Burns made his professional MMA debut against Jose Salgado at CFC 5 in 2012. He utilised the grappling experience of jiu-jitsu and submitted Jose Salgado within 3 minutes through an outstanding RNC technique.

Burns maintained his winning streak as he achieved a 7-fight unbeaten run in the local MMA arena, all of which came in the opening frame.

Year Opponent W/L Weight Round Method Event
2012 Jose Salgado Win 76 kg R1 Rear- Naked Choked CFC 5

4.2. Gilbert Burns’s UFC Flight

At Fox 12, where he made his UFC career, Burns defeated Viscardi Andrade. He now holds a 20-5-0 UFC career. Burns was defeated by Christos Giagos at UfC 179, moving him down to lightweight. Additionally, he defeated Demian Maia, Gunnar Nelson, and Tyron Woodley in three bouts to win the right to challenge Kamru Usman for the UFC welterweight championship at UFC 251. Sadly, COVID-19 moved up his fight to UFC 256.

Gilbert Burns defeated Stephen Thompson at UFC 264 after recuperating from COVID-19.

Year Opponent W/L Weight Round Method Weight Class Event
2021 Stephen Thompson Win 76 kg R3 Decision Welterweight UFC 264

5. Gilbert Burns’s BJJ Championship and Achievements

5.1. Main BJJ Achievements

Year Event Position
2009 IBJJF European open 3rd
2010 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals 1st
2010 UAEJJF Abu Dhabi World Pro 1st
2010 IBJJF World Championship No-Gi 1st
2011 IBJJF World Championship 1st

5.2. Main Achievements Belts

Year Event Position Belt
2006  IBJJF World championship 2nd Brown
2007 IBJJF World championship 2nd Brown
2007  CBJJ Brazilian Nationals 2nd Brown

5.3. Gilbert Burns’s Medal Record Breakdown

Year Event Location Medal
2015 ADCC World Championship N-A Bronze
2013 World No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu Championship California Gold
2011 World Jiu-Jitsu Championship California Gold
2010 World No-Gi Jiu-JitsuChampionship California Gold
2010 World Professional Jiu-JitsuCup Anu Dhabi Gold
2008 World Jiu-Jitsu Championship California Silver
2006 World Jiu-Jitsu Championship Rio de Janeiro Silver

5.4. Professional Record Breakdown

Grappling Record Breakdown (46-20-0)

66 Matches Wins: 46 Losses: 20
By Advantages 2 1
By Submission 11 6
By Decision 5 3
By Points 26 7
By OT 1 1
Injury 1 1
Split Decision 0 1

5.5. Submission Techniques Breakdown

Submission method Win: 11 Loss: 6
Cross Choke 0 1
Outside Heel Hook  0 1
Inside Heel Hook 0 1
Hoke From Back  1 0
Kneebar 2 0
Guillotine  1 0
Choke 1 0
RNC  3 3
Armbar 2 0
Sub  1 0

Professional MMA Record (20-5-0)

25 Matches Wins: 20 Losses: 5
Via Submission 8 0
Via Decision  6 3
Via Knockout 6 2

5.6. MMA Submission Technique Record

Submission Method Wins:8 Losses: 0
Armbar 5 0
Rear Naked Choke  3 0

5.7. Burns’s Grappling History

Year Opponent Event W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2021  Rafael Lovato WNO 8 W Referee Decision SPF 94KG
2021 Lucas Barbosa BJJ Stars L RNC SPF 94KG
2019  Marcelo Azevedo Third Coast W Choke SPF 82KG
2019 Tommy Langaker Polaris 12 L Referee Decision SPF 80KG
2019  Craig Jones SUG 10 L Outside heel hook SPF 88KG
2018 Masahiro Iwasaki Marianas Open L Pts: 0x0 4F 81KG
2018  Gregor Gracie Polaris 7 W Injury SPF 88KG
2018 Nick Calvanese F2W 81 W Referee Decision SPF 88KG
2018  AJ Agazarm Kasai Pro 3 W Referee Decision SPF ABS
2018 Sergio Moraes Gracie Pro W Pts: 2x0 SPF 82KG
2018  Marcelo Mafra Black Belt CBD W Points SF 83KG
2018 DJ Jackson Black Belt CBD W Points F 83KG
2017  John Combs SUG 4 W EBI/OT SPF 88KG
2017 DJ Jackson F2W 53 L Referee Decision SPF 82KG
2017  Jake Shields SUG 6 L EBI/OT SPF ABS
2016 Garry Tonon Polaris 4 L Inside heel hook SPF 77KG
2016  Vinicius Vieira NoGi Worlds W RNC 8F ABS
2016 Jared Dopp NoGi Worlds L Pts: 4x0 4F ABS
2015  Jonathan Satava NY No Gi Open W Pts: 4x0 SF ABS
2015 Matheus Diniz NY No Gi Open L Pts: 8x2 F ABS
2015  Lachlan Giles ADCC W Armbar R1 77KG
2015 Abdulkadirov Magomed ADCC W Pts: 2x0 4F 77KG
2015  Davi Ramos ADCC L RNC SF 77KG
2015 Otavio Sousa ADCC W Pts: 6x0 3RD 77KG
2014  Gianni Grippo Copa Podio W Armbar GP 77KG
2014 Fernando Vieira Copa Podio W Pts: 2x0 GP 77KG
2014  Victor Silverio Copa Podio W Pts: 2x0 GP 77KG
2014 M. Andre Copa Podio W Kneebar GP 77KG
2014  Gregor Gracie Copa Podio L Pts: 4x2 SF 77KG
2014 Victor Silverio Copa Podio L Pts: 2x2, Pen 3PLC 77KG
2014  AJ Agazarm ADCC Florida W Points SPF 77KG
2014 Leandro Lo Copa Podio L Cross choke SPF 82KG
2013  Leandro Lo NoGi Worlds W Pts: 3x0 SF 79KG
2013 Vitor Oliveira NoGi Worlds W Pts: 2x0 F 79KG
2011  Edson Pereira World Pro Trials W Kneebar R1 77KG
2011 Tiago Coelho World Pro Trials W Points 4F 77KG
2011  Leandro Lo World Pro Trials W Pts: 2x0 SF 77KG
2011 Michael Langhi World Pro Trials L Points F 77KG
2011  Unknown Pan American W Choke from back R1 82KG
2011 Lucas Leite Pan American L Adv SF 82KG
2011  JT Torres World P. NoGi L Pts: 2x0 4F 74KG
2011 Unknown World Champ. W Submission RDS 76KG
2011  Rodrigo Simoes World Champ. W Pts: 11x0 RDS 76KG
2011 Lucas Lepri World Champ. W Pts: 2x2, Adv 4F 76KG
2011  JT Torres World Champ. W Pts: 4x0 SF 76KG
2011 Kron Gracie World Champ. W Pts: 9x2 F 76KG
2011  Jonatas Gurgel San Diego Trials W Pts: 4x0 SF 75KG
2010 Rafael Barbosa WPC Gr Trials W Pts: 8x0 SF 74KG
2010  Celso Vinicius WPC Gr Trials W Pts: 7x2 F 74KG
2010 Wallace Castro No Gi Worlds W RNC R1 79KG
2010  Thiago Abreu No Gi Worlds W Pts: 2x0 4F 79KG
2010 Lucas Leite No Gi Worlds W N/A SF 79KG
2010  Tiago Alves No Gi Worlds W Guillotine F 79KG
2010 Eduardo Milioli No Gi Worlds W Pts: 8x0 R1 ABS
2010  Marcus Almeida No Gi Worlds L RNC 4F ABS
2010 Celso Vinicius World Pro. W Points SF 74KG
2010  Claudio Mattos World Pro. W Pts: 2x0 F 74KG
2010 JT Torres Brasileiro W Pts: 4x4, Adv F 76KG
2010  Michael Langhi World Champ. L Referee Decision SF 76KG
2009 Lucas Lepri World Champ. W Points R1 76KG
2009  Rodrigo Simoes World Champ. W Choke from back 4F 76KG
2009 Eder Souza World Champ. W Pts: 10x2 SF 76KG
2009  Michael Langhi World Champ. L Pts: 9x2 F 76KG

6. Gilbert Burns’s Top MMA Fights

6.1. UFC 258: Welterweight Title Fight. Usman vs. Burns

This was a highly anticipated fight of UFC 258. The “Infamous Nigerian Nightmare” Kimaru Usman with the UFC record of (17-1, 12-0) has his eyes on the 13th consecutive winning streak. But this time his opponent is very strong “Gilbert Burns aka Durinho” with a UFC record of (19-3, 12-3).

First Round 

Both Fighters continued their intense stare-down and ignored the referee Herb Dean’s suggestion of gloves touch. Gilbert rushed with a right hand but Usman dodged it. Burns landed some leg kicks followed by a body kick. Burns backed the attack by launching a strong right hand that put Usman on his knees.

Usman gets hurt but absorbs the jabs. Usman landed some kicks on the thighs of Burns and landed a right hand. Burns greeted Usman with a knee on the chin and Burns retaliated with three effective jabs. At the last minute of the first round, Burns tried to initiate a takedown. Before the horn blows, both fighters landed some good jabs on each other and smiled while going to their corners.

First Round Score

The trio of judges awarded: 10-9 Burns

Second Round

Burns storms out of his corner and throws strong hands, Usman stumbles while trying to eat the strikes. He recovered and landed a supersonic jab on his jaws. Burns came back with a head kick. Both fighters continued attacking with jabs, kicks, and throws. Towards the end of the second round, Usman landed a huge jab that forced Burns to his knees.

Durinho got hurt while Usman continued to drill him with punches and hammer fists. Burns fall against the fence. Gilbert’s nose was bleeding but still, he managed to land some good punches. Usman came back stronger than ever and Burns took a fall. Usman mockingly asks him to stand up. Both fighters continue to roll while landing and eating punches and the second round ends.

Second Round Score

All three Judges unanimously gave: 10-9 Usman

Third Round

This round begins with swift action from both sides. Burns starts the fight from the center of the stage. Usman launched a strong jab from the southpaw position that took Burns to the ground. The Nigerian Nightmare took the opportunity and opened the barrage of kicks, jabs, and hammer fists. Gilbert tried to eat the hits but fell to the ground. The Fight ended and the winning champ successfully achieved the hallmark of 13-0. Kimaru Usman won the fight by TKO (punches) at 0:34 of the third round.

6.2. UFC 273 for Welterweight Division. Gilbert Burns vs. Khamzat Chimaev

It was also the most anticipated and brutal fight of UFC 273. Features Gilbert Burns (20-5 MMA) and 13-5 UFC) and Khamzat Chimaev (11-0 MMA, 5-0) UFC.

First Round

Chimaev started the fight by landing some front kicks. According to his style, he clenched and went for an early takedown. Burns resists and tries to adjust but ends up on his knees. Burns takes the back of Chimaev and lands some good punches and a kick. Both land good punches on each other.

A clean leg kick and left hook from Burns landed on Chimaev. Chimaev missed a jab and stumbled on the ground, Burns took the opportunity and landed the combo of punches. Burns got punched by the Khamzat and slipped to the ground, Khmazat took the opportunity and hit some hammer fists followed by a deadly elbow that split open the forehead of Burns. Burns got up and shot two deadly punches while the horn blew. The first round ended with a score of 10-9 for Chimaev.

Second Round

It was the first fight of Khamzat Chimaev that entered the second round. The whole crowd went crazy. The second round started with the takedown attempt by Burns but Chimaev got away. A solid right hand of Burns landed on the face of Chimaev and he took a stumble, Burns took the opportunity and landed a combination of right and left hands.

Chimaev also landed some good jabs. Burns tried to take down Chimaev but was unable to move the iron legs of Chimaev. Both fighters continued to land the flurry of kicks and jabs. A picture-perfect right hand hit the left side of his face. Chimaev took a stumble and Burns landed some hammer fists and elbows on the back of his head during the last seconds of the second round. While both fighters were grappling, the sound of the horn was heard, Gilbert pushed Chimaev away and Chimaev slapped him. This might be the first round of Chimaev’s career that he lost. This round was completely dominated by Gilbert Burns. The second round ended with a score of 10-9 for Burns.

Third Round

The fighters took the fight where they left it at the end of the second round. Burns shot a flurry jab and Chimaev returned it with more power. Burns tried a take-down attempt by grabbing the single leg of Chimaev, and both scrambled a bit, but Chimaev shook it off. Burns’ was bleeding from his forehead and his speed slowed. This was the longest fight of the career of Khazmat Chimaev.

No fighter has ever stood against him with that much strength and power. The fight looked nothing less than a title fight. The crowd was pumped up and was loving it. Burns slowed down and Chimaev cornered him against the fence while landing knees and punches.

Burns was bleeding badly and took deep breaths while clenching against the shoulder of Chimaev. With his left eye filled with blood from his forehead, Gilbert landed some effective jabs. Khazmat ate those jabs like a cake. After the ring of the third round, both fighters embraced each other with respect and appreciation. There was a show of great sportsmanship from both fighters. Khamzat acknowledged the skill and bravery of Gilbert Burns.

Judges anonymously gave the verdict in the favour of Khamzat Chimaev.

7. Gilbert Burns’s UFC Fight History

Year W/L/D Record Opponent Method Event Location
2022  L 20–5 Khamzat Chimaev Decision UFC 273 Jacksonville, Florida
2021 W 20–4 Stephen Thompson Decision UFC 264 Las Vegas, Nevada
2021  L 19–4 Kamaru Usman TKO (punches) UFC 258 Las Vegas, Nevada
2020 W 19–3 Tyron Woodley Decision UFC on ESPN Las Vegas, Nevada
2020  W 18–3 Demian Maia TKO (punches) UFC Fight Night Brasília, Brazil
2019 W 17–3 Gunnar Nelson Decision UFC Fight Night Copenhagen, Denmark
2019  W 16–3 Alexey Kunchenko Decision UFC Fight Night Montevideo, Uruguay
2019 W 15–3 Mike Davis rear-naked choke UFC Fight Night Sunrise, Florida
2018  W 14–3 Olivier Aubin-Mercier Decision UFC 231 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2018 L 13–3 Dan Hooker KO UFC 226 Las Vegas, Nevada
2018  W 13–2 Dan Moret KO UFC on Fox Glendale, Arizona
2017 W 12–2 Jason Saggo KO UFC Fight Night Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
2016  L 11–2 Michel Prazeres Decision UFC Fight Night Brasília, Brazil
2016 W 11–1 Łukasz Sajewski Armbar UFC Fight Night Las Vegas, Nevada
2015  L 10–1 Rashid Magomedov Decision UFC Fight Night São Paulo, Brazil
2015 W 10–0 Alex Oliveira Armbar UFC Fight Night Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2014  W 9–0 Christos Giagos armbar UFC 179 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2014 W 8–0 Andreas Ståhl Decision UFC on Fox California

8. Gilbert Burns’s Video Link

UFC 273: Khamzat Chimaev vs Gilbert Burns Highlights

Gilbert Burns x Michael Langhi by X-COMBAT

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