Core Duffel Workout Sandbag 50 lbs

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Elite 50-lbs Core Duffel Sandbag

The Core black Duffel Workout Sandbag, weighing 50 lbs, is designed to enhance muscle strength and endurance. Crafted from ballistic nylon fabric, it ensures durability and resilience during intense workouts. Its versatility makes it ideal for various fitness activities, offering adjustable handle positions for personalized training. With a leak-proof design and reinforced stitching, it guarantees long-lasting performance and reliability.

High-Quality Material

‎Made from tear-resistant ballistic nylon fabric with waterproof properties


‎50 LBS

Versatility & Fitness

Suited for various workouts, adjustable handles, suitable for all skill levels

Variety & Adjustability

Available in different sizes, adjustable weight by adding/removing sand

Tightly Sealed

Leak-proof design with reinforced stitching and double-sealed shell


‎Ballistic Nylon