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Muay Thai Punching Bag Sets

Muay Thai Punching Bag Sets

Adults Essential 6 ft Muay Thai Punching Bag Set

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The Elite Sports Muay Thai Punching bag sets are meticulously designed, allowing you to elevate your Muay Thai, kickboxing, and MMA training sessions. Our Muay Thai punching bag sets for adults stand out primarily because each component, including a standard-size punching bag, sturdy hanging straps, chains, mounting hardware, a phone case, hand wraps, reflex ball, jump rope, and professional-grade 12 oz gloves is thoughtfully selected to provide you a premium Muay Thai and kickboxing training experience. The Elite Sports Muay Thai punching bag kit is designed for martial arts enthusiasts of various skill levels, allowing them to hone their striking skills and enhance their physical fitness and endurance.

The Muay Thai heavy punching bag for adults is 6 feet long and 20’’ wide with pre-marked head and body zones, providing you ample space to practice strikes from different angles. Crafted from heavy-duty leather and polyester blend, the included black Muay Thai and boxing bag can withstand the toughest of strikes and prolonged rough use. Muay Thai and MMA enthusiasts can also adjust the height of this heavy punching bag to practice various standing Muay Thai and MMA kicks, including push kicks, high kicks, and diagonal kicks. The inner cotton and pearl buffer makes every training session safe and painless by maximizing the bag’s impact absorption and reducing the risk of injuries. Our heavy kickboxing and punching bag protects your hands, knuckles, joints, and skin from cuts, tears, and damage. You can utilize full force for power strikes without worrying about damaging the bag or injuring your hands.

The included professional-grade hand wraps and 12 oz Muay Thai gloves also protect in addition to a snug and secure fit. Furthermore, the Muay Thai socks in this kit protect your feet and ankles from injuries during training sessions. The Muay Thai gear prepares you for real-life competitive settings. To maximize your fitness, endurance, stamina, and athletic performance, we have included a jump rope and a reflex ball in this Muay Thai kit. No matter the martial art you train in, enhanced reflexes are always a plus.

Our leather Muay Thai and kickboxing bag set can be easily installed, thanks to the heavy-duty hanging straps, mounting hardware, and chains included in the kit. As you practice different MMA, kickboxing, and Muay Thai techniques, the chains and straps will keep the large punching bag securely in place, allowing you to enhance your technique precision and maintain focus. Unlike other Muay Thai bags on the market, our heavy bag for workout, Muay Thai, and kickboxing comes with an innovative phone case, making you independent in your training sessions. You can download Muay Thai, MMA, boxing, kickboxing, and endurance training videos and practice different striking skills at your own pace.