IBJJF Pan Championship 2023 Results

IBJJF Pan Championship 2023 Results

The 2023 IBJJF Pan Championship  was conducted at the Silver Spur Arena in Kissimmee from 22 March to 26 March 2023. The most outstanding performance from the men's division was of Nicholas Meregali who won gold in Ultra-Heavy and Absolute divisions. Out of 7 fights, Meregali won 6 fights via submission. That is why Nicholas Meregali was on top of IBJJF 2023 charters. Nicholas Meregali’s fights were in the talks as it was his first Gi championship after his performance at the ADCC 2022.

And from the women’s division, Gabrieli Pessanha was the most dominant fighter in the Absolute and Super-Heavyweight division. She won gold in both divisions. Tainan Dalpra was also a notable figure in the middleweight division.

Zayed Alkatheeri played a major role in the Rooster Weight division by defeating Jonas Andrade and Hiryu Niwa. He then became the first BJJ athlete from UAE to win an IBJJF championship. Pablo Laveselli in the lightweight category had the most amazing display of BJJ techniques.

Men’s Division:

Weight Division Black Belts
Rooster Weight
  1. Zayed Alkatheeri
  2. Hiryu Niwa
  3. Jonas Andrade
  4. Frank Cespedes
  1. Diogo Reis
  2. Diego Oliveira Batista
  3. Yuta Shimada
  4. Zachary Kaina Kokobun
  1. Marcio Andre da Costa
  2. Fabricio Andrey
  3. Alexssandro Sodre
  4. Raimundo Diego
  1. Johnatha Barbosa Alves
  2. Pablo Lavaselli
  3. Alef Jose Soares
  4. Nathan Chueng Freitas
  1. Tainan Dalpra
  2. Pedro Henrique Costa
  3. Eduardo Avelar
  4. Rolando Samson
  1. Gustavo Batista
  2. Jansen Gomes Ramos
  3. Francisco De Assis
  4. Ronaldo Pereira de Souza
  1. Adam Wardzinski
  2. Felipe Andrew
  3. Dimitrius Soares
  4. Lucas Lopes
  1. Erich Munis
  2. Cassio Felipe
  3. Davi Cabral
  4. Paulo Henrique Merlin
  1. Nicholas Meregali
  2. Yatan Martins
  3. Guilherme Augusto
  4. Roosevelt Souza
  1. Nicholas Meregali
  2. Erich Munis
  3. Dimitrius Soares
  4. Guilherme Augusto

Women’s Division:

Weight Division Black Belts
Rooster Weight
  1. Jessica Caroline Dantas
  2. Jhenifer Aquinho
  3. Brenda Larissa
  4. Maria Eduardo
  1. Mayssa Bastos
  2. Rose-Marie el Sharouni
  3. Amanda Alequin
  4. Thamires Aquino
  1. Ana Cristina Rodriguez
  2. Margot Ciccarelli
  3. Larissa Campos
  4. Sophia Marie Dalpra
  1. Luiza Monteiro
  2. Ffion Davies
  3. Janaina Maia
  4. Janine Lillian
  1. Elisabeth Clay
  2. Thalyta Silva
  3. Thamara Silva
  4. Vannessa Griffin
  1. Ana Carolina Vieira Srour
  2. Amy Campo
  3. Aurelie LE Vern
  4. Izadora Cristina Silva
  1. Larissa Día de Almeida
  2. Ingrid Alves de Sousa
  3. Amanda Magda
  4. Tamiris Silva
  1. Gabrieli Pessanha
  2. Mayara Monteiro
  3. Lama H. S. Qubbaj
  1. Gabrieli Pessanha
  2. Ana Vieira
  3. Maria Malyjasiak
  4. Tamiris Silva

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