Amanda Magda de Oliveira - 4 Times BJJ Black Belt World Champion

Amanda Magda de Oliveira - 4 Times BJJ Black Belt World Champion

1. Amanda Magda’s Details

Name Amanda Magda de Oliveira
Nickname N/A
Born Sao Paulo, Brazil
Age 45 Years
Date of Birth 17-1-1978
Weight 79.3 kg (174.8 lb)
Weight Division Peso Pesado (79.3 kg / 174.8 lb)
Last Weigh in 79 Kg
Height N/A
Foundational Style BJJ
Career Disclosed Earnings N/A
College University N/A
Rank Black Belt
Head Coach Luis Marques
Last Fight 2023 European Open
Favorite Technique Armlock
Lineage Carlos Gracie -> Helio Gracie -> Rickson Gracie -> Marcelo Behring -> Waldomiro Perez -> Roberto Godoi -> André Pinheiro -> Luis Marques -> Amanda Magda
Team Association Frates JJ

2. Amanda Magda’s Biography

Amanda Magda is a Black Belt under Luis Marques. She represented Fratres Jiu-Jitsu Team on the international level. She appeared on the Jiu-jitsu horizon when she received four medals in 2022, especially in the IBJJF South American Championship.

Now she is hitting the IBJJF World ranking scale and became one of the top Jiu-Jitsu Black Belts in the heavyweight division. Amanda has placed her name on the list of rising stars in 2023 after winning the IBJJF European Open 2023 in the Heavyweight division followed by the 2022 Gold wins.  

2.1. Sports Girl in School Life

Amanda Magda was a sports lover from her early childhood. She used to appear in various games at her school. She was in her school’s volleyball and handball teams. Amanda was also fond of swimming.  

2.2. Combat Sports Career

Amanda joined the martial arts academy after a big gap in her school sports activities. She stepped into the martial arts academy and started practicing Muay Thai. In 2014, she decided to take a chance with Jiu-Jitsu and joined the grappling class. Amanda was in love with grappling after her first grappling class. But this grappling experience could not prove long-lasting.    

2.3. Stopped Grappling Martial Art

After some time, Amanda could not continue her Jiu-Jitsu training because of her pregnancy and childbirth. Due to her pregnancy, she took a short break from Jiu-Jitsu. Amanda resumed her BJJ training after the birth of her second child. 

2.4. Post-Pregnancy Anxiety

After the birth of her second child, Amanda experienced anxiety and challenging mundane circumstances. She started medication suggested by a psychiatrist. Due to anxiety, she lost interest in her daily activities.

This overall situation led her to be overweight. She was very uncomfortable in that situation and wanted to get rid of this anxiety to address her increasing weight.          

2.5. Joined Kickboxing and Muay Thai

Amanda joined combat sports again mainly to reduce her weight. She joined a combat sports club named MAVORS in Sao Paulo. She resumed martial arts with Muay Thai and Kickboxing.

After joining the combat sports club, Amanda felt better and addressed her anxiety. Combat sports not only helped her to control anxiety but also cast out her dependency on antidepressants.    

2.6. Diverted Towards Jiu-Jitsu

Amanda was enjoying striking when her coach gave her a Jiu-Jitsu Kimono and suggested her start grappling. He recognized the grappling potential in Amanda. He thought she would enjoy Jiu-Jitsu more than striking. On the recommendation of her coach, Amanda started taking  Jiu-Jitsu classes.

She enjoyed Jiu-Jitsu more than grappling and fell in love with it after her first class. Now, Amanda became very passionate about grappling. She started taking two sessions of Jiu-Jitsu per day. She also started to take some private classes to improve her Jiu-Jitsu skills.   

2.7. Amanda’s BJJ Pro Combats

Promoted to Blue Belt

Amanda joined Team Demian Maia where she grew exponentially in BJJ and received her Blue Belt. She received her Belt from her grappling coach Rodrigo Pacheco who was a coach at Demian Maia.

Promoted to Purple Belt

Amanda was promoted to Purple Belt by her two coaches Robson Rezende and Talita Nogueira in 2018. She received her Purple Belt after winning IBJJF Masters World in 2018 as a Blue Belt. After her Purple Belt promotion, she won CBJJ Brazilian Nationals the same year. 

Promoted to Brown and Black Belt

In February 2019, Amanda was introduced to Luis Marques, one of the top Black Belt of her region. Luis Marques helped Amanda in her Jiu-Jitsu growth and promoted her to Brown and later to Black Belt. She received her Black Belt on 11 December 2021 in a ceremony organized by Luis Marques. 

Five-Times Masters World Champion

Amanad Magda is honored to achieve five Gold Medals in IBJJF Masters World Championships. She achieved Gold in the adult masters championship four times in all Belt Levels. Then she achieved her Gold Medal in the Master 2 Championship as a Black Belt.

She is also a Gold (in weight division) and Bronze winner (absolute weight division) in the Masters 1 Championship of CBJJ.

Double South American Champion

Amanda is also a two times Gold winner of the South American Championship. In 2021 she received Gold and Bronze medals in South American Championship in weight and absolute division respectively as a brown belt.

She came into the spotlight after her 2022 South American Championship as a Black Belt. After this championship, she was also included in IBJJF World Ranked Athletes.    

IBJJF World Ranking   

Amanda Magda is one of the top ten athletes according to IBJJF Ranking . She is third among adult Black Belt athletes with 667.5 points. In CBJJ adult Black Belts, she ranked in the second position with 576 points.

Championship Ranking Category Points
IBJJF  3rd Adults 667.5
CBJJ 2nd Adults 576.0
Master Grand Slam  9th Master 2 283.5
CBJJ 10th Master 1 162.0
IBJJF Masters  11th Master 2 283.5
Master Grand Slam  20th Master 1 162.0
Adult Grand Slam  34th Adults 108.0
IBJJF Masters  48th Master 1 108.0

3. Amanda Magda’s Historic Fights

3.1. Amanda Magda Vs. Deise Cristina

Amanda Magda faced Deise Cristina in the final of the 2022 Curitiba Spring Open. She started the match by a successful pulling guard around Deise’s groin. Deise tried to grip Amanda’s collar. Meanwhile, Amanda strangled her arm and applied Kimura. Amanda submitted Deise with Kimura in less than two minutes.   

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2022 Curitiba Spring Open Deise Cristina Win Kimura Final Heavyweight

3.2. Amanda Magda Vs. Andreia Cavalcante

Amanda Magda faced Andreia Cavalcante in the final of the 2022 Salvador Spring Open. At the start of the match, Andreia tried to apply a pulling guard but Amanda countered by placing her knee on her belly. This unsuccessful try of pulling guard resulted in Andreia on the floor with Amanada on her top.

Amanada completely controlled her with her side mount and scored 3 points. A few minutes later Amanda attacked with Guillotine. Andreia defended Amenda’s guillotine attack but she did not let Andreia escape from her grip. 

At the end of the match, Amanda pulled guard, controlled her completely, and then strangled her arm. Amnada submitted Andreia with an Armbar.   

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2022 Salvador Spring Open  Andreia Cavalcante Win Armbar Final Open Weight

3.3. Amanda Magda Vs. Eduardo Gonzaga

Amanda Mgda faced Eduardo Gonzaga in the final of Vitoria Open 2022. Amanad gave an outstanding performance in this match. She did not provide any chance to Eduardo in the whole match. 

Amanda started the match with a pulling guard which ended up with Eduardo’s leg in Amanda’s grip. Then Amanda actively moved to take her back. Amanda pulled her down with full force and strangled her arm from her back.

At the end of the match, Amanda submitted Eduardo with an Armbar. This is one of the fabulous matches Amanda had as she submitted Eduardo within 1 minute.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2022 Vitoria Open  Eduardo Gonzaga Win Armbar Final Heavyweight

4. Amanda Magda's Main Achievements

4.1. Amanda’s Main Achievements

Year Event Weight division
2017 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals N/A
2018 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals N/A
2018 IBJJF Master World Championship Middleweight
2018 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals N/A
2019 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals N/A
2019 IBJJF Master World Championship Medium Heavy
2021 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals N/A
2021 IBJJF Master World Championship Heavyweight
2021 IBJJF Masters South American Championship Heavyweight
2021 IBJJF South American Championship Heavyweight
2022 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals N/A
2022 IBJJF Master World Championship Heavyweight
2023 IBJJF European Open Heavyweight

4.2. Amanda’s Achievements as Colored Belt

Year Event Belt Position
2017 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals Blue Belt 1st
2018 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals Blue Belt 1st
2018 IBJJF Masters World Championship Blue Belt 1st
2018 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals Purple Belt 1st
2019 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals Brown Belt 1st
2019 IBJJF Masters World Championship Brown Belt 1st
2021 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals Brown Belt 1st
2021 IBJJF Masters South American Championship Brown Belt 1st
2021 IBJJF Master World Championship  Brown Belt 1st
2021 IBJJF South American Championship Brown Belt 1st
2021 IBJJF South American Championship Brown Belt 2nd

4.3. Amanda’s Achievements as Black Belt

Year Event Belt Position
2022 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals Black Belt 1st
2022 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals (Absolute weight) Black Belt 2nd
2022 IBJJF Masters World Championship Black Belt 1st
2022 IBJJF South American Championship Black Belt 1st
2023 IBJJF European Open Black Belt 1st

5. Amanda Magda Professional Record Break

5.1. Amanda’s Professional Record Break

26 Matches 20 Wins 6 Loses
By Submission 13 2
By Points 5 3
By Advantage 2 0
By Decision 0 0
By Penalties 0 1

5.2. Amanda’s Submission Methods

Method 13 Wins 2 Loses
Armlock  4 0
Armbar  2 1
Knee Choke  1 0
Toe Hold  4 0
Kimura  2 0
RNC 0 1

6. Amanda Magda Fight History

Year Competition Opponent W/L Method Weight
2022 Salvador Open Pollyanna Costa W Armlock 79KG
2022 Salvador Open Fernanda Mazzelli L Pts: 7x2 79KG
2022 Salvador Open Gabrieli Pessanha L Armbar ABS
2022 Betim Open Isabela Resende W Points 79KG
2022 Betim Open Graciele Fava W Toe hold 79KG
2022 Betim Open Fernanda Mazzelli L Points ABS
2022 Vitoria Open Eduarda Gonzaga W Armbar 79KG
2022 Vitoria Open Marcia Karina W Armlock ABS
2022 Vitoria Open Thais Gomes W Adv ABS
2022 JJ Con Maria Malyjasiak L RNC 79KG
2022 JJ Con Melissa Cueto L Points 79KG
2022 SP Open Jessica Caroline W Pts: 2x2, Adv ABS
2022 Rio BJJ Pro Jessica Caroline W Toe hold ABS
2022 Curitiba SPO Deise Rocha W Kimura 79KG
2022 Curitiba SPO Juliana Teixeira W Pts: 2x0 ABS
2022 South American Maisa Santos W Pts: 2x0 74KG
2022 South American Marilia Freire W Pts: 11x0 74KG
2022 Salvador SPO Yuri Nadine W Armlock ABS
2022 Salvador SPO Andreia Cavalcante W Armlock ABS
2022 Fortaleza Open Julia Saboya W Armbar ABS
2022 Fortaleza Open Karen Suely W Knee choke ABS
2022 Fortaleza Open Brenda Ariane W Pts: 5x4 ABS
2022 Balneario Open Maisa Gurgel L Pts: 0x0, Pen 79KG
2022 Balneario Open Juliana Teixeira W Toe hold ABS
2023 European Open Leticia Cardozo W Kimura 79KG
2023 European Open Elizabeth Mitrovic W Toe hold 79KG

7. Amanda’s Top Fight Links

Amanda Magda v Andreia Cavalcante / Salvador Spring Open 2022

Amanda Magda v Marilia Freire / Sul-Americano 2022

Amanda Magda v Deise Cristina / Curitiba Spring Open 2022

Amanda Magda v Eduarda Gonzaga / Vitória Open 2022 

Photo Credit: @_amanda_magda

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