All You Need to Know About Black House MMA Legacy And History

All You Need to Know About Black House MMA Legacy And History

Black House is a globally recognized mixed martial arts gym and a fighting team. It was established on November 27, 2006,  in Gardena, California. Blackhouse MMA is a true representation of excellence in mixed martial arts. The initiation of the Black House MMA was carried out by former Brazilian Top Team member and black belt Carlos "Carlão" Barreto.  Rogerio Camoes and Jorge Guimaraes also assisted him in all efforts to establish the Black House MMA. Guimaraes was the team manager while the training of the team was under the supervision of Camoes. In 2010, Redondo Beach, California, was selected by Black House MMA to open its first gym specifically for the public. If you are concerned with learning martial arts, then Black House MMA should be your ideal choice. After reading this article, you will also get familiar with MMA's legacy and history basics. 

1. Black House MMA Legacy

In the rising era of MMA, Black House MMA was a major home for the top fighters such as Nogueira Brothers, Anderson Silva,  Lyoto Machida, and many more. Especially for Tough Media family members, Black House MMA was a home away from their actual home. It also played a role as a playground for the battle of skilled fighters. Eduardo Pamplona trained at the  Black House MMA gym in  Redondo Beach. The same training room was in use by Kenny Johnson, a top-notch warrior. Now the present-day best fighters of Black House MMA are in a continual process of success and leading the way in the UFC.

2. Professional Oversight

Black House MMA is an exceptional training gym where you get training under professional coaches who have already taught many UFC champions. Amazingly learn the martial arts and achieve your goals. Black House MMA is the main place that significantly becomes the reason for fighters' unity. This gym undoubtedly provides all the top-notch facilities so anyone can learn and grow simultaneously.

3. Black House MMA Classes and Facilities

Black House MMA gym provides classes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, American Wrestling, Boxing, as well as Muay Thai. It primarily focuses on Brazilian jiu-jitsu and successfully produces strong and skilled fighters who possess all the capabilities to get victory. Black House MMA gym is completely equipped with various facilities such as a boxing ring, octagon as well as two dojos in the workout space. For training rooms, there are also two large mat areas.

4. Top-Notch Programs of Black House MMA

4.1. Bolt Wrestling

Black House MMA is the actual home of Bolt Wrestling, a comprehensive program with the major goal of taking your grappling to a pro level.  The main founder of Bolt Wrestling is Kenny Johnson, a top wrestling coach in Black House MMA and a BJJ black belt. He is renowned for his multiple victories in events such as the IBJJF Pan American Championship, the IBJJF World Championship, as well as the CBJJ Brazilian National Championship in both Gi and No Gi. Kenny Johnson pays close attention to all major techniques of jiu-jitsu, wrestling,  and MMA. He was trained for 6 Olympic games and wrestled at the University of Iowa under the supervision of Dan Gable. Among all the 35 coaches in the world, Kenny is the only one certified at the USA Wrestling NECP Gold Level.

4.2. Muay Thai

The national sport of Thailand is Muay Thai, a mesmerizing combination of stand-up striking as well as clinch techniques. Based on the use of eight bodily weapons including feet, knees, elbows, and hands, this program is also referred to as the "Art of Eight Limbs". If you are on the hunt to learn the best self-defense techniques along with the modification of the striking game, then Muay Thai should be your first choice.

The main trainer of the Muay Thai program is Gebril Chaibi, who is a professional Muay Thai fighter. Under the supervision of Gebril, you can learn various basic to advanced techniques including, round kicks, jabs, and advanced attacks like spinning elbows and flying knees.  Due to his skilled expertise, you can explore the broad horizon of practical knowledge in this program. He has contributed significantly to Muay Thai for 13 years. He first fought in Koh Samui, the famous stadium in Thailand. At that time, he was just 9 years old. He started competing at an early age and gained experience worldwide. Then in 2014, he got the second position at an IFMA Malaysia World Championship. During his stay in Thailand, he experienced multiple fights and effectively focused on this program. He has experience in 45 professional fights where he amazingly employed the techniques. Then in 2019, Gebril got recognition as a professional fighter in France. Currently, he is a resident of Los Angeles, where he is preparing to transition to MMA.

4.3. Kids Jiu-Jitsu

The Kids Jiu-Jitsu program offered by the Black House MMA is very useful for your kids if you want to increase their confidence and strength. They can also learn how they can effectively focus on the game with respect and discipline. Roger Dalbianco, a combat sports practitioner with supreme expertise, is the coach of this program.  Roger is also a black belt under Rigan Machado and a 2-time  Cyclone Champion. As a coach, he teaches all the strategies to children that they can use to overcome life’s adversities.

5. Top Fighters from Black House MMA

You can get diversified training sessions under the guidance of top professionals at Black House MMA. The main fighters who are included in the Black House MMA team include Antônio Rogério Nogueira, Pedro Rizzo, Rafael Cavalcante, Anderson Silva, and Lyoto Machida. E Academy Antonio "Nino" Schembri, an ex-fighter of the Chute Boxe, was also a major part of the team.

5.1. Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva is considered an important personality in MMA today, just like Mike Tyson was in the world of boxing during the 1990s. The MMA record of Anderson Silva is 33-4. His recent fight took place at UFC 153, where he used the technical knock-out strategy to win over Stephan Bonnar.

5.2. Jose Aldo

Jose Aldo is a stellar  UFC featherweight championship with an  MMA record of  21-1. In a recent bout at UFC 142, Jose Aldo faced  Chad Mendes and secured a  KO victory. Undoubtedly, Jose Aldo is highly skilled in employing submission techniques. His exceptional knockout capabilities are evident,  with 15 out of his 21 wins coming by way of a finish. The incredible knockout strategies that he brings in his striking game are very rare at this weight class.

5.3. Junior Dos Santos

At UFC 155, Junior dos Santos’s decision to lose to Cain Velasquez is the main reason some might expect his rankings to decrease. He is the only competitor on the list with a loss among all other fighters. The MMA record of Junior Dos Santos is 15-2.

Before his UFC 155 loss, Santos had been on the journey of absolute warpath through the UFC heavyweight division.  He was also victorious over Stefan Struve, Gabriel Gonzaga, and Fabricio Werdum with knockouts.

Although Santos is currently not in an appropriate position, there is a hope that he will come back with increased strength and resilience.

5.4. Lyoto Machida

 Lyoto Machida is considered the best among the top five light heavyweights in the sport. Lyoto is also the former UFC light heavyweight champion with an  MMA record of  18-3. In his recent fight at UFC on FOX 4,  he got a  KO win over Ryan Bader.

The elevation process of rankings is continued by him as he is moving closer to another shot that occurred at UFC Gold. Ryan Bader was knocked out on FOX 4 at UFC. His proven knockout victories were over Randy Couture, Thiago Silva, and Rashad Evans.

5.5. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira is the UFC interim heavyweight champion and former Pride heavyweight. His MMA record is 34-7-1. Recently, he got the winning title with a submission over Dave Herman. This battle was performed at UFC 153. As Rodrigo Nogueira got the best professional skills, he attacked Dave Herman and made a painful locking armbar. This move urged Dave to tap out before the breaking of his arm. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira may play a role as coach in the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil. In that expected fight,  Fabricio Werdum will be the opposing coach.

5.6. Ronaldo 'Jacare' Souza

Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza is a renowned and most-feared Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner with an  MMA record of  17-3  (1). In his recent Strikeforce fight, Ronaldo 'Jacare' Souza faced  Ed Herman and secured a remarkable submission win. By the smart use of submission techniques, Ronaldo was successful in 13 of his 17 career MMA wins. He only lost one fight out of his past eight fights.

5.7. Rafael Dos Anjos

Rafael Dos Anjos is the top fighter, who is raising the lightweight division rankings. He has an  MMA record of  18-6 and a three-fight winning streak in the UFC. Some of his prominent victories are over Terry Etim, George Sotiropoulos, and Kamal Shalorus. His most recent victory was based on a unanimous decision at UFC 154, an event where he faced  Mark Bocek.  Although Bocek tried hard, he was not capable of taking Anjos down. Some heavy punches of Anjos became advantageous for his victory.

5.8. Roger Gracie

Roger Gracie is the 10-time IBJJF World Champion. He also won the ADCC Submission Fighting Championship and earned gold Medals in his weight class and open weight divisions.  Carlos Gracie, the head of the Gracie family and founder of the gentle art, is his grandfather. Carlos Gracie, Reila Gracie, and  Roger Gracie, the son of Mauricio Gomes, are doing their best to raise the growing status of Jiu-Jitsu.

6. Final Thoughts

Black House MMA is a supreme martial arts gym that is offering top-notch martial arts training to rising fighters. Black House MMA has a rich history that has been altering the MMA for a long time. Offered programs by this academy truly represent the passion and dedication of its highly skilled instructors. Black House MMA is like a hub that produces a great number of top BJJ fighters.

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