Tainan Dalpra Signs Contract For No Gi Debut In 2023

Tainan Dalpra Signs Contract For No Gi Debut In 2023

Tainan Dalpra is a highly competitive black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He has recently announced his move to make a No Gi debut in 2023. He has signed a contract to make the alteration to no-gi BJJ tournaments. After Tainan’s promotion to black belt, he gained significant prominence in the BJJ gi competitions. So Tainan’s decision to transition will definitely lead to a huge impact on his professional jiu-jitsu career. Tainan Dalpra had already gained notoriety as a Gi athlete as he secured various gold medals in the top IBJJF World Championships.

In October 2020, after becoming a black belt under Guilherme Mendes, Tainan Dalpra showcased his phenomenal grappling skills.  At the age of 22, he played excellently without being submitted to BJJ competitions. He only lost the BJJ fight against  Jansen Gomes and Mica Galvao. In the 2023 IBJJF World Championship, Gomes secured a victory over   Tainan through advantage, while on June 13, 2021, Mica Galvao won the match through the referee’s decision. Apart from these two losses, Tainan has gained immense notoriety in BJJ’s international circuit. His name was also enlisted in one of the top B&A workgroups in BJJ.

The announcement of Tainan’s move for no gi debut is absolutely an appropriate time as he will have sufficient time to make some required adaptations to win at ADCC Trials. With this early transition, Tainan will have a feasible advantage,  allowing him to compete in multiple matches before the IBJJF No Gi World Championship. If Tainan displays his proficient no gi performances,  there is a possibility that he will be a top-notch candidate for the 2024 ADCC,  after Nicholas Meregali’s invite to the 2022  ADCC. 

Tainan Dalpra posted  the following statement about his no gi debut in 2023 on his  official  Instagram post:

‘‘🇧🇷acabei de assinar o contrato da minha primeira super luta NOGI na faixa preta, irá ser esse ano, na segunda estarei divulgando o evento e adversário. Obrigado a todos pelo apoio que me dão desde o começo da minha carreira, estou sempre treinando pra mostrar boas técnicas e lutas a todos que assistem’’

Dalpra’s original Instagram post was in Portuguese and translates to:

‘‘I just signed the contract for my first NOGI match as a  black belt. It will be this year and I will announce the opponent and event on Monday.”

Photo Credit: @tainandalpra

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