12 Tips To Make BJJ Gis Last Longer

12 Tips To Make BJJ Gis Last Longer

BJJ Gis can last longer if they are kept clean. In case of blood, stains wash them with hydrogen peroxide and then dry them. Do not let your Gis stink or your peers will not roll with you.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is termed as the gentle art. It consists of self-defense techniques. Gi is the most significant emblem of BJJ. It is a uniform worn during practicing and competing BJJ. A sound Gi is a bit costly to buy. For most fighters, it is a one-time investment. So it is important for them to make it last longer.

Gis became an important part of BJJ practitioners’ life. It is essential for them to use it wisely or else they will lose all their money in only buying the attire. A practitioner’s kimono represents his ethics and morals.

1. BJJ Gi - An Essential part of BJJ

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a submission grappling combat sport. It instructs grappling techniques to its practitioners. It is basically a Japanese martial arts technique that came to Brazil when Conde Kama reached Brazil.

BJJ Gi is an essential part of BJJ. It is the fighter’s armor. It is the uniform for practicing BJJ. Practitioners not only wear it while fighting but also when they are getting trained in gyms. It is treated respectively by BJJ practitioners as it is seen as a sacred thing. Fighters become emotionally and mentally attached to their Gis as they wear it while learning and mastering the gentle art.

It does not matter how much you invest in your Gi. You would always want your Gi to last longer. But to do that you have to handle it with care.

2. 12 Tips to Make BJJ Gis Last Longer

As Gi is an important element of BJJ, practitioners must keep it safe and sound. Especially when you are into Gi BJJ, you must pay attention to your Gi because it tells about your personality and nature.

Keeping your Gi safe and perfect at all times signifies how serious you are towards gentle art.

Jiu-Jitsu at the end of the day, is the art of expressing yourself honestly. Every time you put on a Gi, you can not lie
Saulo Ribeiro

2.1. Cleanliness

The number one factor to make your Gi last longer is to keep it clean. A dirty Gi is more vulnerable to tarnish the overall facade of the fighter than a clean Gi. Often during rolling and sparring sessions, your Gi can get dirty.

You should wash your Gi regularly and the stains will not stay permanently. Most practitioners wash their Gis right after the training session. In this way, stains do not stay on your Gis for longer periods and it stays clean while prolonging the lifespan of your Gis.

2.2. Do not Wash Your Gi with Bleach

Never wash your Gis with bleach. It has a strong oxidizing agent that weakens the fabric of your Gis. It makes the Gi look dull in appearance and it also decolorizes your perfectly colored Gi. Instead of using bleach to remove stains, you can use any other detergent that won’t be harmful.

Or you can use vinegar, it will not only remove the stains but also won’t deteriorate the fabric. Bleach can cause Gis to lose their integrity and they will wear and tear quite quickly. Vinegar is a more fitting cleaning agent. It is also helpful for removing smell from the Gi.

2.3. Buy a Thick Gi

As mentioned earlier, Gi is a must-item for BJJ training. You must be wise enough to buy a Gi that is perfect for you. It is because Gis can be costly. It's better to invest properly in it so that you won't regret it later. Buying a thick Gi means that it is woven properly. Buy a high-quality Gi and the durability of the Gi will be greater.

The weave of the Gi tells about the quality and quantity of the material used. It must not be so thick that you can not grab your opponent properly. Rather it must be thick to a level that it must not tear during the training session. Most Gis are torn out due to the tight grips of your training partners or your opponents.

It is better to use thick Gis, especially with thick lapels so that you do not have to invest a lot in buying a new Gi after short intervals.

2.4. Buy a Skin-Friendly Gi

BJJ Gis are made up of different fabrics. Some are composed of polyester while others are made up of cotton or hemp-based. Most practitioners use cotton Gis. It is important to look for the Gi that is good for your skin. Being a BJJ fighter, you have to remain in Gi while you are training or competing.

While training, sweating is common for fighters. So when Gi comes in contact with your sweaty skin, it can cause some reactions. If you are allergic to any fabric, immediately change your Gi, or else it will get worse.

2.5. Wash Gi Separately

Never wash your Gis with other clothes. It can not only damage your Gi but also leaves stains from other clothes. Especially white Gis are more prone to get colored stains.

Here’s a video elaborating how you should wash your Gi.

2.6. Smelly Gis

Often Gis stink due to a sweaty smell or sometimes when practitioners do not wash their Gis property at the right time. Never let your smelly Gi sit for the night, rather wash it right after your training session. If still the smell remains, you can use vinegar or hydrogen peroxide.

After washing the Gi, you can dry it in sunlight and the smell will vanish. It will eliminate all the bacteria.

You can also use coffee to remove the stinky odor. Or you can add perfumed fabric softener while washing your Gi. It will remove the smell and add a good scent to the Gi.

2.7. Prevent Stains

While rolling, your Gi can get stains from the mat. You have to take care of your Gi’s cleanliness because no one else will do that for you. It is in the decorum of gyms that eating or drinking is not allowed. Still, if you do that, you are creating problems for yourself.

Blood stains are the most difficult to remove. But it does not mean that they can not be removed. To remove blood stains:

  • Do not use warm water. It will rather make the stain permanent.
  • Wash the stain with cold water and apply 3% hydrogen peroxide to that area.
  • Wash the stained area with cold water. If the stain still remains, wash it in the same way.
  • Wash the Gi as you usually wash and then iron it.

2.8. Keep an Extra Gi

You must keep an extra Gi, in case your Gi is damaged or gets stained. The Gi which you normally use must be of high quality while it is not necessary that the extra Gi must be expensive too. Investing in one Gi is enough for you because a Gi with good fabric quality and durability is a bit expensive.

2.9. Prevent Gi from Turning Yellow

Due to sweating, most Gis turn yellowish. It also kills the softness of the fabric and makes it rigid. The best way to prevent those yellow stains is to wash your Gi ASAP so that sweat does not turn it yellow.

2.10. A Perfectly Sized Gi

If you wear a loose Gi, it's more likely to get ruptured. If you do not have a Gi that fits you perfectly, you can shrink your Gi. Soaking the Gi in hot water and then ironing it will definitely shrink it. If it still does not fit you then you can rewash it in hot water and dry it in a dryer. But do not put your Gi in a dryer or else your Gi will shrink to a greater degree.

2.11. Folding BJJ Gi

Folding your Gi is also an important element. It is because it will keep your Gi in proper shape. Instead of stuffing the Gi in your backpack haphazardly, it is better to fold it in a proper way so that it does not look unironed. It also shows your respect towards the uniform.

2.12. Drying Your Gi

After washing the Gi in cold water, you must dry it under the sun or even in the dryer but not for too long. Gi needs a specific temperature to dry to maintain its softness and high quality. Not only Gi but also take care of your Gi pants and belt. They are also a part of your Gi.

If you do not want your Gi to get shrunk, you can air-dry it. It will keep the Gi intact and soft.

Gi pants are more likely to tear than the Gi. Also, Gi pants are the first ones to get shrunk. You must also wash your belt.

Many germs stay in your belt because most practitioners do not wash their belts more often. They are of the view that belts do not stink or get dirty as Gi or Gi pants get, so it is just a waste of time to wash them. But that is not true.

Belts need as much attention and cleanliness as Gi gets. Gi is like an identity for a practitioner so it is the task of a fighter to keep his identity clean and perfect.

3. How Does BJJ Last Longer?

As mentioned earlier, BJJ Gis act as an important element for a BJJ fighter. It is not just a uniform. Rather it is a broad term that accounts for the submission techniques. We all are aware of 2 types of Jiu-Jitsu approaches, Gi BJJ, and No-Gi BJJ. These both differ from each other because of the grappling techniques and attire.

3.1. Gis are Costly

A high-quality cotton weaved Gi is more costly than a normal Gi. It is better to invest a good amount for a high-quality Gi once rather than just buying normally tailored Gis more than once.

3.2. Identity for a Fighter

Most BJJ practitioners say that “Show me your BJJ Gi and I will reveal your true character”. It shows how much respect a practitioner gives to BJJ. It also represents your seriousness towards BJJ.

3.3. Honoring the Gentle Art

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is not just a combat sport. It is rather a way of living. The Gracie Family did not learn the gentle art to compete. Rather they adopted it like a lifestyle and dedicated their lives to its propagation.

The purpose of making Gis last longer is not to make it a financial burden on practitioners.

4. FAQs

4.1. How Long Should a BJJ Gi Lasts?

A high-quality BJJ Gi lasts for almost 2 years. It can also last for years if practitioners take adequate care of it. It is not a restriction that Gi must last for 2 years only. It all depends on how much care a practitioner gives toward his Gi.

4.2. How Should a BJJ Gi Fit?

A Gi neither should fit nor too tight. If it is loose you can shrink it. In case the Gi is tight, it is better to replace it. A tight Gi will tear down easily and also your flexibility is compromised.

5. Conclusion

Gis are a must for Gi BJJ. They must be clean enough to maintain hygiene at all times. Never wash your Gi with bleach or else the Gi will lose all its softness. Gis can stink if they are left overnight, that is why it is important to wash them after your training session.

You have to wear Gi when you are in the dojo or competition. So choose the fabric wisely or else it will harm your skin.

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