How to Buy the Best BJJ Gi for Kids?

How to Buy the Best BJJ Gi for Kids?

Unlike other brands, Elite Sports believes that martial arts are for everyone, regardless of their age, gender, size or even conditions like Autism (salute to the legendary Jo Redman). 

There’s no better time to start martial arts than now. And if you’re one of those who fear for your or your kid’s safety, go for Brazillian Jiu Jitsu.

Not only will the gentle martial art get your kid excited, it will also ensure that they don’t get hurt. If you need some more convincing evidence, here’s an overview of how BJJ can help improve the mental well-being of kids.

However, if you’ve already made the decision, chances are you’re looking for a kid’s BJJ Gi. Well, you’ve come to the right place as we offer nothing but the best BJJ kids Gi in the market.

But before we go ahead and tell you what you should buy, let’s go over how you should go about buying the perfect BJJ Gi for your kid.

How to Buy a Kid’s BJJ Gi?

Just like a normal Gi, you need to pick out something that can last long, doesn’t present any problems with mobility or range of motion, and more importantly, doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Keeping in mind the above as the basic principles, let’s go over some important factors you should consider when trying to pick out the best BJJ kids Gi.


The most important thing about a Gi is its size. Like adults wouldn’t like dangling sleeves and excess collar space to become invitations for submissions and grapples, kids would do well with the ideal size BJJ Gi.

While most parents might think of making a Gi last for a couple of years to account for growth factors, we recommend not going higher than a couple of inches, otherwise you’ll compromise the child’s experience in the gym for a couple of bucks.

Carefully use the sizing guide that’s available at every product page, and make sure you have the latest measurements of your child’s body, i.e. their height and weight.

Our scales are designed to match a large variety of body types and with most of our products being pre-shrunk, you can be sure that nothing will be dangling loose.


The ideal material for a BJJ Gi is most notably a 400 GSM pearl weave, with a blend of cotton and polyester forming the whole Gi.

This is exactly what an adult’s BJJ Gi has and definitely what we at Elite Sports are offering in all our BJJ Kids Gi(s).

The material is lightweight which means the wearer of the Gi will have the full range of motion without their Gi slowing them down.

Unlike the market products that are advertised as ‘strong’ but are actually debilitatingly heavy, especially when you’ve rolled a little while.

Other than the above, make sure that the BJJ Gi you’re looking to get has antibacterial and antiodor treatments that can also ensure that there’s no lasting effects of perspiration, whether it be the smell or the bacteria.

If you don’t know anyone else offering this, head straight to Elite Sports’ BJJ Kids Gi section, and you’ll find that all our products come with these features as standard.


While this may seem like it’s of little consequence, you’ll be surprised at how important the color is in BJJ.

Firstly, not all the colors you’ll find in a store are going to have the same price. There are going to be distinctions based on a variety of styles.

Secondly, before you buy something of a particular color, consider where your kid is going for their class.

While many find this absolutely stupid, many BJJ schools and gyms force their members to wear either their own Gi whereas others impose a standard colored Gi (mostly white) for uniformity.

Apart from all this, it’s impossible for a parent or even a non-parent to look into the glimmering eyes of an aspiring young BJJ athlete and tell them they can’t buy their favorite colored Gi.

This is why it’s recommended that you figure out what color you’re going for after you figure out where you’re learning and competing.

Side note: All Elite Sports Gi’s and rash guards are IBJJF approved, meaning they can be worn at any and every BJJ competition.


The most important on everyone’s minds is always the price. How to be sure that you’re not being overcharged? What if there are better alternatives for the same price? How should I make sure I’m in the right market?

The answer to all these questions is to research and review your findings. Inevitably, it’s all going to be decided once you get the product delivered and test it out yourself. (As in getting your kid to wear it because it’s not meant for adults).

BJJ Gis tend to be very overpriced but that’s exactly what the team here at Elite Sports envisions to change. Which is why we present the following BJJ Kids Gi(s) that are affordable, reliable and durable.

Elite Sports Ultra-Light Preshrunk Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi - $54.99 (With a Free White Belt)

Just like the description above, you can expect our ultra-light preshrunk Kids BJJ Gi to have the best fabric that comes with the antimicrobial, antiodor and anti-sweat treatments.

The ergonomic functionality that our Gi promises is unparalleled in providing the widest range of motion with its side-slit design that complements its sleek and aesthetic design.

This product comes with CVC 60% cotton and 40% polyester to prefer comfort and quality. You can rest assured that these Gi’s have been tested in all our combats before being approved for sale.

One of the best parts about the Elite Sports ultra-light preshrunk BJJ Kids Gi is that it offers you a wide variety of colors for the same price:

  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Gray
  • Blue
  • Navy Blue
  • Military Green

While we also offer Khaki, Brown, Camo Themed and Yellow colored variants as well, their manufacturing costs make it impossible not to raise the price to $99. (Which is still remarkably less compared to other alternatives in the market)

Elite Sports Essential Lightweight Preshrunk Kids BJJ Gi - $49.99 (With a Free White Belt)

A slightly lesser priced version of the above, Elite Sports Essential Gi series are for all those beginners of BJJwho wish to not invest that much into the sport initially.

Our Essential Gis might have a lower cost but it certainly doesn’t mean they’re of inferior quality. The minimal difference is due to the branding work done on the above. Whereas, these Essential Gis are designed to work in any and every environment.

Even if your BJJ gym wants you to put on their patches and logos, you can use our premium quality Gis for their superior features.

Promising the same CVC cotton and polyester compositions of 60% and 40% respectively, you can try out the Essential Lightweight Preshrunk Kids BJJ Gi in the following color variants with no difference in pricing:

  • Black
  • White
  • Gray
  • Blue
  • Navy Blue
  • Military Green
  • Pink


So, don’t wait for the limited stock to run out and let the young BJJ athletes achieve greatness. Make the most of the discounts offered on our On Sale products before time runs out!

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