What Are The Best BJJ Gis for Women? (And Tips for Women’s BJJ Gis)

What Are The Best BJJ Gis for Women? (And Tips for Women’s BJJ Gis)

 BJJ is the perfect martial art for women who want to stay fit, active and want to learn how to defend themselves. However, like any other passion, it requires time, resources and dedication to pursue.

Beginners to BJJ are oftentimes confused, and for a woman, this can be much worse because let’s be honest, there’s not a lot of female representation in mainstream BJJ and MMA scenes

An example of this is BJJ Gis not being advertised as separate for men and women or if they are, there aren’t many clear distinctions as to what differentiates them.

Moreover, when it comes to your first day in the dojo with a Gi, and this isn’t just for women, most people don’t know how to even tie their Gis or whether or not they should wear something underneath it.

So, let’s go over basic principles.

Is there a difference between Men’s and Women’s BJJ Gi?

While the material and composition aren’t different, the size and cut of the gi for women come as a standard.

Like all other MMA gear on the market, women’s gear is cut down to size to be more adjustable. It’s also made slimmer and tighter.

Will I need to buy a BJJ Gi for my first class?

While some gyms require you to buy their own Gis at the time of membership signup, others can relax the rule and allow you to practice for a day or two before getting your own Gi.

Whereas, some can even have a spare Gi for you, though you may not be lucky enough to find a women’s BJJ gi that fits you perfectly.

However, in any good gym, you’ll be encouraged to try out the sport before investing and committing yourself to it.

A good instructor will make sure you’re comfortable with the environment and will allow you time to get an idea of how things go.

This is why it’s best that you watch and observe how Gis work and whether you’re actually interested in pursuing your passion wholeheartedly.

What should I wear underneath my BJJ Gi

If you can’t find a Gi, and the gym doesn’t give you one either, just make sure you go in compression shorts/trousers and rash guards.

In fact, even if you get a Gi, always make sure to wear compression shorts and rash guards/sports bras as per the weather/climate conditions.

How Does Shrinking and Sizing Work in Women’s BJJ Gi?

As mentioned above, the main difference between a men’s and women’s BJJ Gi is the size.

While women’s gis are designed to fit smaller grapplers, girls and women with larger builds and physiques often find these options too tight.

However, you can avoid the hassle of playing the guessing game altogether by buying a women’s BJJ Gi from Elite Store’s large selection of the most affordable best gis in the market.

All BJJ Gis are designed to shrink either before or after they’re delivered to you. With pre-shrunk Gis, you can experience the fitting as soon as you take it out of the box.

Whereas, with other Gis, you’ll need to wash them out and put them in a dryer to soak and shrink the cotton content.

When it comes to sizing, other brands have notably failed to address the issue of presenting a reliable size guide to help customers get the best product.

This is where Elite Sports can help save you a lot of trouble, time, frustration and money. As you can see, our size guide covers not just height but weight ranges as well.

Moreover, keeping in mind our Easy Returns policy, you can seamlessly return the product in the same condition you received it after trying it on in case you don’t like it

Best Women’s BJJ Gis on the Marke

As most of us at Elite have experienced, normal Gi costs have always been too high for the average practitioner. In fact, this is a very common reason why beginners give up BJJ.

This is why we took it as an initiative to ensure that our BJJ Gis not only hit the mark for being durable, credible, reliable, strong, frequently reusable and customizable but are also available for everyone.

Because BJJ is and should be for everyone. That means we all should have the best BJJ Gis for a price we can all afford with the best quality characteristics a Gi should have.

Made from 400gsm pearl weave with the most durable canvas cotton making up 48% of the Gi and polyester accounting for the remaining 52%

While these Gis are cheap, in no way are they inferior in their quality or longevity compared with other products in the market.

You can rely on the best BJJ gis by Elite Sports to last you for years on end and survive the most powerful grips and submission holds.

To help you get started, Elite Sports also offers a complimentary free white belt for women who’re signing up for their first classes.

Elite Sports Lightweight Preshrunk Women BJJ Gi - $59.9

Lightweight and Cut to Size

The most prominent feature of Elite’s Women’s BJJ Gi is that it’s especially lightweight. This allows for rapid and nimble movement that makes you faster and uncatchable on the mat

There are numerous benefits of going for Elite’s best BJJ Gis. For one, you’ll find that, unlike other Gis, yours won’t be used against you because you won’t have dangling sleeves due to excess cloth.

We respect people aiming to learn self-defense and thus, make it our priority to provide products that help you train in a realistic environment.

This is why all our products are preshrunk to give you an experience that imitates the daily-life jacket or shirt scenario realistically. After all, not every attacker on the street is going to have dangling overcoats.

Anti-odor and Antimicrobial Treatment

All our Gis have been treated to become anti-odor and antibacterial. As everyone who’s familiar with the sport knows, it’s very common for people rolling regularly to face issues with hygiene.

While some people in the gym might not mind the smell, you certainly can’t risk getting health problems simply because your Gi couldn’t protect you.

Other than severe rashes, you also run the risk of developing skin infections and problems that can do more damage than just rendering you unable to practice BJJ.

Seamless Strength and Extended Range of Motion

The perfect blend of cotton and polyester was recommended by our teams of experts that ranged from designers and textile engineers to BJJ practitioners and coaches.

Keeping in view the necessities required from a BJJ Gi such as enough strength and durability to endure harsh grips and chokes, we manufacture products that promise peak performance.

Where most BJJ Gis become too tight or too loose to allow for the perfect motion, Elite Sports sets itself apart by providing perfectly fit Gis that have the ideal flexibility in all the right places.

This means that you won’t have excess gaps under your arms, your Gi won’t hang down enough to become a weapon for your opponent to use against you, e.g. a lapel choke.

Other than the above, our teams made sure to incorporate style and design to each product that can appeal to a large number of BJJ practitioners.

So, take your time and browse through the selection of the best BJJ Gis for Women on the market.

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