Characteristics of the Best BJJ Gi for You

Characteristics of the Best BJJ Gi for You

Comfort is critical when you are practicing martial arts, especially when you are involved in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. BJJ is highly disciplined, difficult and grueling and when you are involved in training or competition, you need to be able to focus and have your mind on execution without worrying about your attire and how it fits. Even the best fighter will run into trouble if they are not wearing a gi that is just right for them and hinders their movement in any way. There are many gis sold today by different manufacturers, so it can seem difficult to find the one that is best for you, but there are some characteristics to look for the will help you find the best BJJ gi for you.

1. Look for Comfort

You want to select a gi that feels comfortable when you have it on. This means that the robe, pants, and belt all must have a high comfort level and they do not restrict your movements in any way. Having an article on that is too tight for you can prevent you from making a proper move that can mean the difference between winning and losing a match. It does not matter if the gi cost hundreds of dollars; cost does not guarantee comfort for you. When you are shopping, you want to consider fit as the most important factor and be ready to try on several types and sizes, so you know which will fit you best. Even if you do not buy anything when you visit a store, at least you will have a good idea of what is best for you, and then you can shop around online for the best deal. 

2. Durability is Important

Another characteristic that is important to you in a gi is the durability of the garments. In BJJ there is a great deal of grappling and close contact, so you want a gi that is going to hold up well during training and competition. You will get discouraged easily if the garments you own wear out quickly and do not hold up well. Look for a gi that is made of quality material and has good stitching so that it will last. You do not necessarily want something that is too heavy for you so that it restricts movement, so find something that is a good compromise between lightweight and of a durable design so that it does not rip easily.

3. Hop Around for the Right One

You want to shop around so that you can find the best BJJ gi for you. There is no set style or brand that is perfect for everyone. What one person may see as “the best” may not be just right for what you do. Your gi is not what will make you the best fighter; only good training can do that for you. However, wearing a gi that is comfortable, fits well and is durable can help to give you that extra advantage over an opponent that can make the difference for you.Please check The MMA Guru to lear more about Gis.

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