How to Shrink BJJ Gi

How to Shrink BJJ Gi

Do you have a baggy BJJ Gi? Then you can get into trouble during the fight as it can hamper the execution of techniques, escapes, and your overall BJJ performance.

Unquestionably, selecting the proper size is essential before buying a BJJ Gi. Moreover, a fitted Gi will ensure the complete execution of the numerous BJJ transitions and techniques.

Somehow, If you purchased a Gi larger than your size and you have to shrink it before your BJJ class. This guide will give you a few tips to shrink your fitted Gi.

1. 5 Steps Guide to Shrink BJJ Gi

1.1. Soak in Hot Water

First, put your BJJ Gi in the washing machine that contains warm water (110 -120 degrees). Using hot water should assist your Gi in forming into a smaller setting. Always use hot rinses if you wish to shrink your BJJ Gi. Avoiding bleach while washing Gi as it can damage the color and fabric.

1.2. Iron Your Gi

If your Gi material is iron friendly, then iron it after washing it in moderately hot water. Try to avoid high temperatures and be sure to apply the same temperature on every part of your Gi.

1.3. Hang Your Gi In an Open Space

After washing your Gi, all that's left to do is hang it up to dry. This will ensure the shape and save you time. It is recommended not to dryer your Gi after shrinking, iron it under the shadow in an open space. It can get even smaller in the dryer, making it awkward to move around in your Gi.

1.4. Rewash in Hot Water

After drying your Gi, you didn't get your desired fitting. You can carefully repeat the process by washing it again in hot water.

1.5. Place it in the Dryer

However, you should put your Gi in the dryer if you think it may use a little more comfortable fitting. You should check it after every five minutes while it's in the dryer. A long duration in a high-temperature dryer can damage the Gi fabric.

2. Factors Affecting Gi Shrinking

2.1. Temperature

Your Gi will shrink less when you dry it on a delicate cycle (low temperature) in a dryer. If you set a maximum 110-120 degrees temperature then your Gi will shrink to your desired fit. Try to avoid high temperatures, otherwise, you can damage your favorite Gi.

2.2. Material

Determine the material of your favorite BJJ Gi. If it's made of polyester, it shows negligible shrinking. However, cotton and hemp-based Gis can shrink more when you put them in hot water.

3. Things Not To Do While Shrinking Gi

3.1. Avoiding Too-High Temperature

Gi fibers can lose their tension due to higher temperatures. Avoid using excessive heat during drying. This will not only shrink your BJJ Gi, but the temperature can also harm the fibers, whether it’s made of cotton, hemp, or polyester, reducing the durability of your Gi.

4. How Much Do BJJ Gis Shrink?

Every Gi has its own manufacturing characteristics and shrinks differently. Most of your BJJ Gis shrink about 1 to 2 inches after washing in warm water. However, you must set the recommended temperature range if you use the dryer.

5. What Are the Qualities to Look for in a Good BJJ Gi?

BJJ Gi should have the following characteristic:

  • Durability
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable

A good BJJ Gi provides you with a high level of comfort and doesn't hinder your moves during BJJ practice. As you know well, BJJ involves more pulling and grappling than any other martial art. So, BJJ practitioners require more durable Gis that do not wear out easily.

6. Can You Shrink A Gi Belt?

Yes, you can shrink your BJJ belts by following the same steps as mentioned for BJJ Gi. However, this time you will see less shrinkage behavior.

7. FAQs

7.1. Does Gi Shrink in Cold Water?

Cold water can help you to clean BJJ Gi properly. However, if you want to slim fit Gi, then cold water is never going to help you in this regard.

7.2. Can You Shrink Your Preshrunk gi?

Yes, you can tamper off your preshrunk Gi. You just put your Gi in the dryer at medium temperature. However, shrinkage will be minimal (1-5%) at this time.

7.3. How Long Does BJJ Gi Last?

Your BJJ Gis may require replacement after two years, more or less. However, it all depends on its material, fiber, stitching quality, and how you take care of your Gi. If you spend more dollars on it, then definitely it will serve you more.

7.4. Do Every Gi Shrink With the Same Ratio?

Different factors play a role in Gi shrinkage. However, you cannot say, all Gi shrinkage will be the same because different fibers have their own tendency to lose tension in hot water.

7.5. Will a Gi Continue to Shrink?

Once you shrink your Gi up to your body size and weight. However, preshrunk Gi drop off (1-5%) after washing with hot water. You can avoid this shrinkage by using cold water while washing at 90-110 degrees.

8. Conclusion

If your Gi is bigger than what you expected, you can gently shrink it to achieve a better fit. Follow all the simple tips discussed above to fit your Gi well.

We hope this guide will help you in shrinking your baggy GI.

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