Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Mens Bjj Gis

EliteSports men’s BJJ gis are carefully crafted combat uniforms for a fighter who wants the absolute best quality and value. Your gi is your layer of armor, your exoskeleton in the art of BJJ, and with Elite Sports, you will be wearing the armor that was made specifically for you so you can dominate the mat with confidence. Our men’s BJJ gi’s will fit men from 4’9” - 6’3” (sizes A0-A5) so that most men of different body types and builds can enjoy a premium training/fighting experience.


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Men’s Bjj Gi’s

How Elite Men’s Jiu Jitsu Gi’s Guarantee Victories

Fitting is true to size with very limited fabric lee-way, meaning that when you put on our men’s jiu jitsu gi, you will not have any excessively loose sleeves or collars. Staying true to size is important because the more loose the gi is, the easier it is for your opponent to have a grip on you. Though thick, our form-fitting gi will prevent giving your opponent an advantage as much as possible and keep you combat-ready at all times. This means Elite Sports BJJ Gi will ensure that you always have a competitive advantage and with the right practitioner, our men’s BJJ gi can go through some of the most intense rolling sessions. While our experts have tested every Elite Sports Mens’ BJJ Gi as much as they can to see if it’s possible for someone to damage our Gis on the mat, the results have returned positive every time. We invite anyone and everyone to test our BJJ Gis to see how much they can withstand before actually being damaged.

Masterfully Crafted Men’s BJJ Gi That Can Withstand Anything

Just like our women’s BJJ Gis, Elite Sports men's Brazilian jiu jitsu gis are designed to take the countless sweeps, armbars, americanas, kimura armlocks, etc., and will look as if they're still brand new. The most intense training sessions will be another regular day at work for your gi. A perfect combination of aesthetics, functionality, and durability. Our rugged jiu-jitsu uniform is an unmatched combat attire that is nothing short of perfection. Like all our BJJ Gis, Elite Sports’ men’s jiu jitsu Gi’s Constructed out of the most durable canvas cotton and high-quality polyester with a 400gsm pearl weave, our rugged BJJ gi will endure the most violent pulling, gripping, grabbing, etc. without any abrasions or damage. They will last for a substantially long period and endure the worst abuse whilst maintaining structural and cosmetic integrity. That is to say, you will still look and feel the same way you did on the first day you wore these perfect, IBJJF-approved pre-shrunk men’s BJJ Gis. What’s more is that you also get the confidence of safety and protection in our skillfully crafted and carefully designed men’s BJJ gis that prevents your body from getting affected by sweat, perspiration, bacteria, or infections so you can roll on easily without having to worry about your health or hygiene.

Luxuriously Comfortable Men’s Jiu Jitsu Kimonos

The fabric used in our men’s jiu-jitsu kimonos is heavy-duty yet lightweight so that you are comfortable, thoroughly protected at all times, and able to maneuver effortlessly. Equipped with sweat-wicking capabilities, anti-odor, and antibacterial fabric, our gi will keep you dry and protected from any possible infections caused by sweat, damp heat, blood, etc. Like all the other Elite Sports Women’s and Kids’ BJJ gis, you can acquire various colors of Men’s BJJ Gi and a selection of different stitching and designs. You will have the option of choosing between the 3 IBJJF-approved competition colors of black, white, and blue, along with other colors for personal preference during training such as green, navy blue, and gray. Our men’s jiu-jitsu kimono delivers an unbeatable level of comfort & quality and is excellent for day-to-day training at any experience level.

Compete Anywhere With the Best Men’s BJJ Gi

All of the men’s BJJ Gis in our collection are IBJJF approved, which means you can wear them to any and every tournament happening around you. Chances are, you just might find a crowd of other Elite BJJ practitioners dominating the mats with their elite BJJ Gis. So, don’t wait. Make the most of the discounted rates and get rolling!