Why Do Most BJJ Schools Sell You Their Gi

Why Do Most BJJ Schools Sell You Their Gi

Gi is compulsory attire for BJJ. A few years back, it was not compulsory for students to wear their school Gis. They were allowed to wear the Gi of their own choice except in competitions. But now, BJJ schools have made it mandatory for students to wear their school’s Gi during training and competitions.

It shows respect for both the art and the institute.

1. What is Gi BJJ?

There are basically two types of BJJ, Gi BJJ, and No-Gi BJJ. Gi BJJ consists of grappling while wearing the traditional attire, Gi or Kimono. In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), a Gi is a uniform that is worn during training and competition. The Gi consists of a jacket and pants, made of thick cotton or other durable synthetic materials.

The jacket typically has a thick collar that can be grabbed, and it can be fastened using a belt tied around the waist. The Gi serves several purposes in BJJ training. It allows for a greater variety of grips and techniques to be used, as the fabric of the Gi can be grabbed and manipulated.

It also provides a layer of protection for the practitioner, helping to prevent mat burn and other injuries. In addition, the Gi is an important part of BJJ tradition and culture, and wearing a Gi is translated as a mark of respect for the art and its history.

Training with a Gi is an important aspect of BJJ, and most BJJ schools require their students to wear a Gi during training. Competitions in BJJ also require the use of a Gi, so training with a Gi is important for those who wish to compete.

2. BJJ Schools Gi

BJJ school Gis are specifically made for their students. For most BJJ schools and institutes, wearing the Gi of their own institute is mandatory. While some do not pay attention to what the student is wearing. Their focus is on the techniques and skill level.

Every BJJ school has its own Gi upon which the logo and name of the Academy/Institute are written. It makes you different from other practitioners.

3. Why Do Most BJJ Schools Sell You Their Gis

When you enroll in a BJJ school, it is expected of you to wear the Gi of that school.

3.1. Identity

Wearing a BJJ school Gi becomes a part of your identity. It shows that you value the principle and rules of a specific institute. It denotes your belonging and identity. Wearing your school’s Gi can create a sense of affiliation and community with your BJJ school. It can help you feel like you are part of a team or a family, and can help you bond with other students.

Wearing your school's Gi can create a strong association with your BJJ school and the community around it. This is true as your school has a distinctive Gi design or color scheme that sets it apart from other schools.

3.2. The Best Business

Selling Gis can provide an additional revenue stream for BJJ schools. Schools also offer different discounts or bundle deals for purchasing their branded Gi and other gear, which can help students save money while generating revenue for the school.

It is also one of the marketing strategies of BJJ schools. They earn a lot of revenue by selling their Gis to their own students. Almost in every BJJ school, it is mandatory to wear the Gi of that school. When students wear their school’s branded Gi outside the gym, it can help promote the school and generate interest from potential new students.

3.3. Uniformity

Uniformity is one of the core principles of wearing your school’s Gi. It makes all practitioners appear the same in the eyes of their instructors. It creates positive relations with fellow practitioners as they all have gathered for the same task, under the same logo and ideology.

BJJ schools usually have a specific Gi design that they require their students to wear. This means that all students are wearing the same uniform, which can create a sense of unity and team spirit. This also makes it easier for instructors to identify their students during training. It induces teamwork among BJJ practitioners.

3.4. Discipline

Discipline is induced in practitioners when they all appear the same. It depicts your respect for tradition. By treating the Gi with respect and maintaining it properly, students can develop a sense of discipline and responsibility.

3.5. Durability

BJJ school Gis are designed to be durable and withstand the rigors of training. They are composed of high-quality material. Proper care and maintenance play a key role in the durability of the Gi.

3.6. Respect For the Institute

Respecting your BJJ institute must be at the top of your priority. It is because your BJJ school is the place that makes you eligible to learn BJJ. Respecting your instructors and head coaches while respecting the institute is synonymous.

Wearing the Gi of your BJJ schools means that you abide by their laws. It directly depicts your respect for the institute and its constructed rules.

3.7. Standout in Competitions

In BJJ tournaments and championships, the school Gi stands out. You are identified by the academy logo, which represents your school.

When you wear your BJJ school’s Gi, it can help you stand out and be recognized by others in the BJJ community who are familiar with your school or association. This can create a sense of pride and loyalty and help you feel more connected to the BJJ community.

3.8. Tradition

Wearing a Gi is part of the tradition and history of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The Gi is an important symbol of art and is used in both training and competition. BJJ has a rich history, and wearing a Gi is a way to honor and celebrate that history. By wearing a Gi, students are connected to the tradition of BJJ and become part of its legacy.

The Gi itself is a symbol of tradition, as it is a traditional martial arts uniform that has been used for generations. By wearing a school Gi, students are connecting to the school’s tradition and embodying the values and principles that it stands for.

BJJ has a strong lineage system, with students tracing their training back to the original founders of the art. Wearing a school Gi can be seen as a way of honoring the lineage and paying respect to the teachers and practitioners who came before.

3.9. Patches on a School Gi

Some BJJ schools require students to wear specific patches on their Gis, such as the school logo or the association patch. This further promotes uniformity among students and creates a sense of belonging to the school or association. Patches act as an identifier in the BJJ community where other practitioners can identify students of a particular school.

3.10. Sponsorship

Some BJJ schools have sponsorship agreements with specific Gi brands and require their students to wear those Gis during competitions. Wearing a sponsored Gi can help you stand out and potentially attract sponsorship opportunities.

4. How Much Does a BJJ School Gi Cost?

The cost of a BJJ school Gi can vary depending on the school or academy and the specific features of the Gi. Generally, school Gis may be priced similarly to other Gis from reputable brands, with basic entry-level Gis starting at around $50 to $100 and premium quality Gis with additional features or customizations costing upwards of $200 or more.

Some schools may offer discounts or promotions for purchasing their branded Gis, which can help to offset the cost.

5. Where Should You Buy BJJ Gi?

Elite Sports is a prominent quality martial-art-wear brand that offers a range of BJJ Gi and gear. Their BJJ Gi is made from a durable pearl weave fabric and features reinforced stitching, a lightweight design, and a range of color options. Some of the specific features of Elite Sports BJJ Gi may include:

  • Pre-shrunk fabric: Elite Sports BJJ Gi is pre-shrunk to ensure a proper fit after washing.
  • Lightweight and breathable: The pearl weave fabric used in Elite Sports BJJ Gi is known to be lightweight and breathable, making it comfortable to wear during training or competition.
  • Reinforced stitching: Elite Sports BJJ Gi features reinforced stitching in high-stress areas, which can help to increase durability and prolong the life of the Gi.
  • Range of colors and designs: Elite Sports BJJ Gis are available in a range of colors and designs, allowing you to express your personal style while still adhering to local schools or gyms.

Overall, Elite Sports BJJ Gi is a popular and affordable option for those looking for a durable and high-quality Gi for their training and competition needs.

6. FAQs

6.1. Is Brand Recognition Important For BJJ School Gi?

Branding is important for BJJ school Gi as it represents the name of the school and generates revenue in the long run.

6.2. Can I Use Any Gi for BJJ Classes or Competitions?

It is necessary for students of a particular BJJ school to wear the school Gi while they train. It is to fulfill the standards and requirements of your BJJ school. If you are competing in an IBJJF organized competition, then you have to choose from White, blue, (royal blue) & black.

6.3. Can I Customize My School Gi With My Own Patches or Design?

You can definitely customize your Gi but it mostly depends on the policies of the school or academy. Most schools don’t encourage it as their main focus is maintaining uniformity among students.

7. Conclusion

BJJ school Gis are mandatory for students as it keeps the legacy going. It generates great revenue and is an identification marker for BJJ students. BJJ Gis induces uniformity and discipline in practitioners. They learn to respect the gentle art and try to keep the lineage intact. It distinguishes you from other students and maintains your personal identity.

BJJ schools sell you their Gi as it is great for their own business. It also attracts new students and enhances the school’s community

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