How To Fold Your BJJ Gi?

How To Fold Your BJJ Gi?

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a combat sport focused on ground grappling techniques. The uniform worn during BJJ practice and competitions, especially in Gi BJJ, is called BJJ Gi or Kimono. Being a fighter, you have to take good care of it as it is your identity.

1. Steps to Fold Your Gi

Steps to Fold Your Gi

Just like other martial arts, Gi is a prerequisite attire for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The Gi consists of a jacket, belt, and pants and provides you the leverage of holding it while grappling to develop a strong position. These are some set ways to fold your Gi.

1.1. Lay the Gi Flat

The first step in folding your BJJ Gi is to lay it flat on a clean flat surface. Make sure that the jacket and pants are lying flat and are not twisted or bunched up in any way.

1.2. Fold the Pants

Next, you will need to fold the Gi pants. Begin by folding the pants in half lengthwise, so that the legs are lying on top of each other. Make sure that the legs are aligned properly and that the seams are lined up. Smooth out any wrinkles or creases in the fabric.

Once you have folded the pants lengthwise half, you will need to fold them again. This time, fold the pants in half so that the waistband is at the top of the folded pants. Again, make sure that the seams are lined up and that the fabric is smooth and free of wrinkles.

1.3. Lay the Pants on Top of the Jacket

Now that the pants are folded, you can lay them on top of the jacket. Position the pants so that the legs are pointing towards the collar of the jacket. Make sure that the pants are centered on the jacket and are not hanging off the edges. It is to ensure that when Gi is completely folded, Gi pants don’t hang loose from the jacket. It keeps the pants in place.

1.4. Fold the Sleeves Across the Chest

With the pants in place, fold the jacket of the Gi. Begin by folding the sleeves across the chest of the jacket. Make sure that the sleeves are lying flat with no wrinkles.

1.5. Fold the Jacket Horizontally

Once the sleeves are folded across the chest, you can fold the jacket in half. This means that you will fold the bottom of the jacket up to meet the collar. The collar should be flat.

Now that the jacket is folded in half horizontally, you can fold it in half again. This time, fold the entire Gi in half so that the collar is at the top of the folded Gi. Smooth out any wrinkles or creases in the fabric.

1.6. Press Down on the Folded Gi

Once you have folded the Gi, press down on it gently to make sure that it is flat and neat. Use your hands to smooth out the Gi and ensure that it is properly aligned. By pressing down, your Gi will consume less space in your closet or BJJ bag. It will also look elegant.

1.7. Save the Gi for Later Use

Now that your BJJ Gi is folded properly, store it for future use. Make sure that you store your Gi in a clean, dry place, away from any moisture or direct sunlight.

2. Other Ways to Fold Your BJJ Gi

Their various ways to fold your Gi, to make it appear in a presentable form.

2.1. Compact Fold

Compact Fold

  • First take your Gi pants and fold them in half.
  • Tuck the gusset to make the folding neater.
  • Fold the pants in three equal parts.
  • Grab the jacket by the collar and base. Flip over the jacket and fold the sleeve in the length of the Gi.
  • Repeat the process on the other sleeve and fold the jacket in half.
  • You can place the folded pants in the jacket and make the Gi look like a package. It will then become easy to carry.

2.2. Backpack Fold

Backpack Fold

  • Put your Gi pants inside the jacket and fold them once.
  • Close the lapels of the jacket and fold the sleeves from shoulder to shoulder.
  • Fold your shoulders while keeping the folds neat and clean.
  • Turn your jacket in half to give it a package-like look.
  • Take your belt and place its middle on the open end of your Gi package.
  • Flip the package and tie a knot.
  • Pass one end of the belt through the package and tie a knot with the other end.
  • Hide the knot inside the package and you have created a backpack with your Gi. Now you do not need a bag to put your Gi in.

2.3. Handbag Fold

  • Grab your jacket and open it while placing your Gi pants in it.
  • Fold the gusset and fold the upper part of your pants.
  • Place the pants in the Gi in such a way that the top of the pants touches Gi’s top collar portion and the bottom of the pants reaches the skirt ends of the jacket.
  • Fold the jacket’s lapels and shoulders and then straighten it with your hand.
  • The sleeves of the Gi must be parallel to each other.
  • Again fold the Gi in half so that it looks neat.
  • Take your belt and put its middle portion, close to the collar of the jacket.
  • Grab the two ends of the belt and place it on the jacket while creating an “X”.
  • Fold the Gi in half while the “X” of the belt is inside the fold.
  • Turn over the Gi and make another “X”.
  • Turn over the Gi, grab the belt ends, and tie a tight knot.
  • In the end, your Gi will have a nice handle and you can carry it even without a bag.

3. Importance of Folding Your BJJ Gi

Gi is not just any uniform worn during the fighting. It is an attire that directly represents the traditions and beliefs of the Gracies. Folding Gi is not just a deed, rather it shows how much a practitioner values gentle art. There is a saying in BJJ, “show me your Gi and I will tell you how much of a skilled grappler you are”.

3.1. Organization

By folding your Gi neatly, you can keep it organized and accessible. This can be especially helpful if you have multiple Gis that you use for training and competition.

3.2. Prevents Wrinkles

Folding your Gi properly prevents it from wrinkles and creases. Your Gi lasts longer and looks better over time.

3.3. Easier to Carry

A neatly folded Gi is easier to carry than a messy one. A folded Gi will acquire way less space and you don’t need to worry about wrinkles.

3.4. Respect For the Art

Your behavior towards you Gi depicts your respect for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Folding your uniform is a sign of respect for gentle art.

4. FAQs

4.1. What is the Best Way to Fold a Gi?

The best way to fold a Gi is a compact fold. The Gi does not get wrinkles and stays neat and ironed for a long period of time.

4.2. How to Remove Wrinkles From a Gi?

Steam iron your Gi to remove wrinkles from it and then fold it in a neat and compact way so that it stays ironed.

4.3. Is It Important to Wash Your Gi Before Folding It?

It is very important to wash your Gi after the training session or else it will absorb the smell of sweat and dirt after your training session. Never let your dirty Gi sit overnight or else it will soon become worn out.

4.4. What is the Lifespan of a BJJ Gi?

Typically, a Gi lasts for two years. The time may vary on your use and how you take care of the Gi.

5. Conclusion

Folding your BJJ Gi is an important part of caring for it properly and showing respect for the sport and your fellow practitioners. The main aim for folding your Gi is to keep it tidy and maintain respect and elegance while keeping it wrinkle-free. Your Gi remains in an organized form. You can fold your Gi in many ways. Some of them are mentioned above to make the Gi look more presentable and also easy to carry.

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