Tanner Rice - 1st American Promoted To Black Belt By Rubens Charles Cobrinha

Tanner Rice - 1st American Promoted To Black Belt By Rubens Charles Cobrinha

1. Tanner Rice’s Details

Tanner Rice’s Details
Name Tanner Wade Rice
Nickname N/A
Born Redding, California, USA
Date of Birth 02 January 1993
Nationality American
College/University N/A
Age 30 Years
Last Fight Fight 2 Win 150, 2020
Last Weigh In 100 Kg
Weight Class Peso Leve (76 Kg / 167 lbs)
Peso Medio (82 Kg / 181 lbs)
Weight 82 Kg / 181 lbs
Height 5’8’’
Career Disclosed Earning N/A
Fighting out of United States
Favorite Technique Open Guard
Rank 1st-Degree BJJ Black Belt
Awarded by Rubens Charles Cobrinha
Head Coach Rubens Charles Cobrinha
Lineage Carlos Gracie > Helio Gracie > Rolls Gracie > Romero Cavalcanti > Alexandre Paiva > Fernando Augusto > Rubens Charles Cobrinha > Tanner Rice
Team Association Rice Brothers
Facebook Logo Instagram Logo

2. Tanner Rice’s Biography

Tanner Rice is a 1st-degree BJJ Black Belt under Rubens Charles “Cobrinha”. Rice became famous as the first American grappler who got promoted to the Black Belt level at the age of 19. Winning the World Title as a Brown Belt.

2.1. Tanner Rice’s Early Life

Tanner Rice was born on 2nd January 1993 in Redding, California in the United States.

2.2. Grappling Background

Tanner Rice is the son of Rodner Rice, who himself is a BJJ Black Belt and an old student of John Dill. From the very start, Tanner saw his father practicing BJJ. This intrigued Tanner and only at the age of 6, he started BJJ. The main reason Tanner started BJJ was his father’s fascination with combat sports. His father always supported him and that is why today Tanner Rice is considered among the top emerging American elite BJJ grapplers.

2.3. Got Inspiration From John Dill And James Boran

It was Tanner’s father Rod who taught him BJJ. It was also Tanner’s father, who promoted Tanner to the Blue Belt. Just because Rod was influenced by John Dill and James Boran. He taught the same technique to his son. And that is why you can see John Dill and James Boran’s grappling techniques in Tanner’s fighting style.

2.4. Met Carlos Diego Ferreira

In 2008, When Tanner was a Blue Belt he met Carlos Diego Ferreira in the United States for the first time. They instantly became friends. Ferreira resided in the US for some time. He is a Brazilian MMA fighter who competes in the Lightweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He has an MMA record of 22-17-5.

The friendship between Tanner and Ferreira grew so strong that when Ferreira invited Tanner to Manaus, Tanner readily agreed. Tanner was only 16 years old at that time. It wasn’t easy for him to stay in Brazil as he was not aware of the native language, but he still managed.

2.5. Resided at Carlos Diego Ferreira’s House

In Brazil, Tanner Rice stayed at Ferreira’s house. He remained in the Amazonas for almost a year. As mentioned earlier, he didn’t know a single word of Portuguese but it was the experience of being in the best company of Brazil which provided and urged Tanner to stay in Brazil. Ferreira’s hospitality was the primary thing that touched Tanner.

2.6. Trained At Clube Pina

Tanner did not stay in Brazil futile. Rather he took advantage of his time and trained at Clube Pina which was the academy of Ferreira’s Master, Master Faustino Neto.

Master Faustino Neto is famous for the right reasons as he has instructed BJJ to, World’s best grapplers including Carlos Holanda Vieira, Manuel Ribamar, Bibiano Fernandes, and many more. Under the training of Master Neto, Tanner’s skills were refined to a greater degree.

2.7. Left Manaus But Kept Visiting

After a year in Manaus, Tanner left Brazil and went to his hometown. But he did not completely abandon Brazil. He often went there either to get guidance from Master Neto or to visit his MMA friends.

2.8. Rice Family Opened Their Own BJJ Academy

In 2008, the Rice family opened their own academy in the US. Its former name was Amazonas Jiu-Jitsu and its current name is Rice Brothers Academy.

2.9. Affiliated With Rubens Charles’ Academy

After the formation of Rice Brothers Academy, Tanner and his brothers, Matthew and Sam, joined forces with Rubens Charles Academy. Rubens Charles had a significant effect on Tanner’s fighting techniques that he won the World Title as a Brown Belt.

2.10. Left Team Alliance Due to a Conflict

Later on, Tanner left Rubens Charles and his team Alliance due to some conflict. There is no public record of any event that stated the reason for the conflict.

2.11. Tanner’s Views on His Successful Career

It was Tanner’s goal to become a Black Belt World Champion. As he competed for the Alliance team, he was fully aware of different fighters’ potential. Tanner thought that his success was being overlooked because of the presence of accomplished fighters in the Alliance team and that is why he decided to move on from the Alliance.

Being a humble person, Tanner thought that he must step out of the way of his seniors

3. The Epic Friendship Between Rice and Ferreira

The two fighters first met in Houston, Texas, where Rice was training and competing in BJJ tournaments, and Ferreira was training for his professional MMA fights. Rice had heard of Ferreira’s impressive record and skills as a fighter and was eager to train with him and learn from him.

Despite the differences in their fighting disciplines, Rice and Ferreira quickly hit it off and developed a strong friendship. They found that their mutual passion for martial arts and dedication to training created a strong bond that went beyond their respective disciplines.

Rice began to incorporate some of Ferreira’s striking techniques into his BJJ training, while Ferreira learned new grappling techniques from Rice. The two fighters would train together regularly, pushing each other to become better and more well-rounded athletes. Rice lived a year with Ferreira, their friendship went on peak and they were always there for each other.

3.1. Ferreira Suffered From an Injury

Ferreira suffered from a massive knee injury which forced him to be off mats. In that hard time, Rice was there for him. Tanner helped him to rehab his injury and kept him motivated during a difficult time.

4. Tanner Rice’s BJJ Combats

4.1. Promoted to Purple Belt

Tanner Rice earned his Purple Belt from his MMA friend, Carlos Diego Ferreira.

4.2. Earned World Title as a Brown Belt

Under the mentorship of Ruben Charles, Tanner Rice won first place in the IBJJF World Championship 2012 as a Brown Belt.

4.3. Promoted to Black Belt

Tanner Rice received his Black Belt from Cobrinha after his wonderful performance in the World Championship.

4.4. UAEJJF Grand Slam

At the 2015 UAEJJF Grand Slam LA, Tanner Rice won first place as a Black Belt.

4.5. IBJJF American Nationals Champion

Tanner Rice won first place at the 2015 IBJJF American Nationals as a Black Belt.

5. Tanner Rice’s Fighting Style

Tanner Rice has gained a reputation as a skilled and formidable opponent in the world of martial arts. Known for his aggressive and dynamic style, Rice has proven himself time and again as a fierce competitor.

One of the hallmarks of Rice’s fighting style is his versatility. He is equally comfortable on the ground as he is on his feet, and he has a deep understanding and accurate execution of both offensive and defensive techniques. This allowed him to adapt to his opponent's style and take advantage of their weaknesses in the game.

Rice is also known for his physical strength and endurance. He is able to maintain a high level of intensity throughout a match, and he often wears down his opponents with his relentless constant pressure.

A key aspect of Rice’s fighting style is his own submission techniques. BJJ is a grappling-based martial art that emphasizes submission holds and techniques, and Rice has honed his skills in this area to a high level. He is known for his ability to catch opponents in a variety of submission holds, including armlocks, chokes, and leg locks, and he is constantly working to improve his technique in all areas.

“Known for his guard passing technique, Tanner Rice transitions his submission attacks from one position to other; showing improvisation and baffling his opponents, eventually forcing them to tap out.”

Rice is a fighter who approaches each match with a strategic mindset. He is constantly analyzing his opponent’s movements and looking for opportunities to gain the upper hand. This, combined with his technical proficiency and physical prowess, has made him one of the most respected BJJ fighters.

6. Tanner Rice’s Historic Fights

6.1. Tanner Rice Vs. James Puopolo

James Puopolo is a 3rd-degree BJJ Black Belt under Rafael Lovato Jr. He is known for his Butterfly Guard and Kneebar. During the fight, Tanner earned 2 points from the sweep. Later on, James also scored 2 points. Tanner Rice, known for his quick submission techniques, won the match within 4 minutes via an Armbar submission.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class Location
2017 IBJJF World Championship James Puopolo Win Submission By Armbar R1 Absolute Bogota, Columbia

6.2. Tanner Rice Vs. Arnaldo Maidana

Arnaldo Midana is a 2nd-degree BJJ Black Belt under Gilberto Gabas. Known for his Omoplata technique, Arnaldo is skilled in submission techniques. Quickly, Arnaldo scored 2 points from the sweep. Both the fighters gained advantage points. Despite scoring 2 points and 1 advantage point, Arnaldo lost the match by tapping out of the submission. Tanner Rice submitted Arnaldo Maidana via Armbar in 5 minutes and 58 seconds.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class Location
2018 IBJJF Pan American Championship Arnaldo Maidana Win Submission By Armbar Semi Final 94 Kg Irvine, California

6.3. Tanner Rice Vs. Wellington Modena

Wellington Modena is a 2nd-degree BJJ Black Belt. He is an instructor at One Jiu-Jitsu & Fitness. As Tanner is known for his ground grappling techniques, he maintained the ground position for quite a time on the mat. His strong grips kept Wellington from initiating his own techniques. Tanner took Wellington down from the standing position to the ground. Tanner submitted Wellington via Choke from Back in 5 minutes and 3 seconds.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class Location
2018 LA Open Wellington Modena Win Submission By Choke from Back Final 100 Kg Los Angeles, California

7. Tanner Rice’s Championships

Year Event Weight Class Position
2015 IBJJF American Nationals Absolute 1st
2015 UAEJJF Grand Slam, LA Absolute 1st
2015 IBJJF Irvine Open Absolute 1st
2018 ACBJJ North American Championship Absolute 1st
2017 IBJJF Pan Championship Absolute 2nd
2018 IBJJF Pan Championship Absolute 2nd
2017 IBJJF European Open Absolute 2nd
2019 IBJJF European Open Absolute 2nd
2015 IBJJF Santa Cruz Pro Absolute 2nd
2019 UAEJJF Grand Slam, LA Absolute 3rd

8. Tanner Rice’s Championships (Medals)

8.1. Abu Dhabi Grand Slam LA

Year Weight Division Medal
2018 110 Kg Bronze Bronze Medal Icon

8.2. Abu Dhabi King of Mats

Year Weight Division Medal
2018 Heavyweight Bronze Bronze Medal Icon

9. Tanner Rice’s Main Achievements (Belts)

Year Event Belt Position
2012 IBJJF World Championship Brown 1st
2009 IBJJF Pan American Championship Junior Blue 1st
2009 IBJJF World Championship Junior Blue 3rd
2011 IBJJF Pan American Championship Purple 3rd
2012 IBJJF Pan American Championship Brown 3rd

10. Tanner Rice’s BJJ Professional Record Breakdown

136 Matches 78 Wins 58 Losses
By Submissions 14 15
By Points 37 28
By Advantages 12 6
By Decision 13 9
By Penalties 1 0
By DQ 1 0
Draws 0

10.1. Submission W/L Methods

Submission Method 14 Wins 15 Losses
Armbar 5 4
Choke from Back 2 0
Choke 2 0
Triangle Armbar 1 0
Estima Lock 1 1
Flying Triangle 1 0
Kimura 1 0
Bow and Arrow 1 1
Cross Choke 0 2
Arm in Ezekiel 0 1
Toehold 0 1
Footlock 0 1
Kneebar 0 3
Guillotine 0 1

11. Tanner Rice’s BJJ Fight History

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2012 Fall Open Wellington Dias W Kimura 76KG F
2012 IBJJF Pro League Augusto Mendes W Pts: 4x0 82KG 4F
2013 Miami Pro Trials Ricardo Rezende L Points 85KG NA
2013 BJJ Tour Marcus Antelante L Referee Decision 82KG RR
2013 BJJ Tour Nate Mendelsohn W Points 82KG RR
2013 BJJ Tour Marcus Antelante W Flying triangle 82KG F
2013 IBJJF Pan American Gustavo Dias W Referee Decision ABS R1
2013 IBJJF Pan American Andre Galvao L Bow and arrow ABS R2
2013 IBJJF Pan American Nate Mendelsohn L N/A 76KG R2
2014 IBJJF Pan American Jurandir Conceicao L Footlock ABS R1
2014 FIVE Cali. 2 Matt Baker W Referee Decision 82KG 4F
2014 FIVE Cali. 2 Sean Roberts W Points 82KG SF
2014 FIVE Cali. 2 Brian Carlsen L Pts: 3x0 ABS 4F
2014 WP Montreal Otavio Sousa L Pts: 9x0 85KG NA
2014 WP Montreal Abraham Marte L Cross choke ABS 4F
2014 Copa Podio A. Vieira W Armbar 77KG SPF
2014 IBJJF World Championship Roberto Abreu L N/A ABS R2
2014 IBJJF World Championship Rafael Barbosa L Points 82KG RDS
2014 Dallas Open Rafael Barbosa L Pts: 4x2 82KG SF
2014 American Nat. Unknown W Points 82KG 4F
2014 American Nat. JT Torres L Points 82KG SF
2014 NoGi Worlds Keenan Cornelius L Kneebar 88KG 4F
2015 US Nat. Pro Clark Gracie L Referee Decision 82KG 4F
2015 SF Open Rodrigo Freitas W Points ABS 4F
2015 SF Open Yuri Simoes L Armbar ABS SF
2015 SF Open Ken Primola W Armbar 88KG F
2015 IBJJF Pan American Oliver Geddes W Pts: 3x0 82KG R1
2015 IBJJF Pan American Magid Hage W Points 82KG R3
2015 IBJJF Pan American Vitor Oliveira L Pts: 7x4 82KG 4F
2015 NY Spring Open Todd Brandon W Points 88KG SF
2015 NY Spring Open Jonathan Satava W Adv ABS 4F
2015 NY Spring Open Tim Spriggs L Referee Decision ABS SF
2015 IBJJF World Championship Roberto Alencar L Adv ABS R1
2015 IBJJF World Championship Thomas Oyarzun W Points 82KG R1
2015 IBJJF World Championship Victor Estima L Estima lock 82KG 8F
2015 American Nat Sean Fisher W Points 82KG 4F
2015 American Nat. Marcos Campos W Points 82KG SF
2015 American Nat. Darragh O'Conaill W Points 82KG F
2015 Chicago S. Open Javier Yamuni W Points 82KG F
2015 Santa Cruz Pro Eliot Kelly W Points Over
2015 Santa Cruz Pro James Puopolo L Kneebar Over
2015 Grand Slam LA Gregor Gracie W Referee Decision 85KG 4F
2015 Grand Slam LA Alec Baulding W Referee Decision 85KG SF
2015 Grand Slam LA Lucas Barbosa W Pts: 0x0, Adv 85KG F
2015 Irvine Open Jason Ackerman W Bow and arrow 94KG SF
2015 Irvine Open Inacio Neto W Referee Decision 94KG F
2016 San Jose Open Brian Morizi W Points 88KG SF
2016 San Jose Open Pedro Mello W Pts: 2x2, Adv 88KG F
2016 San Jose Open Eliot Kelly W Pts: 4x0 ABS F
2016 IBJJF Pan American Joshua Bowlin W Pts: 7x4 88KG R1
2016 IBJJF Pan American Thiago Sa L Pts: 6x4 88KG 8F
2016 IBJJF World Championship Gregor Gracie W Pts: 4x4, Adv 88KG R1
2016 IBJJF World Championship Keenan Cornelius L Armbar 88KG 8F
2016 American Nats Lucas Barbosa W Points 88KG SF
2016 American Nats Diogo Sampaio L N/A 88KG F
2016 F2W 8 Mauricio Alonso W Choke 72KG SPF
2016 Ch. Summer Open Nick Schrock W Pts: 5x5, Adv 94KG F
2016 F2W 11 Rafael Lovato L Cross choke ABS SPF
2016 BJJ Pro LA Inacio Neto W Triangle armbar 94KG 4F
2016 BJJ Pro LA Keenan Cornelius L Pts: 6x0 94KG SF
2016 US Open Manny Rocha W Pts: 40x4 95KG 4F
2016 US Open Tarsis Humphreys W Pts: 0x0, Adv 95KG SF
2016 Long Beach Open Nick Schrock L Pts: 0x0, Adv 94KG F
2017 European Open Tyrone Goncalves W Points 94KG 8F
2017 European Open Leandro Costa W Pts: 32x0 94KG 4F
2017 European Open Adam Wardzinski W Referee Decision 94KG SF
2017 European Open Leandro Lo L Armbar 94KG F
2017 FIVE Super League Eliot Kelly W Referee Decision 92KG 4F
2017 FIVE Super League Nick Schrock L Referee Decision 92KG SF
2017 FIVE Super League Tarsis Humphreys W Estima lock 92KG 3RD
2017 IBJJF Pan American Eduardo Inojosa W Pts: 0x0, Adv ABS R1
2017 IBJJF Pan American Alexander Trans L Pts: 2x0 ABS 8F
2017 IBJJF Pan American Tex Johnson W Pts: 4x2 94KG 8F
2017 IBJJF Pan American Antonio Antonioli W Armbar 94KG 4F
2017 IBJJF Pan American Dimitrius Souza W Referee Decision 94KG SF
2017 IBJJF Pan American Leandro Lo L Pts: 2x0 94KG F
2017 Marianas Joshua Jerome W Choke Over
2017 Marianas Felipe Pena L Pts: 7x2 Over
2017 IBJJF World Championship James Puopolo W Armbar ABS R1
2017 IBJJF World Championship Felipe Bezerra W Pts: 0x0, Adv ABS 8F
2017 IBJJF World Championship Erberth Santos L Pts: 2x0 ABS 4F
2017 IBJJF World Championship Adam Wardzinski L Arm in Ezekiel 94KG 8F
2017 American Nats Wellington Peroto W N/A 94KG 4F
2017 American Nats Josh Hinger L Guillotine 94KG SF
2017 Grand Slam LA Felipe Matos L Pts: 4x0 94KG 4F
2017 Grand Slam LA Felipe Matos L Pts: 5x0 110KG 4F
2017 San Antonio Open Charles McGuire W Points 94KG F
2018 LA Open Nicholas Laurence W Choke from back 100KG SF
2018 LA Open Wellington Modena W Choke from back 100KG F
2018 Houston Open Alexandre Ceconi W Points 100KG F
2018 Houston Open Victor Silverio L Pts: 3x2 ABS SF
2018 San Francisco Open Omar Sabha W N/A 100KG SF
2018 San Francisco Open Rafael Vasconcelos W Points 100KG F
2018 Marianas EP Tex Johnson W DQ Over
2018 IBJJF Pan American Tex Johnson L Kneebar ABS R2
2018 IBJJF Pan American Tex Johnson W Pts: 7x2 94KG 4F
2018 IBJJF Pan American Arnaldo Maidana W Armbar 94KG SF
2018 IBJJF Pan American Leandro Lo L Pts: 2x0 94KG F
2018 Marianas Open Viking Wong W Pts: 4x2 100KG 4F
2018 Marianas Open Felipe Pena L Points 100KG SF
2018 Marianas Open Fellipe Trovo W Pts: 14x2 100KG 3RD
2018 King of Mats Alexander Trans L Pts: 2x0 110KG RR
2018 King of Mats Helton Jose W Pts: 0x0, Adv 110KG RR
2018 King of Mats Roberto Cyborg L Referee Decision 110KG SF
2018 King of Mats Alexandre Souza W Referee Decision 110KG 3RD
2018 WP US Qualifier DJ Jackson L Pts: 0x0, Adv 94KG RR
2018 WP US Qualifier DJ Jackson W Pts: 0x0, Pen 94KG RR
2018 WP US Qualifier DJ Jackson W Adv 94KG RR
2018 World Pro Adam Wardzinski L Referee Decision 94KG 4F
2018 World Pro Zaid Sami W Pts: 4x2 94KG RPC
2018 World Pro Helton Jose L Pts: 8x0 94KG RPC
2018 ACB North America Joseph Kahawai W Pts: 5x2 Over
2018 ACB North America Wellington Peroto W Pts: 10x2 Over
2018 Grand Slam LA Max Gimenis L Pts: 0x0, Adv 110KG 4F
2018 Grand Slam LA Rafael Vasconcelos W Referee Decision 110KG RR
2018 Grand Slam LA Helton Jose W Pts: 0x0, Adv 110KG RR
2018 Grand Slam LA Matheus Felipe W Pts: 0x0, Adv 110KG 3RD
2018 King of Mats R. Evangelista L Toe hold 110KG RR
2018 King of Mats Gabriel Arges L Pts: 4x0 110KG RR
2018 King of Mats Adam Wardzinski L Pts: 2x0 110KG RR
2018 King of Mats Gutemberg Pereira L Pts: 2x2, Adv 110KG RR
2019 European Open Martin Gobel W Referee Decision Over
2019 European Open Antonio Padua W Referee Decision Over
2019 European Open Victor Honorio L Pts: 6x0 Over
2019 IBJJF Pan American Lucas Michalec W Pts: 4x0 100KG 8F
2019 IBJJF Pan American James Puopolo W Referee Decision 100KG 4F
2019 IBJJF Pan American Mahamed Aly L Injury 100KG SF
2019 F2W 113 Kaynan Duarte L Referee Decision 94KG SPF
2019 IBJJF World Championship Guilherme Augusto L Pts: 6x0 100KG R1
2019 IBJJF World Championship Fellipe Trovo W Points ABS R1
2019 IBJJF World Championship Nicholas Meregali L Armbar ABS R2
2019 F2W 116 Helton Jose L Referee Decision 94KG SPF
2020 European Open Matheus Felipe L Pts: 0x0, Adv Over
2020 Kansas Open Brian Giorgio W Pts: 9x2 Over
2020 Kansas Open John Hansen W Points Over
2020 3CG Kumite II Gustavo Batista L Points ABS 4F
2020 F2W 150 Romulo Barral L Referee Decision 100KG SPF

12. Tanner Rice’s Top Fights Link

Tanner Rice x Javier Yamuni - Chicago Summer Open 2015 - Black/ Adult/ Male/ Middle

Tanner Rice x Inacio Neto - Irvine Open 2015 - Black Adult Heavy -Final

Tanner Rice VS John Hansen / Kansas City Open 2020

Tanner Rice vs Eliot Kelly, Black Belt Adult Open Class Final, 2016 San Jose Open

Tanner Rice vs Rafael Vasconcelos / San Francisco Open 2018

Photo Credit: @tanner_the_ginger_rice

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