American Beast Jonathan Torres is Out of The Den

American Beast Jonathan Torres is Out of The Den

1. JT Torres Details

Name Jonathan Torres
Nickname   JT, Spiderman
Born New York City. United States
Current Residence Westchester, New York
Date of Birth September 2, 1989
Nationality American
College/University N/A
Last Fight 2022 in Denver No-Gi Open
Last Weigh In 77 Kg
Weight Class  Medium Heavyweight
Height 5’7 inches
Reach N/A
Career Disclosed Earnings $ 1-5 Million dollar
Foundational style Well Rounded
FavoriteTechnique  De La Riva Guard
Rank   3rd Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Awarded By Lloyd Irvin
Head Coach Lloyd Irvin
Lineage Mitsuyo Maeda -> Carlos Gracie (Senior) -> Helio Gracie -> Rickson Gracie -> Jorge Pereira -> Leonardo Dalla -> Lloyd Irvin -> JT Torres
Team/Association Atos Jiu-Jitsu

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2. JT Torres Biography

His full name is Jonathon Torres, mainly called JT Torres. Torres is an American BJJ practitioner and instructor, he is a two-time ADCC Champion. Torres was acknowledged for his grip and strength. Most of his friends gave the opinion that Torres' grip strength reminds us of being trapped in a spider web. Due to this quality, he was awarded the nickname “The Spiderman.”

Torres is well known for his huge fan following. He is among those young grapplers of America who dominated the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighting style. JT Torres became equally famous for winning Gi and No-Gi championships.

JT Torres’ fame started from Lloyd Irvin's academy but due to sexual abuse accusations, he decided to say goodbye to the Marylands team in 2013. His next destination was Atos Jiu-Jitsu.

2.1. JT Early Life and Amateur Fighting

Since his childhood, he was not at all a troublemaker or annoying child. By nature he was peaceful and his parents tried to maintain Puerto Rican family values and culture in the children. JT Torres once shared what his dad taught him in growing days:

“You always keep your hands to yourself, unless they hit you first. You always stand up for yourself, but we don't want you causing trouble.”

JT Torres is a BJJ hero who started practicing martial arts even before starting his high school. Torres and his cousin started taking karate classes at the dojo down the street.

Torres said,

“When I started doing karate, my sensei was this guy named Peter Clemente. He was the first person who introduced me to martial arts. He was a 'no BS' kind of guy. He was hardcore. He was into no-holds-barred fighting, and he used to fight with bare fists in rings and stuff like that. And I didn't know it at the time, but he was also involved with BJJ. He was a blue belt under Royce Gracie.”

Earning his Black Belt

After four years of training Torres received his black belt in Karate from Clemente.

At first, his interest in karate was at its peak but suddenly he quit and started taking interest in traditional sports. Around that time, he joined the Basketball team but soon he left it.

His father advised him to join karate but again he found himself lost with no interest left for karate. In his high school days, he used to watch UFC which was gaining fame among children and adults equally.

JT Torres said,

"When I quit karate, my dad was like, 'Listen, you need to do something to stay in shape, why don't you go back to the karate dojo and try that jiu-jitsu stuff out?' ".


At that time, he came to know that his old martial arts school had started a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school for beginners.

After the first class, Jonathon felt that it is something that suits well, when he was 15 years old, his BJJ journey started.

"I tried out for basketball, I tried out for little league baseball, I tried to play football, I tried to skateboard, and I liked it -- but I had never enjoyed it," Torres said. "When I did karate, I liked it. And then I did jiu-jitsu, and I loved it."

Only after practicing for six months, Jonathon was able to achieve blue belt rank in Jiu-JItsu.

Torres said,

"I felt like I had just won the world championships as a black belt!".

This is how the journey of an iconic fighter started and to the date, Torres’ victories are in the headlines.

2.2. JT Pro BJJ Combat

After achieving a blue belt he went to New Jersey to join coach Louis Vintaloro at Performance BJJ. Jonathon was talented and dedicated enough to earn his purple and brown belts.

This 27-year-old grappler has won the IBJJF Pan American championship, European championship, and PAN Gi and No-Gi championships so far.

Torres is the leading fighter of Andre Galvaos’ squad at Atos San Diego in California.

2.3. JT Historic Fights

JT Torres vs Gilbert Burns

In the 2010 World Championship the fight between JT Torres and Gilbert remained the most interesting one. Torres was a pro fighter more than Gilbert with a huge fan following in a middleweight division.

Early in the fight, Gilbert applied a K-guard and matrix to force Torres to submission. JT Torres was forced into the 50/50 position and could not escape.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class Location
2010 World Championship Gilbert Burns Loss Points F 76kg Los Angeles, California

JT Torres vs Lucas Lepri

In the IBJJF World Jiu-JItsu Championship JT was back after a knee injury and remained dominant in every single competition.

The fight between JT and Lepri started withholding the collar tie-off. Both seemed energetic and furious. In the first round, there was strong head control by JT Torres. He was having nice control on elbows, maybe a potential hip toss. JT Torres failed here to take advantage of points.

At the 12th minute, Lepri successfully attempted a takedown. Now JT wanted to make space for him. He played a single leg, both hands on the Lepri head and it changed into a takedown.

Both players shooted for takedowns. Lepri attempted for Kouichi Gari takedown but Torres was successful enough to pass knee on belly to escape.

When three minutes left, both players' nerves were tightened. Torres tried to apply lots of pressure on Lepri. He tried to grab Lepri from his hip but failed and Lepri secured the win by advantage.

Lepri won by 12-0

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class Location
2014 IBJJF World Jiu-Jitsu Championship Lucas Lepri Loss Advantage SF 76kg Los Angeles, California

JT Torres vs Jonatas Gurgel

The first half of the match remained interesting with lots of back and forth actions. Torres and Gurgel remained tangled with each other in a Leg lock and a collar tie.

In the second half Jonatas Gurgel was slow. As time moved on, Gurgel failed to defend against Torres' attack and finally, the fight ended in tapping by Gurgel.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class Location
2010 Miami Open Jonatas Gurgel Win Submission F 76kg Florida

JT Torres vs Roberto Satoshi

It was predicted that Satoshi would win this game easily.

As the fight started Torres remained dominant over Satoshi. Satoshi sweeped Torres choke and triangle armbar and secured points Both fighters kept on rolling on the mat for a long time and finally Satoshi defeated Torres by points.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class Location
2012 European Open Roberto Satoshi Loss Points F 76kg Rome

JT Torres vs Gabriel Goulart

Gabriel was screwed and smashed in the 2013 Pan American Championship by JT Torres.

In the first round, JT Torres remained dominant on Gabriel. Gabriel mounted Torres but JT Torres managed to sweep and mount Gabriel. Torres' grip remained strong on Gabriel throughout the fight and in the end bow and arrow worked for Torres victory.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class Location
2013 Pan American Gabriel Goulart Win Bow and Arrow R3 76kg California

2.4. JT Torres BJJ Instructorship

JT Torres attracted fame and popularity because of his skill to smash down the opponent by choking from the back. That's why he is considered among the most furious Jiu-JItsu fighters and submission wrestlers. In his instructional DVDs, Torres has shared a variety of techniques explaining the nitty-gritty of how to pass the guard, take control of the back, mount, and apply a variety of chokes.

In his instructional videos, he has separately shared gi and no-gi fundamentals

2.5. JT Championships and Accomplishments

Event Year Medal
IBJJF Master World Championship 2023 Silver
IBJJF New York Open (Master) 2023 Gold
IBJJF Chicago Open 2023 Gold
ADCC 2019, 2017 Gold
World No-gi Championships 2013 Gold
World No-gi Championships 2012 Silver
World No-gi Championships 2010 Bronze
World No-gi Championships 2009 Silver
World No-gi Championships 2008 Gold
PAN No-gi Championships 2010 Gold
PAN No-gi Championships 2009 Silver
PAN No-gi Championships 2008 Gold
World Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2015 Bronze
World Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2014 Silver
World Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2011 Bronze
World Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2009 Silver
Pan-American Championship 2014 Bronze
Pan-American Championship 2013 Bronze
Pan-American Championship 2011 Bronze
Pan-American Championship 2009 Bronze
Pan-American Championship 2007 Silver
Pan-American Championship 2006 Silver
European Open Championships 2014 Silver
European Open Championships 2012 Silver
European Open Championships 2011 Bronze
European Open Championships 2010 Bronze
European Open Championships 2009 Gold
Brazilian National Jiu-JItsu Championship 2010 Silver
Asian Open Championship 2012 Gold
Asian Open Championship 2010 Gold
Asian Open Championship 2010 Bronze
New York International Open Championship 2010 Gold
New York International Open Championship 2009 Gold
Miami International Open Championship 2010 Gold
Miami International Open Championship 2009 Silver

3. Main Achievements

3.1. Gi Tournaments

Year Division
2019 -77kg
2017 -77kg

3.2. No Gi Tournaments

Year Division
2013 LIghtweight (Black)
2012 Lightweight (Black)
2010 LIghtweight (Black)
2009 Lightweight (Black)
2008 Lightweight (Brown)

4. Main Achievements (Belts)

4.1. Black Belts

Position Belt Event Year
1st Black No-Gi World Championship 2009

4.2. Coloured Belts

Position Belt Event Year
3rd Blue Pan American Championship 2006
2nd Purple Pan American Championship 2007
1st Brown Pan No-Gi Championship 2008

5. JT Professional Record Breakdown

Professional Jiu-Jitsu Record Breakdown 93-30-3 (W-L-D)
Matches Wins Losses
Submission 45 3
Points 32 17
Advantage 6 10
Penalty 3 0
Decision 5 0
DQ 2 0

5.1. Submission Methods W/L

Submission Methods 45 Wins 3 Losses
Choke From the Back 13 1
Bow and Arrow 6 0
Armbar 3 1
Armlock 2 0
Knee Bar 3 0
Choke from Mount 1 0
Cross Choke 1 0
Triangle 1 0
Wrist Lock 1 0
Americana 1 0
Choke 1 1
RNC 2 0
50/50 Armbar 1 0
Submission 5 0
Brabo Choke 1 0
KataGatame 1 0
Triangle armbar 1 0
Triangle/ kimura 1 0

6. JT BJJ Fight History

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight
2009 Tokyo International Dan Cherubin W Points N/A ABS
2009 PGC Superfight Renan Borges W Bow and arrow SPF 76KG
2009 NoGi Worlds Patrick Head W Triangle/kimura 4F 76KG
2009 NoGi Worlds Phillipe Monica W Pts: 9x0 SF 76KG
2009 NoGi Worlds Lucas Lepri L Pts: 2x0 F 76KG
2009 American Nat. Marcos Torregrosa W Choke from back SF 76KG
2009 American Nat. Rodrigo Freitas W Armlock F 76KG
2010 European Michael Langhi L Adv SF 76KG
2010 Pan American Joao Sobrinho W Brabo choke 8F 76KG
2010 Pan American Lucas Lepri L Pts: 3x0 4F 76KG
2010 Miami Open Jonatas Gurgel W N/A F 76KG
2010 No Gi Worlds Augusto Mendes L Points SF 76KG
2010 No Gi Worlds Murilo Santana W Points R1 ABS
2010 No Gi Worlds Roberto Abreu L Points R2 ABS
2010 Brasileiro Lucas Lepri W Choke from back SF 76KG
2010 Brasileiro Gilbert Burns L Pts: 4x4, Adv F 76KG
2010 ADCC US Trials Dominic Tafuri W Points R1 77KG
2010 Ohio Challenge Dustin Hazelett W Armbar SPF NA
2011 Pan American Michael Langhi L Choke from back SF 76KG
2011 World P. NoGi Gilbert Burns W Pts: 2x0 4F 74KG
2011 World P. NoGi Davi Ramos L Points SF 74KG
2011 Brasileiro Leandro Lo L Points 4F 76KG
2011 World Champ. Tiago de Castro W DQ RDS 76KG
2011 World Champ. Zak Maxwell W Adv RDS 76KG
2011 World Champ. Celso Vinicius W Pts: 2x0 4F 76KG
2011 World Champ. Gilbert Burns L Pts: 4x0 SF 76KG
2011 ADCC Clark Gracie W Pts: 2x0 R1 77KG
2011 ADCC Leonardo Vieira L Pts: 2x0 4F 77KG
2011 Copa Podio Leandro Lo D --- GP 76KG
2011 Copa Podio Ed Ramos L Pts: 4x2 GP 76KG
2011 Copa Podio Denilson Pimenta W Choke from back GP 76KG
2011 Copa Podio Moacir Mendes W Pts: 2x2, Adv GP 76KG
2012 European Open Tiago Rocha W Pts: 2x2, Pen 4F 76KG
2012 European Open Ed Ramos W Bow and arrow SF 76KG
2012 European Open Roberto Satoshi L Pts: 5x0 F 76KG
2012 Pan American Felipe Bueno L Adv 4F O100KG
2012 World Pro. I. Bulut W Bow and arrow R1 76KG
2012 World Pro. Yuri Ngombe W Points R2 76KG
2012 World Pro. Roberto Satoshi L Pts: 2x0 SF 76KG
2012 World Champ. Robson Camargo W Choke from Back R2 76KG
2012 World Champ. Unknown W Pts: 7x2 R3 76KG
2012 World Champ. Roberto Satoshi L Pts: 2x2, Adv 4F 76KG
2012 Houston Open Albert Hughes W Bow and arrow SF 70KG
2012 Houston Open Bruno Amorim W Triangle armbar F 70KG
2012 Houston Open Andre Monteiro W Choke from back SF ABS
2012 Houston Open James Harbison W Kneebar F ABS
2012 NoGi Worlds Marcelo M. W Armbar 4F 76KG
2012 NoGi Worlds Dustin Akbari W DQ SF 76KG
2012 NoGi Worlds Augusto Mendes L Pts: 0x0, Adv F 76KG
2013 Metamoris 2 Victor Estima D --- SPF ABS
2013 Pan American Gabriel Goulart W Bow and arrow R2 76KG
2013 Pan American Nate Mendelsohn W Pts: 4x0 4F 76KG
2013 Pan American Michael Langhi L Choke SF 76KG
2013 ADCC Eduardo Rios W RNC R1 77KG
2013 ADCC Lucas Lepri W Pts: 2x0 4F 77KG
2013 ADCC Kron Gracie L Armbar SF 77KG
2013 NoGi Worlds Rodrigo Freitas W Points SF 73KG
2013 NoGi Worlds Marcelo Mafra W Pts: 2x0 F 73KG
2014 European Leo Iturralde W Bow and arrow SF 82KG
2014 European Claudio Calasans L Pts: 2x2, Adv F 82KG
2014 Pan American Bricklin Welch W Kneebar R1 76KG
2014 Pan American Francisco Iturralde W Adv 4F 76KG
2014 Pan American Lucas Lepri L Adv SF 76KG
2014 FIVE Cali. 1 Yuri Simoes L Points SF ABS
2014 World Champ. L. Giles W Choke from back R1 76KG
2014 World Champ. Rafael Pereira W Pts: 7x0 8F 76KG
2014 World Champ. Juan Kamezawa W Referee Decision 4F 76KG
2014 World Champ. Michael Langhi W Pts: 4x4, Adv SF 76KG
2014 World Champ. Lucas Lepri L Pts: 12x0 F 76KG
2014 American Nat. Tanner Rice W Points SF 82KG
2014 American Nat. Francisco Iturralde W Points F 82KG
2014 Metamoris 5 Rory McDonald D --- SPF ABS
2015 European Caio Silva W Choke from back R2 82KG
2015 European Eduardo Rios W Pts: 14x0 4F 82KG
2015 European Jaime Canuto W Pts: 4x0 SF 82KG
2015 Pan American Julian Vega W Choke from back R2 76KG
2015 Pan American Rafael Pereira W Choke from back 4F 76KG
2015 Pan American AJ Agazarm W Pts: 10x0 F 76KG
2015 World Champ. Gustavo Dantas W Choke 8F 76KG
2015 World Champ. Juan Kamezawa W Pts: 2x0 4F 76KG
2015 World Champ. Michael Langhi L Pts: 2x2, Adv SF 76KG
2016 Houston Open Javier Yamuni W Submission SF 82KG
2016 Houston Open Kenneth Primola W Submission F 82KG
2016 Pan American Josh Guzman W Americana R1 82KG
2016 Pan American Manuel Ribamar W Pts: 6x4 8F 82KG
2016 Pan American Marcos Tinoco W Pts: 10x0 4F 82KG
2016 Pan American Vitor Oliveira L Pts: 6x0 SF 82KG
2016 World Champ. Lachlan Giles W Choke from back R2 76KG
2016 World Champ. Francisco Iturralde W Pts: 0x0, Adv 4F 76KG
2016 World Champ. Lucas Lepri L Pts: 2x2, Adv SF 76KG
2017 NY Spring Open Athos Ribeiro W Wristlock SF 82KG
2017 NY Spring Open Abmar Barbosa W Armlock F 82KG
2017 NY S. No-Gi Open Luiz Rufino W Submission SF 79KG
2017 NY S. No-Gi Open Felipe Cesar W Submission F 79KG
2017 ADCC Lachlan Giles W Pts: 2x0 E1 77KG
2017 ADCC Celso Vinicius W Pts: 0x0, Pen 4F 77KG
2017 ADCC Garry Tonon W Referee Decision SF 77KG
2017 ADCC Lucas Lepri W Pts: 3x0 F 77KG
2018 F2W 59 Ben Henderson W Choke from back SPF 82KG
2018 Pan American Alexandre Molinaro W Choke from back 8F 76KG
2018 Pan American Espen Mathiesen W Pts: 12x0, Adv 4F 76KG
2018 Pan American Breno Bittencourt W Triangle SF 76KG
2018 World Champ. Hugo Marques W Pts: 6x4 R3 76KG
2018 World Champ. Vitor Oliveira L Pts: 2x0 4F 76KG
2018 F2W 90 Dylan Royce W Armbar SPF 77KG
2018 NY Fall Open Athos Miranda W Submission SF 82KG
2019 Atlanta WO Colin Alexander W Cross choke 4F 82KG
2019 Atlanta WO Colby Dobbins W Mounted X choke R1 ABS
2019 Atlanta WO Devhonte Johnson W Pts: 2x0 4F ABS
2019 Atlanta WO Thomas McMahon W Pts: 14x0 SF ABS
2019 World Champ. Manuel Ribamar W 50/50 armbar R2 82KG
2019 World Champ. Isaque Bahiense L Pts: 4x2 4F 82KG
2019 F2W 119 Vagner Rocha W Referee Decision SPF 77KG
2019 ADCC Ross Nicholls W Pts: 0x0, Pen R1 77KG
2019 ADCC DJ Jackson W Pts: 3x0 4F 77KG
2019 ADCC Garry Tonon W Pts: 2x0 SF 77KG
2019 ADCC Vagner Rocha W Pts: 3x0 F 77KG
2022 Denver NGO Chris Gabrielson W RNC SF 85KG
2022 Denver NGO Juan Carlos W Kata Gatame 4F ABS
2022 Denver NGO Joao Costa W Kneebar SF ABS
2022 ADCC Kenta Iwamoto W Referee Decision R1 77KG
2022 ADCC PJ Barch L Pts: 4x0 4F 77KG
2023 WNO Magid Hage W Referee Decision SPF 77KG
2023 Chicago SPO Breno Maciel W Points SF 82KG
2023 Chicago SPO Rehan Muttalib W Choke from back F 82KG
2023 World Champ. Natan Chueng L Pts: 2x2, Adv R1 76KG

7. JT Top Fights

JT Torres Pan American Champion 2018/ADCC Champ GI Highlight

JT Torres Is A Back Taking Machine

JT Torres vs Dylan Royce - Fight 2 Win Pro 90 - Philadelphia

JT Torres vs DJ Jackson - 2019 ADCC World Championsips

JT Torres VS Manuel Ribamar / World Championship 2019

Photo Credit: @jtorresbjj

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