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Clark Gracie - The Gracie Allegiance Coach, and The Omoplata King

Clark Gracie - The Gracie Allegiance Coach, and The Omoplata King

1. Clark Gracie’s Details

Clark Gracie’s Details
Name Clark Rouson Gracie
Nickname N/A
Born United States of America
Age 38 years
Date of birth 17-07-1984
Weight 82kg (181 lbs)   
Weight Division Peso Medio (82 kg / 181 lbs)
Last Weigh in 85kg
Height 5’11’’
Foundational Style BJJ
Career Disclosed Earnings N/A
College University N/A
Rank 3rd Degree Black Belt
Head Coach Carley Gracie
Last Fight 2018 World Pro
Favorite Technique Omoplata & Kimura
Lineage Mitsuyo Maeda -> Carlos Gracie -> Carley Gracie -> Clark Gracie
Team Association Gracie Jiu-Jitsu
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2. Clark Gracie’s Biography

Clark Gracie, grandson of Carlos Gracie Senior and son of Carley Gracie is the top Belt under his father Carley Gracie. He is one of the best middleweight BJJ competitors of his generation.

2.1. Started Training BJJ as a Toddler

Clark Gracie started training BJJ at a very young age like other Gracies. He started BJJ from 3 to 4 years of age in his living room by his father. He said in various interviews that he learned the basic BJJ techniques from his father. 

2.2. Joined Adult Academy

When he was 10 years old, he joined his father’s academy in San Francisco, California because there was no special academy or class for kids. He started training with lighter guys and girls, but when he turned 12, he was very much inspired by his cousins who are representing the Gracie family in big events like UFC.

He was very motivated to represent Jiu-Jitsu in the World. He wanted Jiu-Jitsu practitioners to be good on the mat and also off the mat because Jiu-Jitsu is not a sport, it's a lifestyle. 

2.3. Relocated to Brazil

At the age of 15, Clark went to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil along with his father. Clark started his school and training in Brazil. Clark went back to America to complete his high school but again relocated to Brazil. 

2.4. Joined Revolution Team by Rodrigo Medeiros

Clark moved to San Diego to join the Revolution Team led by Rodrigo Medeiros. He wanted to make his game more efficient. In the Revolution Team, he met various tough competitors. After training with these tough guys, Clark improved his game.   

2.5. Practiced other Martial Arts

Clark started training in Muay Thai as his father had some Muay Thai students in the gym. He also trained in boxing. He loved to see MMA fights. He was a little bit confused about the decision of his future career between BJJ and MMA.

2.6. Focused on BJJ

Clark decided to pursue BJJ because BJJ is growing as an uprising sport and it has its roots in Gracie Family. He loves to watch MMA but does not train and participate in MMA. He wanted to become a master in one field.

Another reason for not joining MMA is he thinks MMA audiences want some barbaric views and are provoking violence in this sense. He believed that overcoming and taking down your opponent takes time, preparation, and determination. If you are expecting a 5-minute game, it will cause bleeding and the game can be barbaric.

2.7. Inspired by His Ancestors

Clark Gracie was very inspired by his grandfather Carlos Gracie and his father Carley Gracie. He said that his grandfather was a very smart and fantastic guy and also his dad. He was like a mentor for the whole family.

Clark Gracie also found it very special to receive his Black Belt from his father. He said that he learned Jiu-Jitsu from many people but his fundamental skills come from his father and he is very much honored to represent his Jiu-Jitsu.

His senior cousins also inspired him very much. He said Gracie's family is spread all over the world. He met his cousins at different international tournaments and these tournaments are family reunions for them. 

2.8. Clark Thinks Jiu-Jitsu is Relatable to Life

Clark Gracie found Jiu-Jitsu as his lifestyle. Jiu-Jitsu is about resolving problems with different techniques. He thinks that in our life, we need to have this approach that if we are stuck in a problem, we should always opt for a solution-oriented approach.  

Besides this, Jiu-Jitsu gives you the opportunity to make friends. When you go to the gym and start training, you will meet a lot of people who are helping you or need your help. This is like a family.

2.9. Never Terrified of Losing a Fight

Clark Gracie mentioned that he is never afraid of losing a fight. He does fight with his maximum energy and gives his best but is not afraid of results. He enjoys the battle. 

2.10. Ridiculously Photogenic Jiu-Jitsu Guy

Clark Gracie is considered a ridiculously photogenic Jiu-Jitsu instructor. One of his pictures became viral on the internet. Due to the fame of this picture, Clark Gracie was also invited to a morning show, “Good Morning America”.

This picture belongs to the 2012 New York Open when Clark was applying his favorite Omoplata and his opponent took him up from the ground. Due to his strong grip, he did not fall. This moment was captured by cameramen and got viral. 

2.11. The Net Worth of Clark Gracie

Clark Gracie is the owner of Gracie Allegiance and is one of the richest people in the Gracie family which owns a net worth of five million dollars. His income source is teaching Jiu-Jitsu and seminars.

2.12. Clark’s BJJ Pro Combats

Promoted to Black Belt

After his successful performance in various tournaments in 2010 at the Brown Belt level, Clark Gracie was promoted to Black Belt by his father, Craley Gracie in May 2010. He was awarded his belt in a ceremony that was conducted at BJJ Revolution Team Academy.

Submission of the Year Award

In Pan's American 2013, Clark performed in the Middleweight category and submitted his opponent with Omoplata. This was the only submission in the Pan American tournament and his opponent went unconscious Omoplata. He was awarded “The Submission of the Year Award ''. 

World Master 2018

Clark Gracie is also World Master 2018 as he won the IBJJF World Championship No-Gi Master 2018 in the Middleweight division.  

Gracie Allegiance Jiu-Jitsu Academy

Clark Gracie is the owner and coach at Clark Gracie Jiu-Jitsu which is now converted to Gracie Allegiance Jiu-Jitsu. Clack Gracie merged his Clark Gracie academy with Allegiance Jiu-Jitsu which is present in New Zealand.

Both academies changed their names and selected one name. Gracie Allegiance Jiu Jitsu academy's headquarter is present in San Diego. 

Online training Classes

Clark Gracie also has a website where he is giving online classes to those who are willing to learn JiuJitsu from Clark Gracie. Furthermore, he also made various instructional videos which are available on Youtube.

The Omoplata King

Clark Gracie is famous for his submission style. He submitted his opponents various times with Omoplata and Kimura. These two are Clark’s favorite techniques.

Clark is also known as Omoplata king because he turns any position into Omoplata and had 50% of his submissions due to Omoplata. Clark also got the submission of the year award for submitting his opponent with Omoplata. He is famous for his signature Omoplata and he made various instructional videos on this technique.

2.13. Clark Gracie’s Historic Fights

Clark Gracie Vs. Marcelo “Lapela” Mafra

Clark Gracie faced Marcelo “Lapela” Mafra in the final of Pans American 2013. Marcelo took a good start by taking down and trying to apply a triangle choke.

Gracie tried to score points by taking down Marcelo but Marcelo scored two by sweeping. After that sweep, Clark took Marcelo in a leg lasso position and had a strong grip on his left hand which prevented Marcelo from applying side control.  

Clark succeeded to apply full guard which he turned into Omoplata very fabulously. Marcelo tried his best and succeeded to escape from Omoplata.

In the last 1 minute and 40 seconds, Clark took down Marcelo and submitted Marcelo with his signature Omoplata with which he was awarded his submission of the year award.  

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2013 Pan American Marcelo “Lapela” Mafra Win Omoplata Final Middleweight

Clark Gracie Vs. John Combs

Clark Gracie faced John Combs in the Elementary fight of the Pans Championship 2017. He executed his best performance of Omoplata in this match.

John Combs tried to take down Clark but Clark countered by applying his favorite technique, Omoplata. John Combs tried hard in the next four minutes to escape from that Omoplata but Clark had a very strong grip on his arm.

At the end of the match, when John tried to escape, Clark took this as an opportunity and turned towards John’s back. From the back, Omoplata got severe and John did not tolerate it and gave submission.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2017 Pan American John Combs Win Omoplata Eliminator Middleweight

Clark Gracie Vs. Marco Machado

This fight was between Clark Gracie and Marco Machado in IBJJF Pans 2013. Marco Machado was very much energetic at the beginning of the match. He tried to take down Clark but Clark countered with Triangle Choke. Marco escaped from Triangle Coke and tried to turn Clark by pulling his legs in the air.

Clark is an expert at various positions in Omoplata. He used his legs to apply Omoplata by making a hook of legs around Marco’s shoulder.

Clark’s grip is so strong that Marco tried to escape with his grip but it was futile. In his last try to escape, Clark submitted Marco with his deadly Omoplata. 

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2013 Pans Championship Marco Machado Win Omoplata Eliminator Middleweight

3. Clark Gracie’s Main Achievements

3.1. Clark Gracie’s Achievements in International Tournaments

Years Events Weight division
2009 IBJJF World Championship NoGi Middleweight
2010 IBJJF New York Open Middleweight
2010 IBJJF American Championship Middleweight
2013 IBJJF Pan Championship Middleweight
2015 UAEJJF US National Pro Middleweight
2015 UAEJJF Grand Slam Middleweight
2018 IBJJF World Championship NoGi (Master 1) Middleweight

3.2. Clark Gracie's Achievements in Black Belts

Year Event Belt Position
2010 IBJJF American National Black Belt 1st
2011 IBJJF World Championship Black Belt 3rd
2011 IBJJF Pans Championship Black Belt 3rd
2012 IBJJF World Championship NoGi Black Belt 2nd
2013 IBJJF Pans Championship Black Belt 1st
2015 UAEJJF US National Pro Black Belt 1st
2015 UAEJJF Grand Slam TYO Black Belt 1st
2018 IBJJF World Championship NoGi Black Belt 1st

3.3. Clark Gracie's Achievements in Colored Belt

Year Event Belt Position
2006 IBJJF Pans Championship Purple Belt 3rd
2007 IBJJF World Championship NoGi Brown Belt 2nd
2009 IBJJF World Championship NoGi Brown Belt 1st
2010 IBJJF New York Open Brown Belt 1st
2010 IBJJF Pans Championship Brown Belt 2nd

4. Clark Gracie Professional Record Break

4.1. Professional Record Breakdown

70 Matches 36 Wins 31 Losses
By Submissions 22 6
By  Points 9 24
By Advantages 1 0
By Decision 4 1
Draw 3

4.2. Submission Methods

Method 22 Wins 6 Loses
Choke F/ Omoplata 7 0
Omoplata 4 0
Foot Locker 1 0
Darce Choke 1 0
Clock Choke 1 0
Kimura 1 0
Armbar  1 3
Inverted Triangle 1 0
Inverted Omoplata 1 0
Submission 1 0
Crucifix Choke 1 1
Baseball Choke 1 1
Estima Lock 1 1

5. Clark Gracie Fight History

Year Event Opponent W/L Method Weight Category
2010 AZ Open Michael Westbrook W Choke F/ Omoplata ABS
2010 AZ Open Rafael Barbosa L Pts: 9x2 ABS
2011 Pan American Claudio Calasans L Pts: 2x0 82KG
2011 World Champ. Daniel Haglind W Submission 82KG
2011 World Champ. Gabriel Rollo W Foot Locker 82KG
2011 World Champ. Lucas Leite L Pts: 6x0 82KG
2011 San Diego Trials Andre Galvao L Referee Decision 82KG
2011 ADCC JT Torres L Pts: 2x0 77KG
2011 No Gi Worlds Frederico Moncaio W Omoplata ABS
2011 No Gi Worlds Joao Assis L Pts: 10x0 ABS
2011 No Gi Worlds Marcelo Mafra L Pts: 2x0 82KG
2012 British Open Victor Estima L Estima lock 82KG
2012 European Open Victor Estima L Armbar 82KG
2012 Pan American Abmar Barbosa W Botinha 82KG
2012 Pan American Otavio Sousa W Pts: 2x0 82KG
2012 Pan American Claudio Calasans L Pts: 4x0 82KG
2012 SD World Trials Andre Galvao L Pts: 3x0 83KG
2012 NYC Open Ken Primola W Choke F/ Omoplata 82KG
2012 NYC Open Gabriel Goulart W Choke F/ Omoplata 82KG
2012 NYC Open Otavio Sousa L Points 82KG
2012 World Champ. Adam Hunnicutt W N/A 82KG
2012 World Champ. Murilo Santana W Points 82KG
2012 NoGi Worlds Murilo Santana W Pts: 2x0 82KG
2012 NoGi Worlds Marcus Antelante W Armlock 82KG
2012 NoGi Worlds DJ Jackson L Pts: 5x0 82KG
2012 NoGi Worlds Levi Oliveira W Darce choke ABS
2012 NoGi Worlds Tarcisio Jardim L Pts: 6x4 ABS
2013 SD Pro Trials Magid Hage L Baseball Choke 85KG
2013 Pan American Leo Nogueira L Pts: 6x0 ABS
2013 Pan American Marco Machado W Omoplata 82KG
2013 Pan American Otavio Sousa W Points 82KG
2013 Pan American DJ Jackson W Referee Decision 82KG
2013 Pan American Marcelo Lapela W Choke f/ Omoplata 82KG
2013 Copa Podio Diego Borges W Omoplata 82KG
2013 World Champ. Victor Estima L Pts: 2x0 82KG
2013 Copa Podio Brandon Magana W Clock choke 76KG
2013 Copa Podio Juan Kamezawa D N/A 76KG
2013 Copa Podio Diego Borges L Pts: 2x0 76KG
2013 Copa Podio Leandro Lo L Pts: 13x0 76KG
2013 ADCC Keenan Cornelius L Pts: 4x2 88KG
2014 Metamoris 3 Rafael Mendes D N/A ABS
2014 Pan American Victor Silverio W Kimura 82KG
2014 Pan American Lucas Rocha L Pts: 7x4 82KG
2014 World Champ. Thiago Dutra W Armbar 82KG
2014 World Champ. Leo Iturralde W Inverted triangle 82KG
2014 World Champ. Jaime Canuto L Pts: 3x2 82KG
2014 Five TX Chris Westfall W Choke f/ omoplata 82KG
2014 FIVE NAIC Ricardo Rezende L Pts: 11x2 82KG
2014 FIVE NAIC Marcel Goncalves L Armbar 82KG
2015 US Nat. Pro Tanner Rice W Referee Decision 82KG
2015 US Nat. Pro Dang Khoa W Inverted Omoplata 82KG
2015 US Nat. Pro Magid Hage W Pts: 8x6 82KG
2015 US Nat. Pro Eliot Kelly W Pts: 2x0 ABS
2015 US Nat. Pro Magid Hage L Crucifix Choke ABS
2015 World Pro Felipe Sansone W Pts: 4x2 85KG
2015 World Pro Keenan Cornelius L Pts: 7x0 85KG
2015 Metamoris 6 Roberto Satoshi D N/A ABS
2015 Grand Slam TYO Mario Handa W Omoplata 85KG
2015 Grand Slam TYO Marcos Souza W Referee Decision 85KG
2016 Berkut 3 Magid Hage W Referee Decision ABS
2017 Pan American Dominique Hoskins W Reverse triangle 82KG
2017 Pan American John Combs W Choke F/ Omoplata 82KG
2017 Pan American Vitor Oliveira L Pts: 2x0 82KG
2018 King of Mats Tarsis Humphreys W Pts: 0x0, Adv 85KG
2018 King of Mats Roberto Satoshi L Points 85KG
2018 King of Mats Renato Canuto L Armbar 85KG
2018 World Pro Ivan Quintanar W Choke F/ Omoplata 85KG
2018 World Pro Isaque Bahiense L Pts: 7x0 85KG
2018 World Pro Ayub Magomadov W Pts: 2x0 85KG
2018 World Pro William Dias L Pts: 6x0 85KG

6. Clark Gracie Top Fights Links

Clark Gracie VS DJ Jackson / Pan Championship 2013

Clark Gracie vs Marcelo "Lapela" Mafra Pan 2013 Jiu Jitsu Middleweight Finals OFFICIAL

Clark Gracie vs John Combs / Pan Championship 2017

Clark Gracie VS Otavio Sousa / Pan Championship 2013

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