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Luciana Mota Castelo Branco - Female BJJ Black Belt

Luciana Mota Castelo Branco - Female BJJ Black Belt

1. Luciana Mota’s Details

Luscinia Mota’s Details
Name Luciana Mota Castelo Branco
Nickname N/A
Born Brazil
Age 32
Date of Birth May 1990
Weight 74.00 kg / 175.0 lbs
Height N/A
Team Association Alliance
Foundational Style BJJ
Career Disclosed Earnings N/A
College University N/A
Rank BJJ Black Belt
Head Coach Diego Castelo Branco
Last Fight In IBJJF Phoenix Open 2022
Most Executed Technique Closed Guard, 50-50, and Single-X
Weight Division Meio Pesado (74,00 kg / 175.0 lbs)
Lineage 1 Carlos Gracie -> Helio Gracie -> Royler Gracie -> Paulo Brandão (Coelho) -> Diego Castelo Branco -> Luciana Mota
Lineage 2 Carlos Gracie -> Helio Gracie -> Flávio Behring -> João Faria (Johnny) -> Luciana Mota

2. Luciana Mota’s Biography

Luciana Mota’s Biography

Luciana Mota is a rising star Black Belt BJJ Champion. She started BJJ in 2015. She is the world champion under the coaching of Diego Castelo Branco, who later became her husband. Luciana represented Alliance Academy internationally and continues to earn Kudos. She started her martial art career in bodybuilding and weightlifting. But she changed her interest in BJJ. 

2.1. Luciana’s Early Childhood and Journey Towards BJJ 

Passionate About Sports

Luciana Mota was born in May 1990 in Manaus, the capital of the Amazonas state of Brazil. From her early childhood, she was interested in martial arts. After persistent requests, her parents enrolled her in a judo club at the age of 9. 

Weightlifting And Bodybuilding

Luciana was unable to continue her Judo training at that club due to the absence of any other girl in the club. She once expressed:

“The gym didn’t have any other girls and my mom wasn’t comfortable with me training only with boys. This was the reason why I ended up leaving after 1 year.”

After leaving her judo club, she continued her martial art journey in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  

Met Her Husband on the Mat

In 2012 during her weightlifting and bodybuilding, she met a BJJ Black Belt, Diego Castelo Branco. Both developed good chemistry based on mutual respect and a common passion for Jiu-Jitsu. Later down the line, Diego invited Luciana to a Jiu-Jitsu Class. Luciana considered his invitation in 2015 and started visiting Jiu-Jitsu classes and later decided to pursue her career in BJJ.

Started Training Of BJJ

Luciana started Jiu-Jitsu training but at that time was not a regular BJJ practitioner. Instead, she started BJJ training as a hobby and continued her weightlifting practices. She was also working as an accountant at that time.           

Became Full-Time Athlete

Diego Castelo observed the hidden potential in Luciana to become a great Jiu-Jitsu fighter.

With time, effort, and persistence in training, she developed elite grappling capabilities. After the request and motivation of Diego, Luciana resigned from her job and decided to join grappling martial art BJJ as a full-time career.

2.2. Luciana’s Pro BJJ Combats

Amazonense Tournament

After professionally joining the BJJ, Luciana started attending regular BJJ sessions and actively participating in sparring. After continuous training in Jiu-Jitsu, Luciana took part in the Amazonense tournament. She stood second in this tournament and derived immense confidence from that win.  

Receive Blue Belt

Luciana proved herself as she took only 11 months to achieve a Blue Belt and started competing in national-level BJJ championships. 

Upgraded To Purple Belt

Soon, Luciana became one of the national champions of BJJ in the colored Belt category and was promoted to Purple Belt in 2018.

Promoted To Black Belt

Luciana and Diego moved to the USA in 2017. She got her Black Belt after joining Alliance and started training under Faria and Diego Branco.

2.3. Luciana’s Historical Fights

Luciana Mota Vs. Sara Apodaca

This bout was between Luciana Mota of Alliance and Sara Apodaca. This was the final match of the Phoenix Open 2022.

At the start, Sara tried to take down Luciana but Luciana overcame with full guard positions. Within two minutes, Luciana Mota changed the situation by putting her opponent in a turtle position.   

At the end of the match, Alliance’s competitor submitted Sara Apodaca with a kneebar and took gold home. 

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2022 Phoenix Open Sara Apodaca Win Submission with Kneebar Final Absolute

3. Main Achievements

3.1. International Tournaments

Gi Tournaments

2 x San Diego International Open Championship
Year Weight Class
2022 Medium heavyweight
2022 Absolute
1 x San Diego NGO Championship
Year Weight Class
2022 Absolute
5 x IBJJF World Championship
Year Weight Class
2022 3 x Medium Heavyweight
2022 3 x Absolute
1 x American National IBJJF championship
Year Weight Class
2017, 2018, 2019 Medium Heavyweight
2022 Absolute
2 x American NGN
Year Weight Class
2022 Absolute
Phoenix Jiu-Jitsu Open championship
Year Weight Class
2022 Absolute
1 x IBJJF Pan Championship
Year Weight Class
2020 Absolute

3.2. Main Achievements (Belts)

Main Black Belt Achievements

Year Event Position
2022 IBJJF World Championship 2nd

Colored Belt Achievements

Year Event Belt Position
2019 IBJJF World No-Gi Championship Purple
2021 IBJJF World No-Gi Championship Purple
2020 IBJJF Pan Championship Purple 1st
2021 IBJJF Masters World Championship Brown 1st
2017 IBJJF American Nationals No-Gi Blue 1st
2018 IBJJF American Nationals No-Gi Purple 1st
2019 IBJJF American Nationals No-Gi Purple 1st
2017 IBJJF American Nationals Blue
2018 IBJJF American Nationals Blue
2019 IBJJF American Nationals Blue
2021 IBJJF World Championship Brown 2nd
2021 IBJJF Pan  Championship Brown 2nd
2021 IBJJF American Nationals No-Gi Brown 2nd
2017 IBJJF World Championship Blue 3rd
2018 IBJJF Pan  Championship Blue
2020 IBJJF Pan  Championship Blue

4. Luciana Mota’s BJJ Professional Record Break Record

4.1. Professional Record Breakdown

14 Matches 10 Wins 4 Losses
By Points 4 0
By Advantages 2 1
By Submission 3 3
By OQ 1 0

4.2. Methods Of Submission

Method Wins Lose
Botinha 1 0
Ezekiel 1 1
Kneebar 1 0
Kata Gatame 0 1
Armbar 0 1

5. Luciana Mota’s Fight History

Year Event Opponent W/L Method Weight Class
2022 San Diego Open Gloria Armas W Botinha Medium Heavyweight
2022 San Diego Open Tara White W Points ABS
2022 San Diego NGO Thamires Monteiro W Points ABS
2022 World Champ Maria Malyjasiak W Pts: 0x0, Adv Medium Heavyweight
2022 World Champ Ingrid Alves W Pts: 0x0, Adv Medium Heavyweight
2022 World Champ Ana Vieira L Kata Gatame Medium Heavyweight
2022 World Champ Erin Johnson W Ezekiel ABS
2022 World Champ Gabrieli Pessanha L Ezekiel chokes ABS
2022 American Nat Elisabeth Clay L Pts: 2x2, Adv ABS
2022 American NGN Mayara Custodio W DQ ABS
2022 American NGN Amy Campo L Armbar ABS
2022 Phoenix Open Thamires Monteiro W Pts: 14x0 ABS
2022 Phoenix Open Sara Apodoca W Kneebar ABS
2022 JJ Con Nikki Griffiths W N/A Medium Heavyweight

6. Luciana Mota’s Top Fight Links

Luciana Mota v Sara Apodaca / Phoenix Open 2022

Ana Carolina v Luciana Mota / World Championship 2022

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