Guilherme Mendes: 4 Times IBJJF World Champion

Guilherme Mendes: 4 Times IBJJF World Champion

1. Guilherme Mendes Details

Name  Guilherme Mendes Godoy
Nickname Gui
Birth Year 1988
Age 34 years Old
Height 5′ 7″ - 175 cm
Weight Class Featherweight
Weight 64 Kg 141 Ibs
Born Rio Claro, Brazil
Nationality Brazilian
Last fight 2015 in Berkut Open No-Gi against Abi Muradov
Division Featherweight
Career Disclosed Earning NA
Fought out of Brazil, US
College/university NA
Foundation Style  BJJ
Rank 3rd Degree Black Belt
Lineage Mitsuyo Maeda -> Carlos Gracie -> Carlson Gracie -> Andre Pederneiras -> Ramon Lemos -> Guilherme Mendes
Team Association  Atos Jiu-Jitsu
Favorite Position/ Technique Baseball Choke

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2. Guilherme Mendes Biography

2.1. Who is Guilherme Mendes

Guilherme was born in Rio Claro, Brazil in 1988.  He started his BJJ career with his younger brother Rafael Mendes in 2001. Guilherme is known by the name of Gui. His cousin helped both brothers to enroll in the local Kids Jiu-Jitsu academy. Giu is famous for his four IBJJF World Championship Golds among many others.

Ramon Lemos and Leanardo Santos helped Gui to master the BJJ technique. Lemos was also a member of “Atos Academy” Run by “Andre Galvao”, he trained Gui to achieve the Gold Medal in (IBJJF) in 2009. Gui also co-founded BJJ Academy, “The art of Jiu-Jitsu” located in Costa Mesa, California.

2.2. Guilherme Early Fights and BJJ Career

In the absence of their father, Lemos played the role of a responsible father and instructor. After the sheer hard work under coach Lemos, Gui became a shining star of BJJ and captured the attention of the BJJ community.

2.3. Colored Belt Achievements

At the start of his colored belt-level competitions, Gui dominated almost every fight and championship. He secured Gold in the IBJJF World Championship as a Purple Belt, Blue Belt, and as Brown Belt fighter. He also won every fight in the Brazilian National Championship.

2.4. Gui’s Promotion to Black Belt

Guilherme Mendes proved himself in all belt levels and was finally promoted to Black Belt in October 2008 by Ramon Lemos. He started competing as a Black Belt fighter and lost the quarterfinal of Abu Dhabi World Pro and also lost the Semi-Final of the Pan American Championship but did not lose heart and continued to improve his Jiu-Jitsu game. Finally, he started his Championship Gold winning streak by winning his first IBJJF World Championship by defeating Samuel Braga.

Mendes's Brother's Relocation Migration to the United States

Guilherme brothers moved to the United States in 2012 and opened their own gym in California.

2.5. IBJJF World European Championship Gold

In 2010, in the semifinals of the IBJJF European Championship, Gui defeated Edivaldo Ferreira by submission and qualified for the final. In the final, he faced World Champion Pablo Silva. Both fighters put on a very close and brave fight and Gui secured a victory by advantage and earned his first Gold.

2.6. Rafael Vs Guilherme for the Abu Dhabi Pro

In 2010, Gui won all his fights and reached the final of Abu Dhabi World Pro BJJ. It was one the most anticipated finals of World Pro because it turns out the Mendes brothers; Rafael and Guilherme had to fight for the title. Both brothers showcased their best technical moves. It was an elite show of advanced grappling skills. In the end, Gui lost the fight to his younger brother Rafael Mendes by 4-2.

2.7. Brazilian National Champion

Right after the title loss to his younger brother, Gui won the Brazilian Championship by securing a win against Gabriel Morales by 4 Points.

2.8. IBJJF World Championship of 2011

Quarter Final of IBJJF World

Gui maintained his winning streak and participated in the IBJJF World Championship of 2011. In the Quarterfinals, Gui faced Milton Carlos and Laercio Fernandes and won both fights by submission.

Semifinal of IBJJF World

In the semifinals, taking confidence from the continuous winning streak, Gui dominated the fight and fought one of his career-best BJJ bouts. He was set to face Samuel Braga in the Semifinal, whom Gui defeated in the 2010 IBJJF final by an advantage. A semifinal rematch of the contestants of the previous final, what were the odds! This time, Gui defeated Berga by 4-2 points and continued preparing for the final.

Final of IBJJF World 

For the final, Gui was set to face Ary Farias (another Atos member). Gui secured another World Champion Title win by defeating Ary Farias and earned second Gold in the IBJJF World Championship. 

IBJJF Championship of 2012

After the relocation to California, Gui won his way to the final of the IBJJF World Championship and faced Laercio Fernandes in the final. Gui earned his third IBJJF World Championship against Laercio Fernandes.

2.9. IBJJF European Open 2014

In 2014, Gui won his way up to the final by defeating all the opponents and faced World Champion Paulo Miyao in the Final and secured a fourth IBJJF World Championship victory.

2.10. Foundation of Art of Jiu Jitsu Academy

At the age of 26, Guilherme had already established a distinguished career in BJJ. In July 2012, the Mendes brothers decided to open an Academy under the name of “Art of Jiu Jitsu”. They initiated this project by collaborating with RVCA; a clothing (martial art wear) company owned by Pat Tenore while maintaining their affiliation with Ramon Lemos and Atos.

2.11. Guilherme Mendes Expressed His Views About Life Goals

“We all have different goals that we set up for our lives. When I started Jiu Jitsu at 12 years old my goal was to become really good at it, because I knew that being really good at something would provide me a chance to have a good future and build a family. When I got my Black Belt, I realized that slowly my dream was turning into reality. Last year I won my 4th World Title in the Black Belt division, the number that the IBJJF requires to make you eligible for the IBJJF Hall of Fame. My life has changed a lot and I feel very blessed to have the option to redirect my goals, dedicating myself to doing something bigger than just competing.”

“It’s a new chapter in my life, and to achieve my goals I’ll put the same effort that I’ve put into becoming the athlete that I am today. I want to lead my team, become the best I can be as a leader and professor, work to create the best athletes in the sport, keep innovating the art, and build a team of champions that people have never seen before. Today, this is what drives me forward. I know that winning another gold medal would feel good for the moment, and would make me proud of myself one more time, but I’m ready to do something bigger now and I know that I can do it.”

2.12. Retirement of Guilherme Mendes and Future Plans

Gui retired from professional competition after winning his fourth World Championships, required for the IBJJF Hall of Fame, and decided to concentrate on the development of his Jiu-Jitsu Academy.

3. Guilherme Mendes Historic Fights

3.1. Guilherme Mendes VS Sebastian Lali

This was an amazon fight with Sebastian Lali, who is also a great BJJ, UFC, and Muay Thai fighter. Guilherme defeated Sebastian Lali with a neck Choke.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2009 X-Combat Sebastian Lali Win Collar Choke F Lightweight

3.2. Guilherme Mendes Vs Paulo Miyao

Paulo and Gui got strangled in the 50/50 position. Guilherme Mendes had an amazing collar lock but Paul was able to free himself. Both fighters had secured the 2 points. Guilherme Mendes had an amazing ankle lock and Mendes was awarded advantage points.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2014 IBJJF World Paulo Miyao Win Advantage Points N/A Lightweight

4. Record and Medals

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu-World Championship

Year Belt Medal
2009 Black Gold
2011 Black Gold
2012 Black Gold
2014 Black Gold

Pan American Championshipth

Year Medals
2012 Silver
2013 Gold

Brazilian National Championship

Year Medals
2010 Gold

San Francisco international open

Year Medals
2013 Gold

Brazilian National Championship

Year Weight Class
2010 64 kg

San Francisco International Open

Year Weight Class
2013 70 kg

5. Main Achievements (Belts)

5.1. Achievements as a Black Beltth

Year Events Belts Positions
2009 IBJJF World Championship Black 1st
2011 IBJJF World Championship Black 1st
2012 IBJJF World Championship Black 1st
2014 IBJJF World Championship Black 1st
2013 IBJJF Pans Championship Black 1st
2010, IBJJF European Open Black 1st
2011 IBJJF European Open Black 1st
2010 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals Black 1st
2012 IBJJF Pans Championship Black 2nd
2009 IBJJF World championship Black 3rd
2009 IBJJF Pans Championship Black 3rd

5.2. Main Colored Belt Achievements

Year Events Belts Positions
2005 IBJJF World Champion Blue 1st
2006 IBJJF World Champion Blue 1st
2007 IBJJF World Champion Purple 1st
2008 IBJJF World Champion Brown 1st
2006 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals Blue 1st
2007 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals Purple 1st
2008 CBJJ Brazilian Nationals Brown 1st

6. Guilherme Mendes Grappling Records

50 Matches 42 Wins 8 Losses
By points 14 3
By Advantage 5 2
By Submission 22 1
By Decision 1 2

6.1. Guilherme Mendes Submission Record Breakdown

Submission Method 22 Wins 1 Lose
Baseball Choke 6 0
Choke 3 0
Toe Hold 2 0
Lapel Choke 1 0
Armbar 1 0
Choke from Back 3 1
Brabo Choke 3 0
Cross Choke 1 0
Standing Brabo CK 1 0
Submission 1 0

7. Guilherme Mendes Fight History

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Weight Stage
2009 World Pro Rubens Charles L Choke from Back 65 Kg 4F
2009 Pan American Mario Reis L Adv 70  Kg SF
2009 World Champ Pablo Silva W Pts:4x2 64 kg 4F
2009 World Champ. Carlos Esquisito W Adv 64 kg SF
2009 World Champ. Samuel Braga W Adv 64 kg F
2010 European Pablo Silva W Adv 64 kg F
2010 European Edivaldo Ferreira W Choke from Back 64 kg SF
2010 WPC SD trails Marcos Alexandre W Choke from Back 65 kg SF
2010 World Pro Rafael Mendes L Pts:4x2 65Kg F
2010 Brasileiro Gabriel Moraes W Pts: 4x0 64 kg F
2010 World champ. Paulo Melo L Referee Decision 64 kg R1
2010 Team nationals Augusto Mendes L Pts: 9x0 68kg F
2011 European Leo saguaro W Adv 70 kg 4f
2011 World Pro. Augusto Mendes L Adv 65kg 4F
2011 World p. NoGi Diego Fernandes W Pts:2x0 64 kg R1
2011 World Champ. Milton Carlos W Choke 64 kg RDS
2011 World Champ. Larercio Fernandes W Cross Choke 64 kg 4F
2011  World Champ. Samuel Braga W pts:4x2 64 kg SF
2011 San Diego Baret Yoshida W Baseball Choke 65 kg F
2011 San Diego trails Ed Ramos W Pts:8x0 65 kg SF
2013 Pan America Fancielo costa W Pints 64 kg 4F
2013 Pan American Herique Rezende W Lapel choke 64 kg 4F
2013 Pan American Bruno Malfacine L Pts:2x0 64 kg SF
2013 SD world Trails Laercio Fernandes W PTS: 2x0 65 kg F
2013 World Champ. Mark Ramos W  Brabo Choke  64 kg R2
2013 World Champ. Henrique REzende W  Pts:19x0 64 kg 4F
2013 World Champion Pablo Silva W Standing Brabo Choke 64kg SF
2013 World Champion Laercio W Referee Decision 64 kg SF
2013 Houston Open Pablo Silva W Baseball Choke 64 KG F
2013 Pan American  Unknown W Points 64 kg 4F
2013 Pan American Thomas Lisboa W Pts: 10x0 64Kg SF
2013 Pan America Laericio Fernandes W Pts:4x2 64kg F
2013 World Champ. Geoffery Villareal W Baseball Choke 64 kg R1
2013 World Champ. Daniel Beleza L Referee Decision 64 Kg 4F
2013 SF Open Osvaldo Moizinho W Points 70 Kg SF
2013 Houston Open Gabriel Martins W Points 70KG SF
2014 Rickson Cup Unknown W Toe Hold 64 Kg 4F
2014 Rickson Cup Unknown W Armbar 64 kg 4F
2014 Rickson Cup Unknown W Choke 64 kg SF
2014 Rickson Cup Unknown W Brabo Choke 64 kg F
2014 World pro.  Rubens charles L Choke from Back 65 kg 4 F
2014 Pan American Mario Reis L Pts:10x10x, Adv 70 Kg SF
2014  World Champ. Pablo Silva W 4:x2 64 Kg 4F
2014 WPC SD trails Macros Alexandre W Choke from Back 65 kg SF
2015 World Pro Rafael Mendes L Pts:4x2 65Kg F
2015 Brasileiro Gabriel Moraes W Pts:4x0 64 Kg F

8. Guilherme Mendes BJJ Fights Links

Guilherme Mendes Vs Francielio Fernandes

Guilherme Mendes Vs Ichiro Kaneko

Guilherme Mendes Vs Queixinho

Photo credit: @mendesbros

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