Advantages of Rock Climbing For BJJ

Advantages of Rock Climbing For BJJ

1. How are BJJ and Rock Climbing Related?

BJJ is a submission grappling combat sport whereas Rock Climbing is a very strenuous outdoor adventurous and dangerous sport. It seems that both sports are very different from each other but they relate in terms of the benefits.

BJJ is a sport that focuses on grappling techniques which are used to submit opponents. It uses choke holds and submissions to gain victory over your opponent and grip strength is one of the most crucial prerequisites of all grappling martial arts.

Rock climbing is a sport strongly suggested for BJJ practitioners to gain grip strength. Many rock climbers want to excel in their careers in it and other people adopt it as a daring recreational activity for an organic adrenaline rush.

Both sports are related to each other because they help build strength and endurance. BJJ and Rock climbing complement each other well. They are considered one of the most active and engaging sports; both physically and mentally.

2. Rock Climbing For BJJ

Rock Climbing is a very effective activity for BJJ practitioners. It not only benefits the BJJ fighter mentally but also physically. BJJ is a grappling sport in which grip is very important to hold your opponent in choke holds and submissions. Rock climbing helps in building grip strength which in turn greatly improves the BJJ game.

3. Grip Strength

In BJJ the fighter applies certain techniques such as arm triangle, closed guard, open guard, etc. for the perfect application of these techniques, the fighter has to grip his opponent firmly. For that purpose, grip strength is very important.

Rock climbing increases the muscular strength of the fighter’s forearms which helps him to grab his opponent and strangle him in choke holds. It is a very effective exercise for building grip strength.

  • Rock climbing significantly improves grip strength which helps in BJJ as the fighter has to grab his opponent by BJJ Gi countless times in the bout.
  • It increases the grip strength as the climbers have to climb on the rocks by grabbing onto the rocks with their bare hands while enduring the whole body weight.
  • If the grip is not strong enough, the climber can fall and get injured, so it is a high-risk activity.
  • It also increases strength in the forearm which helps a BJJ fighter in the successful execution of takedowns and other choking techniques.
  • A great grip strength helps to hold the opponent in submissions and leg locks hence forcing him to tap out.

To increase grip strength, rock climbers do receive training. This training builds massive grip strength which helps in both sports. One of the training is called Efficient Campus Board Training.

It is an exercise that builds strength in the hands of the fighter. It is very difficult though. The climber takes longer breaks in this exercise to achieve the maximum result.

Some rock climbers and BJJ fighters use the Textbook Hold for acquiring a great grip.

4. Strength Training

Strength training involves physical exercises which aid in building strength and endurance. Rock climbing is the perfect exercise for strength training. It brings the fighter’s body in perfect coordination which is necessary to subdue his opponent.

  • Rock Climbing itself is strength training. It takes great power, courage, and skill to climb rocks.
  • During rock climbing, an athlete utilizes all the muscles in his body. It requires great strength.
  • The strength of rock climbing is used by BJJ fighters to develop a strong game.
  • Strength training is necessary for BJJ as it makes the muscles stronger and stretches the limits. It requires full-body power and rock climbing helps to attain that body power.
  • For a rock climber, strength is very important as he has to climb dangerous and steep rocks while hanging over his hands for his life.
  • This increases the strength in the upper body, arms, and shoulder area.

5. Builds Endurance

  • Rock climbers are more prone to injuries, its vulnerabilities are not less than its benefits.
  • Climbing builds endurance as well as makes climbers more cautious and attentive.
  • This endurance helps in BJJ especially when the fighter is caught in the submissions or in any disadvantageous position.
  • This endurance does not let him tap out easily rather he struggles out of it without tapping out.

6. A Recreational Activity

  • For many adventurous souls, rock climbing works as a recreational activity.
  • There are times when BJJ can become tiring for the fighter.
  • Rock climbing not only helps to refresh the fighter but also helps him gain strength and grip for BJJ.
  • It does not let him wither, rather it makes him stronger, mentally and physically.
  • It brings the fighter close to mother nature which broadens his mental abilities as well as improves his fitness.

7. Improvement in Body Posture

A great body posture in BJJ ensures the perfect execution of techniques. Rock climbers perform exercises that help them to improve their body posture. Such as Chair Pose or Push-ups. Rock climbing itself is a great exercise to improve body posture.

  • It can be seen that those BJJ fighters who are good at rock climbing have a really great body posture.
  • During rock climbing, an athlete uses all the muscles in his body. This keeps all the muscles in motion which results in increased production of myoglobin.
  • Body Posture is very important for a good BJJ game. It allows easy sweeps and takedowns.
  • That is why many BJJ fighters add rock climbing to their list. It keeps them fit.
  • Rock climbing utilizes a constant downward pulling motion. To overcome, a rock climber applies a constant force in the upward direction, while trying not to fall.
  • This constant force and pressure keep all the body muscles moving and does not let the muscles strain.
  • This helps a lot during BJJ as this movement allows seamless execution of BJJ moves, sweeps, transitions, and techniques.

8. Increase in Mental Strength

BJJ is not only a physical game but also equally a mental game. Rock climbing also improves the fighter physically and mentally. The newly acquired mental power from rock climbing helps the BJJ fighter to learn and remember BJJ techniques.

  • Rock climbing boosts the concentration level. It makes it easy for a BJJ fighter to remember as well as to learn BJJ techniques.
  • Being mentally active is very important for BJJ. It helps the fighter to decipher the technique of his opponent and then implement his own moves.
  • Rock climbing is a very strenuous sport. A rock climber has to be extraordinarily active and attentive at all times so that he does not fall.

9. Whole Body Workout

To become good at BJJ, the fighters do workouts, drills, and training sessions. These workouts help in building strength and muscle mass. Rock climbing itself is a whole-body workout. During rock climbing, all the muscles of the climber are involved strenuously. The climber frequently stretches and pulls his muscles to keep climbing.

  • To become good at BJJ, fighters have to work out to keep their body in shape as well as to warm up before the fight.
  • Rock climbing itself is a whole-body workout. It works on every relevant muscle of the body such as muscles of the arms, legs, glutes, and back.

10. Increase in Bone Density

An increased bone density means that the fighter's bones are very strong. To have great bone density, BJJ fighters perform various workouts and drills. Rock climbing can be adopted for increasing bone density.

  • During rock climbing, you have to maintain your body strength to balance the intensity of the climb and your own body weight.
  • The force and pressure you are putting on your bones help to increase your bone density.
  • This increased bone density helps in maintaining the body posture which then helps to perform better at BJJ.
  • High-impact exercises such as rock climbing help to keep the bones strong.
  • It increases the minerals in the bones hence improving bone density also called bone mineral density.

11. Improves Balance

Balance is very important in BJJ. It is because a balanced fighter can get out of the opponent’s applied submissions as well as the takedowns. It will keep his BJJ game strong. Rock climbing is very great to build this balance. When a rock climber is climbing rocks, he has to be extremely cautious because any mistake can lead him to fall off and get injured.

This cautiousness forces him to balance himself on the rocks.

  • Balance is very important in BJJ. A great balance can potentially subdue your opponent, granting you the dominant position.
  • Balance is important in rock climbing too. It is because rocks are very uneven and have great friction on smaller areas, it takes a lot of strength, courage, and power to do rock climbing.
  • A fighter has to be very careful in climbing rocks or else he can fall and get injured.
  • When a BJJ practitioner adopts rock climbing, his balance is improved.

12. Increased Flexibility

  • Rock climbing is a very strenuous sport. It not only improves the balance of the BJJ fighter but also increases flexibility.
  • Flexibility is very important for the BJJ fighter. It helps to protect the elbows, shoulders, necks, and knees from injuries.
  • Due to rock climbing, BJJ practitioners can experience increased flexibility which not only keeps them safe from injuries but also allows easy execution of BJJ techniques.
  • A BJJ fighter with increased flexibility is most likely to gain victory over his opponent. He will easily escape the opponent’s submissions and sweeps the guards.

13. FAQs

13.1. Does Rock Climbing Make a BJJ Fighter Stronger?

Rock Climbing itself is a very strenuous sport. It requires great force to climb rocks. It definitely makes the BJJ fighter stronger as his muscles get tougher and the bone density increases.

13.2. What are the Other Benefits of Rock Climbing?

Rock Climbing not only helps to improve the game of a BJJ fighter but also increases strength and flexibility. It also helps to burn calories so it is good for losing weight. It improves the balance of an individual and also increases their mental ability.

13.3. What is the Primary Benefit of Rock Climbing for BJJ?

The most important benefit which comes from Rock Climbing is grip strength. This grip strength not only makes the BJJ game strong but also makes an athlete agile and a strong rock climber. The grip strength which comes from rock climbing helps the BJJ fighter to strangle his opponent tightly. Grips are very important in BJJ. Maximum grip strength endurance ensures successful submissions.

13.4. Isn’t Rock Climbing Tiring for the BJJ Practitioner?

No doubt Rock climbing sounds like a sport which can be tiring for the individual. It rather acts as a recreational activity for the BJJ fighter.

14. Conclusion

Rock Climbing sounds like a very difficult sport but it is entertaining at the same time. It not only improves the fighting skills of a BJJ fighter but also acts like a recreational activity. It focuses on the muscles and grip strength of the fighter. It helps in acquiring flexibility which saves a BJJ fighter from injuries and enables him to perform better.

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