Can You Do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu With Braces?

Can You Do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu With Braces?

Learning BJJ is an ideal way to stay active and learn self-defense and grappling techniques simultaneously. However, how hard is it to continue BJJ with your braces? Here is a guide to help you to get your answers.

Braces shouldn't prevent you from practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Using a suitable mouth guard recommended by your orthodontist helps to cope with the majority of the issues of training BJJ with braces.

Let’s look at some of the tips while doing BJJ with braces.

1. Tips To Do BJJ Safely With Braces

Your dental braces should never stop you from continuing your BJJ training. You can continue your BJJ training after considering these below-mentioned suggestions.

  • Make sure your braces are well-fitted and aren't pressing against your lips or gums.
  • Take a few days and let the braces adjusted.
  • Avoid wearing a stiff mouthguard.
  • Try to wear a high-quality mouthguard as recommended by your orthodontics.
  • Avoid the positions that put your lips and teeth under pressure.
  • Work out with a mate who is familiar with approaches about how to spar with partners with braces.
  • Avoid intense rolling for a few initial days.

2. Can Wearing Braces Cause Injuries In BJJ?

Wearing braces does not cause injuries, but it can make an injury worse if precautionary measures are not taken. However, there are some factors to keep in mind.

First, you'll need to be extra vigilant during sparring and rolling to avoid being hit in the mouth.

Second, you should avoid any moves that exert heavy pressure on braces as they can damage your braces, tongue, and mouth.

3. BJJ Braces Injuries

BJJ is less dangerous than other combat sports like Muay Thai and Boxing because striking is prohibited in BJJ. Punches and kicks are not targeted at your mouth, but you should still be extra cautious because of your braces. Here we are going to discuss some major injuries that can affect your braces.

3.1. Tooth Fractures

If precautionary measures were not taken, tooth fractures can damage your teeth and cause immense pain. Braces can increase the possibility of tooth fracture because braces concentrate pressure on a tooth rather than spreading it on the teeth line. Tooth fractures include damaged teeth as well as jaw injuries.

3.2. Oral Cuts

If you get hit hard, your teeth and braces may bite regions of your mouth such as your lips, gums, and tongue. Your braces can make it hard to recover from oral cuts.

3.3. Avulsion of the Tooth

A tooth's full removal from its alveolar bone socket is referred to as dental avulsion. This is more of a punch-related dislocation from its socket. Tooth avulsion during BJJ training or fighting can become a problem if you have braces.

4. How To Protect Your Braces in BJJ Training?

You can protect your braces and inner mouth by wearing a custom-fitted mouthguard. You should seek advice from your orthodontics before going for BJJ training with braces.

5. Why You Should Wear Mouthguard in BJJ Training

Wearing a mouthguard while doing BJJ is extremely crucial if you have braces. Braces protect your teeth, if you want to protect your lips and cheeks, you must use a properly fitted mouth guard and be extra careful during training and fighting.

A mouthguard will protect your braces and keep your teeth safe while training. It can also help you avoid lips and jaw injuries.

If you have braces, you should wear a mouthguard for BJJ practice. Because of the unpredictable nature of grappling martial arts, injuries are likely to happen, thus always be prepared.

5.1. Main Reasons to Wear A Mouthguard

  • Reduces the risk of concussions
  • Provide protection to teeth and improve strike-eating capability by stabilizing your jaws

6. How to Fit A Mouthguard With Braces

Boil and bite mouthguards can be applied after softening in boiling water. Place them in boiling water, they can easily mold around your braces.

Certain mouthguards do not require any molding or fitting at all, these are referred to as immediate fit.

7. Tips To Choose the Best Mouthguard For BJJ

There are some points you have to consider while selecting mouthguards for BJJ training.   Consider these factors before choosing a mouthguard:

  • Make sure the mouthguard is boiled and bite-fitted and composed of latex-free material.
  • Pick a mouthguard that fits well in your mouth, and is robust, durable, and comfortable to wear.
  • Make sure the mouthguard covers the mouth area well, especially those with braces.
  • Look for a mouthguard with a built-in shock absorber to shield your teeth from impact.
  • Choose a mouthguard that is simple to clean and long-lasting.

8. Merits And Demerits Of Doing BJJ With Dental Braces

There are pros and cons to practicing BJJ while wearing braces. Braces might make it tough to communicate, whereas braces can prevent your teeth from injury by making them even.

The decision to train for BJJ while wearing braces is ultimately up to the individual. It can be possible to train safely while wearing braces if you find a beginner-friendly program that doesn't include a lot of demanding rolling or strength training.

If you can't locate a program that satisfies these requirements, it's generally better to hold on until your braces are removed or at least settled, before resuming BJJ training.

9. FAQs

9.1. Can You Use Boil And Bite Mouthguards With Braces?

Yes. It's a good option if you have braces. Boils and bites have the ability to refit around your braces. They work really well because you can modify your guard during orthodontic therapy.

9.2. What Sports Can You Do With Braces?

You can play any sport with your braces by merely following the above-mentioned guidelines and precautions. Mouthguards help you to protect your braces during training or practicing any martial art.

10. Bottom Line

Training BJJ while wearing braces can be difficult, but not impossible. If you can get a beginner class that doesn't need a lot of rolling or drilling, you might be able to exercise safely while wearing braces.

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