Bibiano Fernandes Announces Intention To Return To BJJ

Bibiano Fernandes Announces Intention To Return To BJJ

The former accomplished BJJ fighter, Bibiano Fernandes , has recently given a statement that he wants to return to jiu-jitsu after the completion of his mixed martial arts career. Bibiano Fernandes showcased his phenomenal grappling skills in various BJJ tournaments. He is also a two-weight Dream World Champion and a two-time ONE Champion. He also excelled in MMA and holds an impressive professional record (24-6-0). Bibiano is referred to as one of the strongest and most decorated BJJ athletes to transition into MMA.

In an interview with GracieMag, Bibiano announced his decision to return to BJJ. He said:

“I want to compete in BJJ again, but first I need to deal with my situation at ONE Championship. I haven’t fought for a year and the organization doesn’t offer a fight. I’m waiting to finish this part of my life with ONE Championship so that I can follow a new path, take care of my academy, and perhaps fight in the World Masters or other BJJ events. I’m waiting to close this part of my life and turn the page. But I’m already turning the page without waiting for the ONE Championship.”

After having numerous achievements in both MMA and BJJ, Bibiano has already developed his combat sports career. Due to his exceptional capabilities, he would surely dominate in the IBJJF Masters World Championship just like his partner, ONE Pro Champion Demetrious Johnson, who recently secured a similar victory.

Although Bibiano was not involved in the BJJ for a long time due to his other interests, he still keeps an eye on the sports and tries to stay updated with the greatest names:

“I like watching Mica Galvao and Diogo Reis, who are also from Manaus. I also like Gordon Ryan, who is an athlete who is evolving a lot. There’s a new generation that I watch in the championships and I like their forward, finishing style. It’s a style I’ve always liked, I’ve never liked to tie up. Besides, their style is good for MMA too, it’s a game they can adapt to if they move to MMA in the future.”

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