Bibiano “The Flash” Fernandes - Bantamweight MMA Champion

Bibiano “The Flash” Fernandes - Bantamweight MMA Champion

1. Bibiano Fernandes Detail

Name   Bibiano Fernandes
Pro MMA Record  24-5-0 (Win-Loss-Draw)
Nickname The Flash
Date of Birth March 30, 1980
Age 42 years Old
Height 5 ft 7 inch. 170 CM
Weight 147 lbs (66.8 Kg)
Born Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil.
Nationality Brazilian
Last fight Bibiano Fernandes Vs John Linker | One Championship
Division Bantamweight & Featherweight
Career Disclosed Earning NA
Fought out of  Brazil, Vancouver, Columbia, Canada
College/university NA
Foundation Style  BJJ
Rank 5th Degree Black Belt under Oswaldo Alves
Lineage Mitsuyo Maeda -> Carlos Gracie. Sr. -> Reyson Gracie -> Osvaldo Alves -> Faustino ‘ Pina’ Neto -> Bibliano Fernandes 
Team Association Revolution Gym/Carlson/Gracie Team Canada / AMC Pankration
Favorite Position/ Technique Armbar

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2. Bibiano Fernandes Biography

2.1. Who is Bibiano Fernandes?

Bibiano Fernandes, known by the nickname “The Flash”, was born in Manaus, Amazonas Brazil. Bibiano is a 5th-Degree Black belt in BJJ and won World Championships in IBJJF and Pan American Competitions. He has been the top fighter in the light featherweight and won belts twice in FC and DREAM. Bibiano led a struggling childhood before having a successful career.

2.2. Bibiano Fernandes Early Life and BJJ Career

Bibiano had a struggling childhood. His mother died when he was only 8 years old. Unfortunately, his father was barely making ends meet. Bibiano spent some time in the wilderness of the Amazon forest, close to nature, and almost fell prey to Malaria. Finally, his father made him return to the capital city of Manaus. Bibiano started to hunt for an occupation that could support his finances. He also did some odd jobs. He used to stop outside the gym and watch the fighters roll and spar. They invited Bibiano to watch their training and showed him how Jiu-Jitsu works. Bibiano was interested but he did not have any money to pay for training. At this time, a lady, who regularly came to the gym for training, promised to pay for his fee and his coach also offered training in exchange for cleaning services. Bibiano started his BJJ practice and just after two weeks, he won his first match in the white belt category.

2.3. Bibiano Black Belt Achievement In BJJ

Bibiano had a fantastic career in Jiu-Jitsu. He started to climb the stairs of success in no time and was promoted to the black belt in 2002. After he won the 2002 World Championship, Bibiano was an amazingly apt learner and often finished the fight within a few minutes. He always looked for submissions.

2.4. Bibiano Ameature Fights in MMA

After Bibiano's unmatched success in BJJ, he began to receive proposals to participate in MMA. Bibiano participated in MMA and secured the 31 seconds first round win. After winning his first fight, Bibiano realized that he still needed to prepare himself under the supervision of a senior MMA fighter. He thought that BJJ is the Art that he should focus on. He discontinued his MMA training for a year and devoted his time and energy for BJJ training.

2.5. Bibiano Return to MMA

Bibiano's training and hard work earned him double Gold Medals in Black Belt category. His interest in MMA grew again, and he signed his first fight with Urijah Faber. Everybody was expecting Bibiano's victory but Bibiano had to discontinue his fight due to a doctor's stoppage.

While he was in a fight, he got a severe forehead injury because of an elbow strike by the opponent. He lost his next competition against Yamamoto at K-1 Heroes in Japan. After continuous losses, He realized that he still needed practice and the right guidance to excel in  MMA.
In 2007 Bibiano left Brazil and went to Canada where he met the great instructor, Pele Landi. He started training under the supervision of Landi and secured 8 constant victories in MMA.

2.6. Bibiano Participation In Dream 11 fights

At Dream 11, Bibiano won against Joe Warren and Hiroyuki Takaya.  And Won the DREAM Featherweight Grand Prix and the title of first Dream Featherweight Champion.

Fernandes won against Warren by first-round Armbar and secured another victory by split decision against Takaya. 

Fernandes was competing against Joachim Hansen on March 22, 2010, at Dream 13 for defending the first title. He successfully defended his title, but unfortunately, he got defeated while defending his second title to Takaya via a unanimous decision.

Fernandes finally won against Antonio Banuelos via TKO in his first round and became the Dream Bantamweight Champion.

3.  Bibiano Fernandes UFC Career

On June 4, 2012, the news spread that Fernandes had decided to join the UFC. There had been talks but the contract was never signed. The news spread in June 2012 that Fernandes preferred the One Championship over UFC.

3.1. Interim One Bantamweight Championship

Fernandes also took part in the ONE FC 5 and decided to face Gustavo Falciroli, and ultimately won the fight.

Weight Class Opponent Method Round Time
Bantamweight Fustavo Falciroli Decision (unanimous 3 5:00

3.2. Undisputed One Bantamweight Championship

Fernandes's next step was to face Soo Chul Kim at One FC 1 Total Domination. He won the match via unanimous decision and became the Undisputed One Bantamweight Champion.

His second fight was against Masakatsu Ueda at One Fighting Championship: Rise of Heroes  on May 2, 2014. He again won the match by unanimous decision.

At one Fighting Championship Warrior, dated 5 December 2014, Bibiano regained his World Title while fighting against the deadly opponent Kim . When the competition ended with a rare naked choke in the second round.

Fernandes came face to face against Kevin Belingon At One Championship Age of Domination  on December 2, 2016.  He was successful in securing the title. The fight ended via Kimura submission in the first round. In his fifth title defense, Fernandes joined the ring against Kevin Belingon at (ONE Championship Geo Domination) on December 2, 2016. He successfully won the fight via split decision.

On February 17, 2017, Bibiano decided to resign from the One Championship.

3.3. The Loss of Title and Second Resign

Fernandes lost the fight with a split decision when he fought against Kevin Belingon for the second time at One Championship 78. Heart of the Lion in November 2018 in a title unification bout.

Again at “ONE Championship: A New Era begun on March 30, 2019. He won the match because the opponent was disqualified due to an illegal move. (He actually attacked the back of Fernandes's head with his elbow.  After that, he successfully regained the Bantamweight Title.

Fernandes again faced Belingon at (One Championship) on October 13, 2019. Again he was successful as he won the game in the second round with a rear naked choke submission.

Fernandes again faced John Lineker at “One Championship:X” on December 3, 2021. The event did not happen on the announced date and was postponed due to  Covid19  and then the bout was shifted to ONE Championship: Bad Blood on February 11, 2022.  

After the bout was rescheduled for “ONE Championship: Lights Out” on March 11, 2022. Unfortunately, Fernandes lost the title by the second-round Knockout.

4. Bibiano Fernandes Family

Fernanded is married to Amanda and has three sons and their names are Elijah, Gabriel, and Lucas.

5. Bibiano Fernandes Historic Fights

5.1. Bibiano Fernandes Vs Masakatsu Ueda

Bibiano had a great fight with Masakatsu Ueda. Bibiano went for the side mount and tried to apply the neck choke from the full mount. Ueda was striking punches to Bibanio's back to get away from the attack. Bibiano tried a nice rear naked choke but by the time he could move further, he got punched multiple times on his left eye. Finally, Bibiano tried the armbar and held back until the time was finished. Bibiano had 5 takedowns while Ueda had only one. The Fight ended with Bibiano's victory.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2014 One Championship Masakatsu Ueda Win Points Round 1 Bantamweight

5.2. Bibiano Fernandes Vs Marcos Galvao

This was a fantastic fight with Marcos Galvao. In the start, both fighters struggled to win the other. Bibiano applied the nice armbar attack and everybody was expecting Marcos's defeat but he managed to escape. After that, there was a neck choke from Marcos' side but he managed to escape that too. Finally, the match ended with Bibiano’s victory.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2002 Super fight Marcos Galvao Win Referee Decision N/A Lightweight

6. Bibiano Fernandes Medals Records in BJJ Records

6.1. Pan American Championship

Year Belt Medals
2004 Black Belt Gold
2005 Black Belt Gold
2006 Black Belt Gold
2007 Black Belt Bronze

6.2. World Jiu-Jitsu Championship

Year Belt Medals
2003 Black Belt Gold
2004 Black Belt Silver
2005 Black Belt Gold
2006 Black Belt Gold

7. Achievements In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

7.1. Pan America

Year Weight Class
2004 64 kg
2005 64 kg
2006 64 kg
2007 64 kg

7.2. World Jiu Jitsu Championship

Year Weight class
2003 64 kg
2004 64kg
2005 64 kg
2006  64 kg

8. Championship and Accomplishments In IBJJF

Year Event Belt Medal
1997 Brazil National Jiu-Jitsu Championship Blue Gold
1998 World Jiu-Jitsu Championship Blue Bronze
2001 Brazil National Jiu-Jitsu Championship Purple Gold
2002 World Jiu-Jitsu Championship Brown Gold
2002 Brazil National Jiu-Jitsu Championship Brown Gold
2003 Brazil National Jiu-Jitsu Championship Black Gold
2003 World Jiu-Jitsu Championship Black Gold
2004 Pan American Jiu-Jitsu Championship Black Gold
2004 Pan American Jiu-Jitsu Championship Black Silver
2005 Pan American Jiu-Jitsu Championship Black Gold
2005 World Jiu-Jitsu ChampionshipBlack Belt Gold Medalist Black Gold
2006 Pan American Jiu-Jitsu Championship Black Gold
2006 World Jiu-Jitsu Championship Black Gold
2007 Pan American Jiu-Jitu championship Black Belt Black Bronze

9. MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

9.1. Dream

Event Win
Dream Bantamweight championship Win
Dream 2011 Bantamweight World Grand Prix  Win
Dream Featherweight Championship  Win
Dream 2009 Featherweight world Grand Prix Champion Successfully Defended His Title

9.2. One Championship

Event Win/ Achievement
Interim One Bantamweight Championship One Time
One Bantamweight Championship Two Times
Seven Successful Title defenses One Time
One Successful Title Defenses in ONE Championship Second Time
Most Title Defenses in ONE Championship Bantamweight Division Seven 

9.3. Bibiano Fernandes Grappling Record Breakdown

Matches 18 Wins 2 Losses
By Points 7 2
By Advantage 1 0
By Submission 10 0
By Decision 0 0
By Penalties 0 0
By DQ 0 0

9.4 Bibiano Fernandes Grappling Submission Breakdown

Submission Method Wins Losses
By Points 0 2
Armbar 4 2
Flying Triangle 1 0
By Submission 1 0
Choke From Back 2 0
Armlock 1 0
Triangle 1 0

10. Bibiano Fernandes Professional Record Breakdown In MMA

10.1 MMA Professional Record Break Down

29 Matches 24 Wins 5 Losses
By Knockout 2 2
 By Submission 9 0
 By Decision 12 3
By DQ 1 0

10.2. Bibiano Fernandes MMA Submission Breakdown

Submission Methods 9 Wins 0 Losses
TKO Doctor Stoppage 01 0
RNC 4 0
Triangle Choke 1 0
KO TKO 0 0
Armbar 1 0
Kimura 1 0
By DQ 1 0

10.3.  Bibiano Fernandes’s MMA Match History

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2022 ONE: LIGHTS OUT  John Lineker L KO ( punch) R2 Bantamweight Championship
2019 ONE: century part 2 Kevin Belingon W Submission (rear-naked choke) R2 Bantamweight Championship
2019 ONE: A New Era Kevin Beligon W DQ(illegal elbows) R3 Bantamweight Championship
2018 ONE: A heart of  the Lion Kevin Belingon L Decision (Split) R5 Bantamweight Championship
2018 ONE: Iron Will Martin Nguyen W Decision (split) R5 Bantamweight Championship
2017 ONE: Kings & conquerors Andrew Leone W Submission (rear-naked choke) R1 Bantamweight Championship
2016 ONE: Age of Domination Reece McLaren W Decision (split) R5 Bantamweight Championship
2016 Dynasty of champions Kevin Belingon W Submission (Kimura) R1 Bantamweight Championship
2015 ONE: Kingdom of Warriors Toni Tauru W Ko (punch) R3 Bantamweight Championship
2014 ONE FC: Warriors Way Dae Hwan Kim W submission ( rear-naked choke) R2 Bantamweight Championship
2014 ONE FC: Rise of Heroes Masakatsu Ueda W Decision (unanimous) R5 Bantamweight Championship
2013 ONE FC: Total Domination Soo Chul Kim W Decision (unanimous) R5 Bantamweight Championship
2013 ONE FC: Rise to Power Koestsu Okazaki W Decision (unanimous) R5 Bantamweight Championship
2013 ONE FC: Rise to power Yoshiro Maeda W Technical submission (Triangle choke) R1 None-title bout.
2012 Dream 18 Gustavo Falciroli W Decision (Unanimous) R3 Bantamweight Final
2011 Fight For Japan: Geniki Desu Ka Omisoka Antonio Banuelos W TKO (punches) R1 Bantamweight GP Final
2011 Fight for Japan: Geniki Desu Ka Omisoka2011 Rodolfo Marques W Decision (unanimous) R2 Bantamweight GP Semifinal
2011 Dream 17 Takafumi Otsuka W Technical Submission( rear-naked choke) R1 Bantamweight GP Quater Final
2010 Dynamite!! 2010 Hiroyuki Takaya L Decision( unanimous R3 Dream Featherweight Championship
2010 Dream 13 Jochim Hansen W Decision (split) R2 Dream Featherweight Championship
2009 Dream 11 Hiroyuki Takaya W Decision split) R2 Dream Featherweight Championship
2009 Dream 13 Joe warren W  Submission (armbar) R1 Featherweight GP Semifinal
2009 Dream 9 Masakazu Imanari W Decision ( unanimous) R2 Featherweight Gp[ Quarter Final
2009 Dream 7 Takafumi Otsuka W  Decision (unanimous) R2 Featherweight GP Opening round. Return to Featherweight
2008 Raw Combat: Redemption Len Tam W Submission( triangle choke) R1 N/A
2008 Raw Combat: Resurrection Jua Barrantes W  Decision (  unanimous) R3 N/A
2007 Heroes 10 Norifumi Yamamoto L  Decision (  unanimous) R3 Light Weight Debut
2006 KOTC: All Stars Urijah Faber L TKO( punches) R1 For the KOTC bantamweight Championship
2004 Jungle Fight 3 Luis Figueroa W Submission (rear-naked- Choke) R1 Featherweight debut.

11. BJJ Professional Record Breakdown

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2003 World Champ. Rodrigo Pagani W Armbar R1 64 kg
2003 World Champ Marcelo Santos W Armbar 4F 64 Kg
2003 World Champ Rafael Primo W Choke from back SF 64 KG
2003 World Champ Carlos Lemos W PTS: 6x2 F 64 KG
2004 BB Challenge 3 Matsumato W PTS:4x0 SPF 64 KG
2004 Pan American Andre Soares W PTS: 8x0 SF 64 KG
2004 Pan American Dai Yoshida W N/A F 64 KG
2004 World Championship Fernando Vieira L Pts:4x2 F 64 KG
2004 Budo Challenge Eddie Sanchez W Flying Triangle SF 68 kG
2005 Budo Challenge S. Katsummura W Armlock F 68 KG
2005 Dumau cup Rodrigo Hirakawa W Submission F 64 kg
2005 World Champ. Ameris Lira W Armbar R1 64 KG
2005 World Champ.  Rodrigo Romero W Pts:5x0 4F 64 KG
2005 World Champ Carlos Esquisito W PT 6X6, Adv F 64 KG
2006 Pan American David Jacobs W Triangle 4F 70 KG
2006 Pan American Jonatas Gurgel W points F 70 KG
2006 World Champ. David  Hader W Armbar 4F 64 kG
2006 World Champ. Bernardo Pitel W Choke from back SF 64 KG
2007 Pan American Jeff Glover W Pts:5x0 4F 70 KG
2007 Pan American Mario Reis L Points SF 70 KG

12. Bibiano Top fights Links

Bibiano VS Reece Mclaren

Bibiano Fernandes vs Kevin Belingon

Bibiano Fernandes VS Koetsu Okazak

Photo credit: @bibianofernandes

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