All The Benefits You Can Get from Hitting a Speed Bag

All The Benefits You Can Get from Hitting a Speed Bag

Are you looking for a fun yet high-intensity and quick workout with the maximum benefits? Go for a speed bag workout. That’s the little bag that hangs up high and comes back quickly, making you punch it with more accuracy the faster you go.While this may seem like an ineffective exercise in terms of developing strength in your punches, it’s the best boxing workout to gain speed.

You can get impressive results from short and regular sessions of speed bag workouts. The best thing about speed bag training is that you can customize and design it as per your needs and ease.

Here you will learn a large number of benefits associated with hitting a speed bag. This will help you realize how much these workouts are beneficial for a boxer.

1. Key Benefits of Hitting a Speed Bag

1.1. Body Composition

One of the major benefits of hitting a speed bag is body composition, as it helps your body burn fats. In boxing, body composition or fitness is of great importance because you always have to make weight.

When doing speed bag workouts while circling and rotating around the speed bag, you will be able to burn extra calories. Hitting a speed bag also helps you in getting a shredded physique. The more time and intensity you put in your speed bag exercise, the more composed a body you will have.

1.2. Improve Speed

For throwing impactful strikes and being able to dodge opponent’s attacks, you must be quick with your hands and footwork. You’re also vulnerable to hits which means you’ll be facing difficulty putting up a fight.

You might be thinking how speed bags help your defense. Here’s an example; extend the speed bag a little lower and use it to practice slipping. You can substitute speed bags with double-end bags with a lot of elasticity for best use. When you hit the speed bag and dodge it as it bounces back several times, it helps you get an advantage over your opponents in the ring by dodging their strikes and using your speed to place a counter.

1.3. The Best Cardio

Are you in search of the easiest way for improving cardio? A 15–20-minute speed bag cardio can burn more calories than any other workout including treadmill running. While hitting a speed bag, you use shoulders and arms that also help you build your upper body. It improves upper body endurance very quickly.

You can break this workout into multiple 1 or 2-minute sets with two to three-minute rest intervals considering your physical fitness level. You can also take long sessions, but it depends on your needs and fitness level.

1.4. Increases Punching Accuracy

Punching accuracy is what makes you a fighter. A weaker punch right on the target makes more impact than a powerful random punch. If your arsenal lacks it, you will fail to dominate your opponent, giving them time to adjust and counter easily.

That’s where you can use speed bag punching exercises to maximize your accuracy. Working on a speed bag improves your rhythm and helps increase the frequency of significant strikes you normally land. When working on the speed bag, keep your eyes focused on its movement and hit the targeted point every time while changing angles as you move around it.

1.5. Minimal Risks of Injury

Speed bag workouts hold a very little risk of injuries and pains unlike other training types such as heavy bag training that can cause fractures, bruises, and joint troubles. If you want to enjoy the perks of boxing training but do not want to risk such injuries, hitting a speed bag is the best solution.

Speed bag workouts are low impact and gentle on joints. That is why you can find many elderly people rocking speed bags for improved cardio and stable blood pressure, sugar, and cholesterol levels. In these workouts, you are not liable to receive punches aimed at your head, unlike sparring sessions.

1.6. Fixes Imbalances

A lot of people develop muscle imbalances when they exercise with one hand more than another or they use their strong-arm more excessively. You can also determine this by identifying the difference in your biceps or muscularity of shoulders.

Speed bag workout can help you fix this by throwing the same number of punches with both hands. You can equalize already mismatched muscles using speedbags as well.

1.7. Tremendous Triceps Workout

Hitting a speed bag is an outstanding triceps workout that also involves forearms and biceps. With even one or two hard-punching 1-minute sets, you can feel a killer bump in your arms.

This workout helps trainees in strengthening their arms and muscles with visible results in a very short period of time.

1.8. Hand-Eye Coordination

For a boxer, hand-eye coordination is of great importance to hit opponents while evading the possible counters. Again, if you lack it, you might not get the chance to block the opponent’s attack while throwing a blow.

To build hand-eye coordination, the speed bag is a small yet efficient tool to use. With time spent on hitting the speed bag, you get these two in sync.

1.9. Less Expensive

Nowadays, except for MMA and boxing gyms, gyms are not installing these bags due to their noise. But you should not worry about it. You can purchase them for between $60-$70 generally. However, you can find them for even cheaper prices if you look hard enough. You can install them anywhere in your house such as the basement, garage, or shed.

1.10. Easy to Use

You do not need months or weeks to learn how to punch a speed bag. As soon as you understand the time to punch and how it bounces back, you are ready to extend your drills. Speed bag hitting requires quite easy techniques that you can learn in just 10 to 30 minutes. For beginners, bigger speed bags are there to make it easy for them to punch and develop a rhythm.

1.11. Stress Relief

Are you feeling stressed and want to hit something hard? You can hit a speed bag as hard as you can to wail your stress away. The rhythmic sound of the speed bag while pounding on the backboard is also soothing (at least for the boxer doing it).

In addition, when you hit the speed bag following any strenuous exercise, your blood circulation rises and your body releases endorphins that make you feel calm and balanced, resulting in stress reduction.

1.12. Quick and Resulting Workouts

Another perspective that sets speed bag workouts apart from others is their ability to provide quick results. By working on a speed bag, you can get a good bump in just two or three minutes. Prolonging it to 15-20 minutes of 1-minute sets with small intervals of rest you can have equal results to an intense cardio workout.

Working on speed bags 5 minutes a day can provide some results and you cannot make this claim about a treadmill workout or any other.

1.13. Effective for Weight Loss

Apart from training for boxing or MMA, do you want to lose weight? Go for a speed bag workout for weight loss. Hitting a speed bag helps you activate your metabolism and make you sweat in the least amount of time which helps in burning fat and losing weight. A 15–20-minute speed bag workout daily can help you get in a good shape, lose weight, and build muscles.

2. Takeaway

Speed bag workout is outstanding to benefit boxers in plenty of ways. From improving punching speed to accuracy, and losing weight, these workouts can play a significant role in making you a good and confident fighter. Customize speed bag workouts according to your goals and preferences to get the maximum out of them.

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