Kids' Black Boxing Safety Headgear

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Kids' Black Boxing Headgear

Introducing the Kids' black Boxing Headgear: crafted for aspiring young boxers, prioritizes comfort, lightweight design, and safety. Engineered with tightened grips for secure sparring, it ensures superior protection during training sessions. Constructed from durable foamed polyurethane and shock-absorbent foam, our youth boxing headgear offers peak performance across various combat disciplines. Professionally designed and tested, it guarantees durability, functionality, and comfort for your little warriors.


Lightweight, Resilient, Durability

Protection Foam

Added Resistance, Ultimate Shock Absorption

Head Shaped Mould

Adjustable Head & Cap Size, Adjustable Chin Strap

Ergonomic Design

Full 180 Degree Field of Vision

Shock Absorption

Triple Layer Cheeks Shield & Head Protection


PU Leather