Kids 2.5 ft Essential Boxing Punching Bag Set

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Elite Kids Essential 2.5 ft Boxing Bag Set

The Elite Sports 2.5 ft Kids Boxing Punching Bag Set, featuring a patent-pending design, is a comprehensive set including gloves and a PU boxing ball. Crafted with heavy-duty leather, the punching bag is scratch-resistant and easy to clean, ensuring longevity. It comes with a sturdy holder for mounting on wooden or concrete walls. Sized at 2.5 ft tall and 20" wide, it's ideal for youths, and includes hanging straps and a hook for secure installation.

Included Components

‎Kids Punching bags + Boxing Gloves+ Phone Pouch + PU Balls + Metal Holder


‎20" x 20" x 30" L x W x H

Installation Kit

Includes hanging straps and hook for secure installation.

Color Scheme

Striking black design fits various workout spaces


‎Synthetic Leather