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‘Prince’ Charles Martin Discloses How Fight Negotiations Twice Collapsed with Deontay Wilder

‘Prince’ Charles Martin Discloses How Fight Negotiations Twice Collapsed with Deontay Wilder

Former IBF heavyweight champion ‘Prince’ Charles Martin had prepared for a battle against Deontay Wilder. Charles says, “I am pretty difficult to hit. You can’t hit me flush because I never just come in [straight]. I am always strategic.”

‘Prince’ Charles Martin says negotiations have resulted in a fight where Deontay Wilder would not have landed his eminent knockout punch.

Until Wilder won an arbitration case, which led to his trilogy fight with Tyson Fury, the two American heavyweights were in talks to fight inside the ring in 2020.

Instead, Martin will make his comeback on January 1 against Luis Ortiz in an IBF eliminator that will have ramifications for the world title picture.  

“It would have been a great opportunity,” Martin told the news about facing Deontay, revealing what would have been a clash between world heavyweight champions.

“I always knew there was a possibility that things wouldn’t go in my favor, but I had still prepared myself mentally.”

“I was able to treat it like a championship fight. I gave 100 percent effort even knowing there was a possibility it could fall through.”

Former IBF titleholder ‘Prince’ Charles Martin said of Wilder: “He lacks in a lot of areas.”

According to news resources, Martin was about to fight former world heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz Jr., the first man ever to beat Anthony Joshua but the potential bout fell apart when Ruiz Jr. ended up with knee surgery.

“I shot him a personal DM,” Charles stated about Ruiz Jr. “He left it unread.”

“We were training for it. The next thing? He had surgery.”

“Now I pray for no crazy calls saying that Ortiz is injured.”

“Andy knew that I would have whupped his a**. That’s why he didn’t answer me. Because he knew that he didn’t want to fight me.”

In his most recent fight, Martin overjoyed the audience with his most impressive performance ever – he knocked down the former world title challenger Gerald Washington with a single blow.

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