Why is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu the Best Kind Of Combat Sport For Women?

Why is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu the Best Kind Of Combat Sport For Women?

Ever felt like you aren’t strong enough for martial arts? Felt like you couldn’t protect yourself? Annoyed by the constant reminder of how easily men can overpower you? Just like you were Leticia Ribeiro N. Dos Santos – a 4th degree BJJ black belt who is a multiple time world champion and Mackenzie Dern – an ADCC and BJJ World Champion and countless other women. These women found what we now give to you, the perfect combat sport- Jiu Jitsu, which will allow you to forget all your apprehensions.

1. What is Jiu Jitsu?

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art form which is used for self-defence or as a combat sport dependent on grappling and holds. It centres around the ability of taking a rival to the ground, controlling one's adversary, acquiring a prevailing position and utilizing various strategies to compel them into submission by means of joint locks or strangle holds. With our following 6S points ready to persuade you of our aforementioned claim.

2. Size

BJJ is fundamentally designed to enable relatively weaker and smaller practitioners to crush stronger opponents via persistent practice and technique. Though strength is an added advantage in most martial arts BJJ however emphasizes on higher fight technique enabling those proficient to out manoeuvre their opponents regardless of their size.

“Always assume that your opponent is going to be bigger, stronger and faster than you,” BJJ co-creator Grand Master Helio Gracie is famed for saying, “so that you can rely on technique, timing and leverage rather than brute strength.”

Following are the ways to defeat a larger opponent:

  • Working on grip and gi chokes
  • Anticipating opponent’s strength while looking for their weak point
  • Controlling the distance through maintaining constant movement In order to prevent grappling and strikes- tiring out the opponent.
  • stay light and balanced for quick movements- perplexing your opponent.
  • Efficient technique on taking the back.

3. Self Defence

Reports show that 51 percent women have been sexually touched without their permission and 27 percent said they have survived sexual assault.

The majority of women — 66 percent — said they'd been sexually harassed in public spaces which includes verbal harassment and physical harassment such as touching and groping. However, 38 percent of women said they experienced sexual harassment at the workplace. 35 percent said they have experienced it at their residence. These experiences are more likely to be assaults and the "most severe forms'' of harassment. It is due to such a high rate of harassment cases that women frequently show interest and feel the necessity to learn how to protect themselves against violent situations, however they are often not sure where to turn. Therefore, martial arts classes are the most resourceful as it is a place where women can develop the mental and physical skills to defend themselves against such attacks and not fall victim to such predators. Hurling kicks and blows at your attackers might be a primal instinct in terms of self-defence. This however may not be the best approach as it may be rendered ineffective since you will soon lose balance and be knocked over. A contrast approach taught by BJJ is:

  1. Rationally analyse the situation
  2. Grapple while controlling distance.
  3. Effectively remove the opponents’ weapon.
  4. Isolate limbs
  5. Trounce opponent.

Hence Jiu jitsu enables one to use their body for leverage in such tricky situations.

4. Self confidence

The mere act of learning how to defend yourself in itself builds your confidence, however, while learning BJJ you are not just acquiring an advanced and effective martial art skill but also become a part of that community as well as gain physical exercise and a form of mental therapy.

It is not untrue that there is no instant gratification as you won’t trounce anyone right away, however, when you ultimately do, that satisfaction will reinforce the confidence in your abilities. In addition to this, by trying to learn BJJ knowing you won’t get it instantly allows you to confront failure on a regular basis enabling you realize that failure in itself is simply an opportunity for you to learn- shifting the paradigm of life.

Hence, although BJJ requires arduous training, it inculcates in you a sense of achievement and allows you to gain the confidence to persevere not only in combat but also your daily life matters.

5. Strategy

Otherwise called the "round of human chess", Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu specialists utilize a wide range of strategies, techniques and methods to beat their rivals. Indeed, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu understudy will most likely run over many methods and ideas in only a couple long stretches of preparing!

5.1. Two physical factors aid to building strategy for Jiu-Jitsu:

  • Strong hips

According to research the only muscle groups that women have stronger than men is hips. BJJ majorly consists of defensive positions, sweeps, and ultimately submissions, all of these make use of hips. Thus, putting women at an advantage over men.

  •  Flexibility

It is restoratively demonstrated that women's hips are more adaptable and can get more femur (thighbone) turnout. A wide base and a lot of submission setups. While during side control, they can sit wide into your hips. Conversely men have similarly more fragile, adaptable spines and shoulders than women, therefore these parts can be manipulated to women’s benefit as they are difficult to wiggle out from.

Some tips and tricks to enhance your strategy:

  • To counter their strength, you need to be smart and make use of leverage through biomechanics and anatomy for finding opponents’ weak spots and attacking them with your strong parts such as skeletons.
  • Simultaneously, you need to protect your weak spots. Ensure safety of feet, hands, ribs and belly.
  • Make sure to avoid being on your back

6. Socialization

Numerous women are keen on figuring out how to ensure themselves against violent situations, however they are often uncertain which direction to choose. Martial arts classes are where women can build up the psychological and actual abilities to protect themselves against assaults. Socialization – albeit most hand-to-hand fighting/martial arts are individual sports, instructional courses, going to the gym and competing rounds all require close friendly contact and can, maybe, lead to the arrangement of a solid friendship or relationship with other individuals. Building certainty – while showing you how to attack, how to guard and how to win, martial arts or combat sports additionally expand on your certainty. It permits you to make a superior, a lot more grounded picture of yourself and the certainty you have in the ring, during a battle, will radiate to any remaining parts of life.

7. Safe Environment

Women are frequently in particular stressed over the well-being of Jiu-Jitsu and the belligerent, macho climate that regularly encompasses combative techniques/martial arts.

To begin with, safety. BJJ is moreover as safe as combative techniques get. Similarly, as with each actual undertaking, botches do occur and individuals do get injured. Be that as it may, Jiu-Jitsu's catching direction implies there's an enormously diminished danger of a strike to the head or comparable injury brought about by a blunt force.

Competing in Jiu-Jitsu is classified as "rolling," and it consists of grappling with your adversary, endeavouring to accomplish a top position and applying a submission hold. The excellence of BJJ is that you'll hold onto a submission and your adversary, realizing they've been caught, will tap out. At that point you start the game again, with nobody hurt.

This framework permits professionals to carry out hard core training — with focused energy training having the extra advantage of recreating genuine contretemps — with insignificant danger of peril.

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