These HIIT Boxing Workouts are Enough to Tone Your Overall Body Shape

These HIIT Boxing Workouts are Enough to Tone Your Overall Body Shape

Boxing is one of the sports that require maximum endurance and a well-toned body in order to progress. In a boxing match, you need to have the stamina to stick until the final bell rings and a strong body to throw powerful punches to win.

For getting a well-toned body and improving endurance,there are a lot of workouts that can help. However, HIIT boxing workouts can do the job better than others as they will not only increase your body strength but also improve your boxing skills.

In this post, you will learn what HIIT is, besides some top HIIT workouts for boxing athletes.

1. What is HIIT?

HIIT is a form of training that is based on high-intensity intervals. In a HIIT workout, you do small intervals of different exercises at high intensity, followed by small recovery intervals. HIIT training is mainly for improving cardiovascular health and heart rate, but it is also beneficial for burning fat and getting into the fighting body shape.

So whether you are doing HIIT workouts for stamina and endurance or even getting into a serious shape , you are required to put your maximum effort into each set to push past your comfort zone. The best way to get the most out of these workouts is to go with a 1:2 ratio between working and resting periods. By that means, you should do 20 seconds of highly intense exercise followed by 40 seconds of rest.

2. What are the Benefits of HIIT Workouts in Boxing?

HIIT workouts hold a lot of benefits for boxers. Using HIIT workout programs helps boxers get into lean and fighting shape. When you go for a high-intensity workout, you put in 90% of your maximum exertion. That gives a boost to your metabolism, which is responsible for burning extra calories and additional fat in your body. Besides this, they also help in building muscle strength and busting muscle plateaus.

When you enter a fight, you need to hold your nerves till the last bell to win the bout, for which, besides boxing skills and proper boxing gear like boxing gloves,headgear,rash guard etc. However, you also need stamina and speed. HIIT workouts can help you improve both. Boxers who fail to improve stamina to last for all 12 rounds of a fight are very likely to get knocked out in the early stages of the fight.

3. HIIT Workouts for Boxing 

Here are 5 of the best HIIT workouts for boxers that can help you tone your overall body shape, besides improving your fighting skills and other fitness and health benefits.

3.1. HIIT Boxing Circuit

Boxing itself is a great form of HIIT workout and holds plenty of benefits for practitioners. It helps in improving cardiovascular health, stamina, limb speed, and arm strength. This HIIT workout comprises certain boxing moves that are performed in high-intensity intervals to push you past your limits.

In the boxing HIIT circuit, you perform boxing techniques like left-right jab cross, alternating left-right hook, freestyle (a mixture of boxing punches), and jump rope or burpees for 30 seconds each without resting between these exercises.

Once you are done with all the moves, you will go for an active rest of 60 to 90 seconds walking at your normal pace before you go for the next round of this boxing HIIT circuit. You can perform this circuit 4 to 6 times, depending on your fitness level.

To keep your hands secure, make sure that you are wearing your hand wraps and boxing gloves while performing this high-intensity HIIT boxing workout.

3.2. TRX HIIT Workout

If you are looking for something new to try aside from your workout routine, the TRX HIIT workout could be the best option. This workout comprises six exercises that involve a TRX suspension trainer as well as a high-intensity interval tactic. 

To make the most of your HIIT TRX workout, you need to keep the intensity high and perform all five exercises without resting intervals. Once you are done with a cycle of the following exercises, you can rest for 60 to 90 seconds before starting the next round of this workout. You can do this workout 4 to 6 times.

Complete the circuit with

  • TRX Jump Squats - 15 reps
  • TRX Back Row - 15 reps
  • TRX Single Leg Squats - 10 reps for each leg
  • TRX Mountain Climber - 30 seconds.
  • TRX Plank - 60 seconds.

3.3. Weighted Stair Climber Intervals

If you are looking for a sort of brutal exercise that should also be a fun way to get out of your usual workout routine, go for weighted stair climber intervals. This exercise is not just high-intensity but also has the ability to do wonders for you when it comes to getting faster fitness results.

If you have stairs at your home or gym, you can perform this high-intensity workout to get in perfect boxing body shape. If you don’t have stairs, you can utilize any of the stair climber machines for this exercise.

If you are using stairs, you have to have a sandbag on your shoulders and walk or run up and down them as many times as you can within the 30-second interval, followed by a rest interval of 90 seconds.

On the other hand, if you are using a stair-climber machine, you can get a sandbag onto your shoulders and should use the machine at a faster speed for 30 seconds followed by a rest of 90 seconds.

Whichever method you use to perform this exercise, do it for 15 to 20 minutes to maximize your gains.

3.4. HIIT Dumbbell Circuit

You can also do a HIIT circuit with the help of dumbbell exercises. Combining dumbbell exercises with the HIIT workout approach will not only increase your heart rate but also increase your overall body strength.

In this HIIT circuit, you will have to do 15 reps of clean and press, 10 reps of renegade row, 10 reps of lunges with bicep curls, 10 reps of weighted burpees, and 10 reps of lunge and press.

All of these exercises will be done with dumbbells and without resting in between them before completing a circuit. Once you are done with the circuit, you will rest for 90 seconds before going for the next circuit of this workout. You can repeat this circuit 4 to 6 times.

4. Takeaway

These HIIt boxing workouts are quite beneficial for burning additional fat and maximizing calories, besides developing muscles, and strengthening the body. You are not bound to do these workouts at a gym. If you have training gear at home or office, you can do them there according to the availability of time during your busy schedule.

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