10 Boxing Exercises to Get You In A Better Fighting Shape

10 Boxing Exercises to Get You In A Better Fighting Shape

Training for a combat sport like Boxing demands full dedication. Boxing training is all about intensity. Professional boxers usually train for approximately 5 hours a day to prepare for a fight. However, following their footsteps is the best way if you need your body to be sturdy and flexible at the same time and get into the best shape.

Usually, boxers need to master a lot of fast and varied movements and techniques to be able to combat their opponents. These training exercises include a lot of running, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), sparring and mitt work, along with strength and other boxing drills.

Here are the 10 best boxing exercises to get you in your desired fighting shape:

1. Shadow Boxing

Shadow Boxing is one of the most important boxing exercises in which you have to combine all the movements into one freestyle exercising drill. Doing this helps you to develop more muscles, improve balance, and increase speed. Therefore, shadowboxing in front of a mirror enables you to check your technique and progress so you can plan instant changes in your movements.

The best thing about boxing is that you can do it anywhere. Be it in front of a TV, with your friends, waiting in line for the groceries, or anywhere else you find a mirror. Shadowboxing is like a visualization and meditation exercise for a boxer.

2. Jump Rope

One of the most classic boxing exercises that boxers do for a warm-up and cooldown more prominently is jumping a rope. This exercise helps you build a lean, strong body and improves your agility, coordination, and footwork. Jumping rope also boosts your endurance as no other exercise does.

Jump rope is also an efficient cardio exercise and is a great substitute for running. The more you jump a rope, the higher your heart rate you will get. We can say that jumping rope is a low-impact whole body weight loss and fitness exercise.

3. Sparring

Sparring is the most important exercise to train for a professional boxer. This is where you learn to fight. Standing in front of your partner in the ring, you throw jabs, combos, and even upper and lower cuts while sparring.

Training on bags and mitts only develops your boxing technique. However, training in the ring while sparring develops your fighting skills.

4. Punching Speed Bag

The speed bag is the most effective way to improve speed and hand-eye coordination. However, beginners find it hard to train with a speed bag, but practicing continuously can get you in rhythm. Using a speed bag properly also improves your blood flow in the body.

You can design small speed bag workout programs to improve your punching speed, muscle strength, punching power, and balance. Working on a speed bag also helps you in improving your stance, body movements, and specifically footwork which is a determining factor in boxing fights.

5. Punching Heavy Bag

Punching heavy bag exercise is the most practiced exercise that helps boxers to train their overall skills without the need for a partner. This exercise increases power and endurance while strengthening your shoulders, arms, chest, back, and legs.

Wear a pair of boxing gloves and throw your punches for a round of 3-minutes. Dance with the bag - punch in a series - jab, cross, hook. Usually, boxers do heavy bag exercises to train for their most powerful combinations. It’s the only way to apply the full force of your wrists behind your punches.

6. Weight training

Training with weights is best for improving your strength and muscle size. Training with weights for boxers is not like traditional bodybuilders, but their focus is more on reps instead of heavyweights.

Performing exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, squats, chin-ups with weights helps boxers in transforming their body and for better performance in the ring. Here are some of the exercises that professional boxers usually do with weights.

  • Barbell Squats: This exercise works best to improve hamstrings, quads, glutes, abs, and lower back.
  • Barbell Deadlifts: This is a full-body exercise, mainly works for quads, triceps, abs, glutes, and lower back.
  • Barbell Bench Press: This exercise works best for pecs, along with front triceps and deltoids.
  • Pull-ups: This exercise movement works the lats, with the help of the biceps and brachioradialis.
  • Dumbbell Shoulder Press: This works for the side and front triceps and deltoids.

7. Agility Ladder

The agility ladder is one of the most unique exercises you might have ever experienced. It seems so simple and easy at the start. But when you try it, you will be exhausted within a few minutes.

However, the more you do the agility ladder, the fitter you will get. This exercise is best to improve your footwork greatly, along with your coordination, timing, and balance.

8. Running

Running is an excellent yet simplest exercise whose benefits are not hidden from anyone. There is no doubt that running is the best cardio exercise. It burns your calories much faster than any other exercise.

A boxer runs for almost 4-5 miles daily. This long aerobic session prepares them for physical demands he will face within the ring. It improves strength, speed, and aerobic fitness for boxers.

9. Burpees

This is an amazing exercise to boost your strength and endurance. Doing burpees also helps fighters in quick recovery from injuries such as joint pain. This also helps in muscle growth. This is the best way to get your heart pumping around your body and gain fight-ready fitness.

10. Walking Lunges

This exercise not only builds strength in your glutes, core muscles, and legs but also helps in improving your balance and flexibility. This is also a very effective calorie-burning exercise.

11. Final Thought

Boxing training is a perfect way to build an amazing body. You can pick three sets of any of these above-mentioned workouts and perform them for 15 minutes each to get the desired results.

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