Rose Namajunas and Pat Barry Grappling with World’s Strongest Man

Rose Namajunas and Pat Barry Grappling with World’s Strongest Man

Rose Namajunas is UFC’s former Strawweight Champion. She lost her title belt earlier this year to Carla Esparza. She is scheduled to compete against Manon Fiorot at UFC Fight Night: Gane Vs. Spivac on September 2nd, 2023. Recently, Namajunas has been seen grappling with the World’s Strongest Man, Mitchell Hooper.

1. World’s Strongest Man

Hooper is a Canadian strongman who won the 2023 World’s Strongest Man competition held in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Hooper also won first place at the 2023 Arnold Strongman Classic. Hooper weighs in around 320 lbs with a 6ft 2 inches height. Hooper met Namajunas and her MMA coach Pat Barry. Hooper posted two videos on his youtube channel where he grappled with both champions and tired them out.

2. Skills Over Weight OR Weight Over Skills

Though it is said that BJJ is all about skills and techniques. The most common thing that one hears in BJJ is that even a short and lean man has an advantage over a big and stout person. But this is not true in every case. Brute strength is as important as grappling techniques. Though Namajunas is a brown belt in BJJ, she couldn’t stand the weight of Hooper. Barry, Namajunas’s coach, tapped out when Hooper tried to submit him.

Despite having a grappling advantage over Hooper, both Namajunas and Barry were unable to takedown Hooper. Hooper was heavier than Barry and two times heavier than Namajunas.

3. Mitchell Hooper Grappling with Namajunas and Barry

At first, Namajunas taught Hooper some BJJ drills and later she tried to tap out World’s strongest man but couldn’t do so. Namajunas tried to lift Hooper but instead Hooper took her down. Namajunas tried to pull Hooper to the ground but Hooper’s strong weight didn’t let her do so. Hooper was able to submit Barry by applying pressure on his arm resulting in kimura.

4. World’s Strongest Men Vs. Grapplers

This isn’t the first time that MMA fighters/grapplers have grappled against World’s Strongest Men. Gunnar Nelson, MMA fighter, grappled against Hafthor Bjornsson, the first 2020 Arnold Strongman Classic. Dustin Poirier also grappled with four time World’s Strongest Man, Brian Shaw.

Photo Credit: @Mitchell Hooper’s Youtube Video

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