Sean O’Malley “Sugar” Spoke About His Participation in BJJ Tournament in a Recent Interview

Sean O’Malley “Sugar” Spoke About His Participation in BJJ Tournament in a Recent Interview

Sean O’Malley, a mixed martial artist and a UFC Bantamweight Champion appeared in a grappling tournament on 20th September 2020. He was submitted by Robert Degle within a minute with a tight heel hook.    

In a recent interview with Grappling Industries, he spoke about the motivation behind his interest in a local grappling event. He mentioned that he enjoyed that match very much. He encouraged other athletes to come out of their comfort zone and must participate in grappling events to compete and feel their nerves. He said in an interview that:

“It’s definitely very different than walking into an Octagon knowing there are a million people on pay-per-view watching, there are seventeen thousand people in the crowd, so it’s a completely different feeling, but it was really fun; I enjoyed it.”

He further added:

“I think it is important for every athlete that is trying to compete, for sure, to do it, but even people that are not trying to be world champions, must put themselves out there, get out of their comfort zone, and feel those nerves you get to compete.”

O’Malley also delivered his message to every common man that such tournaments are not just good for athletes. According to O’Malley, the average Joe must participate in these events, not for winning the championship but to learn how to deal with their nerves and overcome their fears. His words are:

“You’re not going to feel [your nerves] anywhere else, so you might as well go out to experience them.”

Here is the Instagram link of Grappling Industries to his video interview.

Photo Credit: @sugasean

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