Rolles Gracie Jr. - 5th-degree BJJ Black Belt

Rolles Gracie Jr. - 5th-degree BJJ Black Belt

1. Rolles Gracie Jr. Details

Rolles Gracie Jr. Details

Name Rolles Gracie
Nickname “Rollezinho”
Born Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Date of Birth July 14, 1978
Weight Division Super Heavyweight
Last Weigh-in 253.1 lbs
Height 6'4"
Disclosed Career Earnings USD 15,000
College N/A
Rank 5th Degree Black Belt
Head Coach Carlinhos Gracie
Last Fight        May 23, 2015 in KSW
Favorite Position NA
Lineage Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie Sr. > Carlos Gracie Junior > Rolles Gracie
Fighting out of New York City
Team Association Renzo Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy

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2. Rolles Gracie Jr. Biography

2.1. Who is Rolles Gracie?

Rolles Gracie Jr. is a renowned 5th-degree BJJ black belt. He is the son of Rolls Gracie and is widely known as a third-generation martial arts member of Gracies.

2.2. Rolles Gracie Early Life Phase

Rolles Gracie Jr was born on 14 July 1978 in Brazil. Rolles’s passion for jiu-jitsu was in his genes which he received from his father and Grandfather, founder of Gracie BJJ. His Grandfather, Carlos Gracie Sr. is famous as the family’s most iconic fighter.

Rolles Gracie started his BJJ training at the age of 6. But after his father’s death, he stopped practicing jiu-jitsu for some time.

2.3. Rolles Gracie’s Judo Learning

In 1998, Rolles Gracie and his mother moved to Boca Raton. That place did not have any closeby jiu-jitsu coaching institutes so he decided to perform the Judo. Rolles was trained there under the supervision of wrestling instructor Bob Anderson and learned different types of techniques including Greco-Roman wrestling, Freestyle wrestling, and Judo’s modified form, Sambo.

Gracie learned the Judo effectively and amazingly showcased his skills in different competitions. But after a year, Gracie returned to BJJ mats and again started his jiu-jitsu journey with the assistance of his uncle, Rilion Gracie. Rolles learned the various grappling techniques at his uncle’s academy which was located at Santa Catarina, South of Brazil.

2.4. Training under Carlinhos

Rolles Gracie not only trained under the Rilion Gracie but also learned the advanced BJJ techniques under the supervision of his other uncle, Carlinhos Gracie who was providing coaching at Gracie Barra Rio de Janeiro.

2.5. Entrance in Mixed Martial Arts

In 2004, Rolles Gracie’cousin Renzo Gracie invited him to America to provide coaching classes with him. Then after moving there, Gracie not only provided training with his cousin but also assisted him in his MMA's preparation. Meanwhile, his interest in Mixed Martial Arts was also developed and he also started his MMA career. He competed in various MMA tournaments including International Fight League.

2.6. Rolles Gracie’s MMA Sparring

In 2009, Rolles Gracie joined Greg Jackson’s team and learned some major MMA techniques while training at the Albuquerque-based squad.

2.7. Promising Personality of Renzo Gracie Academy

Rolles Gracie Jr has been a significant part of Renzo Gracie Academy. He served as a leading instructor there and also represented the Renzo Academy in different seminars. His top clients include United States Navy Seals, New York Jets, Fort Myers Police Academy, NYPD, and many more.

2.8. Achievements and Titles

Rolles Gracie was an accomplished athlete with numerous fighting capabilities. He exceptionally performed in different fields including BJJ, Judo, and MMA. He was awarded the winning titles at different competitions including the No-Gi Pan-American Champion, Boston Open Absolute Champion, Brazilian National Championship, World Championships, New York Open Gi and No-Gi Champion, Gold Metal Miami Dade Open, Gold Metal Sunshine States Game, Abu-Pro world championship and many more.

2.9. Competition of Rolles and his Students

In 1975, Rolles and his various students competed against the Karate Institute. All those matches were recorded and became a part of the first "Gracies in Action" tape.

2.10. Controversial Black Belt

On 2nd January 2004, a controversy spread in the entire BJJ community when he awarded the black belt to UFC Top Fighter, Rashad Evans. The entire BJJ community and media criticize Gracie's decision.

3. Rolles Gracie Jr. Top Historic Fights

3.1. Rolles Gracie vs Tsuyoshi Kosaka

In the 2001 ADCC Championship, Rolles Gracie Jr. faced Tsuyoshi Kosaka. The audience witnessed the thrilling performance of both strong fighters. In the last few minutes, Rolles Gracie successfully applied the submission technique and won the match.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2001 ADCC Tsuyoshi Kosaka Win Submission N/A N/A

3.2. Rolles Gracie vs Derrick Mehmen

In the 2013 WSOF Championship, Rolles Gracie competed against Derrick Mehmen. Both fighters displayed aggressive behavior. Mehmen hit Gracie with the punches and won the match.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
14 September, 2013 WSOF 5: Arlovski vs. Kyle Derrick Mehmen Loss Punch R2 Heavyweight

4. Rolles Gracie Jr. BJJ Professional Record Breakdown

Matches Wins Losses
By Submission 1 0
By Decision 0 1
Other 3 3

5. Rolles Gracie Jr. MMA Professional Record Breakdown

Matches 8 Wins 4 Losses
By TKO 1 4
By Submission 7 0
By Decision 0 0
By Draws 0 0
No contests 0 0

6. Rolles Gracie BJJ Fight History

Opponent W/L Method Competition Weight Stage Year
Fabrício Werdum L N/A ADCC Heavyweight Championship +99 KG F 2007
Mario Rinaldi W N/A ADCC Championship +99 KG 2F 2007
Marcio Cruz W N/A ADCC Championship +99 KG SF 2007
Rick Macauley W N/A ADCC Championship Open Weight N/A 2007
Marcelo Garcia L N/A ADCC Championship Open Weight 2F 2007
Tsuyoshi Kosaka W Submission ADCC N/A N/A 2001
John Olav Einemo L N/A ADCC Championships 218 lbs (99.0 kg) N/A 2001
Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro L Referee Decision World Championship Featherweight Final 1997

7. Rolles Gracie MMA Fight History

Opponent W/L Method Competition Weight Stage Year
Mariusz Pudzianowski L TKO KSW 31: Materla vs. Drwal Heavyweight R1 23 May, 2015
Karol Bedorf L TKO Challenger · KSW Heavyweight Championship Heavyweight R1 4 October, 2014
Derrick Mehmen L TKO WSOF 5: Arlovski vs. Kyle Heavyweight R2 14 September, 2013
Yusuke Kawaguchi W Arm Triangle Choke Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye Heavyweight R1 31 December, 2012
Tony Bonello W Rear Naked Choke ONE FC 5: Pride of a Nation Heavyweight R3 13 August, 2012
Bob Sapp W TKO ONE FC 2: Battle of Heroes Heavyweight R1 11 February, 2012
Lee Mein W Arm Triangle Choke Wreck MMA 8 Heavyweight R1 28 October, 2011
Braden Bice W Submission Universal Combat Championship Heavyweight R1 22 April, 2011
Joey Beltran L TKO UFC 109: Relentless Heavyweight R2 6 February, 2010
Peter Graham W Submission Art of War Fighting Championship Heavyweight R1 26 September, 2009
Baga Agaev W Submission Art of War Fighting Championship Heavyweight   23 May 2009
Sam Holloway W Rear Naked Choke  Team Championship Final Heavyweight R1 20 September,2007

Photo Credit: @rollesgracie

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