Marcelo Garcia, The ADCC GOAT (Greatest of All Times)

Marcelo Garcia, The ADCC GOAT (Greatest of All Times)

1. Marcelo Garcia’s Details

Name Marcelo Garcia
Nickname Marcelinho
Born Formiga, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Age 40
Date of Birth 17 January 1983
Weight 82Kg (181 lbs)
Weight Division Peso Médio  82 Kg -181 lbs
Last Weigh-in 77kg
Height 5’8’’
Foundational Style BJJ
Career Disclosed Earnings N/A
College University N/A
Rank 4th Degree Black Belt
Head Coach Master Fabio Gurgel
Last Fight ADCC 2011
Favorite Technique Arm-drag, X-Guard, Butterfly Guard, Guillotine, and Mata Leao
Lineage Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie > Helio Gracie > Rolls Gracie > Romero Cavalcanti > Fabio Gurgel > Marcelo Garcia.
Team Association Team Alliance

2. Marcelo’s Biography

Marcelo Garcia, also known as Marcelinho, is a fourth-degree Black Belt under Master Fabio Gurgel. He is four times ADCC Champion and five times World Champion. He is among the Best Grapplers of all time. He is now running his own academy in New York and producing BJJ champions.  

2.1. Admirer of  Martial Arts from Early Childhood

Garcia was fond of action movies. He liked movies like The Karate Kid and Enter the Dragon and action artists like Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee. These movies grabbed the attention of little Garcia toward martial arts. Marcelo lived in a small town in Brazil BJJ was not famous. BJJ was famous in the big cities of Brazil.    

2.2. Joined Karate at a Young Age

He joined Karate school in this small town at the age of 8. He also did Japanese Jiu-Jitsu along with Karate. Marcelo learned Karate with sheer motivation and attention. He appeared in various local Karate tournaments. These Tournaments raised his confidence.     

2.3. Stopped Training Karate

After training for four years in Karate and Japanese Jiu-Jitsu, Marcelo realized that the toughness of Karate is not suitable for him. He thought that these rigid and tough movements of Judo are not effective in self-defense. Besides his immense struggles in Karate, Marcelo left Karate.  

2.4. Enlisted in Judo Session

After one year of leaving Karate training, Marcelo was invited to a Judo class by his friend. Marcelo did not like Judo at first. His prior point of view was that a grappler cannot overcome a striker.

When his friend continuously insisted, Marcelo decided to give it a try. He joined the Judo session. He started training under Fabiano de Souza. Marcelo liked the aggressiveness of Judo. 

2.5. Achievements in Judo

Marcelo was a very dedicated and favorite student of Fabiano de Souza. He was always on the mat learning something new and never missed any class. Marcelo loved Judo training and started appearing in local tournaments. His winning streaks raised his confidence and his love for Judo. 

2.6. Started Attending Jiu-Jitsu Sessions

Marcelo noticed that his instructor was taking Jiu-Jitsu sessions under Rickson Gracie in Divinopolis. BJJ is something unfamiliar and new to Marcelo. Marcelo also decided to follow in the footsteps of his instructor and joined BJJ sessions.

He asked his instructor and after permission joined the Jiu-Jitsu session in another city near his town named Divinopolis. At the start, he used to train three times a week.

2.7. His Interest Diverted Towards BJJ

At the start, his interest in Jiu-Jitsu was basically due to the efficiency of Judo. But with time, his interests diverted towards Jiu-Jitsu. He regularly started visiting Iran Brasileiro Academy three times a week to train in Jiu-Jitsu.

Marcelo tried his luck in an international tournament. He did not execute his game as planned and lost in his first match. But this defeat could not stop him from the training and he decided to give it another try. He started studying BJJ techniques in various BJJ magazines and practiced them with his partners. 

2.8. Visited Gracie Barra Academy

Marcelo heard about an academy named Gracie Barra in the Ribeirão Preto. This academy was in his state Sao Paulo but Ribeirao is very far from his hometown. But this distance did not alienate him from his first love, Gracie Barra.

In Gracie barra, he saw new styles and techniques of BJJ like spider guard and half guard. These are the techniques he did not know before. He realized that he can never become a big BJJ grappler in Divinopolis. 

2.9. Worked as Errand Boy at Paulo’s Academy to Learn BJJ

Before he decided to join any BJJ academy, he met with Paulo Rezende in a state tournament who invited Marcelo to join his BJJ academy. Rezende offered to join his academy in Poco de Caldas. He offered Marcelo training without any charges and a place to sleep in the gym.

In return, Marcelo had to work as an errand boy and had to do small chores. Marcelo found it a big opportunity and accepted his offer. At the age of 16, Marcelo traveled 10 hours away from his house with the permission of his parents and joined Paulo’s academy.  

2.10. Intense Training Sessions 

Paulo’s gym is now Marcelo’s second home. He trained four times a day. His first session started at 6 am. Then he did the second session at 8 am. His third session was 3 pm and his fourth session was at 7 pm.

Marcelo took great advantage of this opportunity. Judo's background also helped him to improve in BJJ. in the next few years he started fighting in the junior division. 

2.11. Prodigy from Junior Division Outperformed Adults

When Marcelo competed in the junior division, his coach enrolled him in the adult absolute division tournament. This was a big challenge for Marcelo but he accepted this challenge. He fought that tournament very professionally and reached the final.

It was the time when there was no scoring system and time limit in IBJJF rules. This was a great victory for Marcelo which helped him to shoot up his confidence level.  

2.12. Financial Problems during BJJ Career

Marcelo faced various financial problems at the start of his journey. His dedication to BJJ always kept him traveling from one place to another and hustling to take part in big tournaments. Once Marcelo traveled to Rio de Janeiro but unfortunately failed to enter due to an entrance fee problem.

2.13. Met his Future Wife Tatiana

Marcelo met with his future wife, Tatiana in the BJJ tournament where he did not have money to pay the entrance fee. Tatiana is a BJJ Black Belt and at the time of their first encounter belonged to the management of that organization. She convinced his fellows to allow Marcelo to compete.

After winning that tournament, both got into a relationship and later, married. Tatiana also supported Marcelo in his career after that event. She is the one who convinced him to move to Sao Paulo and continue BJJ.  

2.14. Moved to Sao Paulo to Pursue his Career in BJJ

After winning the state championship and the World Championship, Marcelo built trust in and gained the most needed confidence. Tatiana convinced Marcelo that he should go to Sao Paulo to make success in his BJJ career. He should work for a bigger team.

2.15. Joined Terere’s Academy as Assistant Coach

Marcelowas invited by Fernando Augusto’s “Terere” academy to work as an assistant coach. Marcelo took this opportunity to go to Sao Paulo and joined the world famous BJJ institute as an assistant coach. 

2.16. Worked as Assistant Coach in Alliance

During his stay in Terere, Marcelo was invited by Master Fabio Gurgel to join Alliance headquarters as an assistant coach. Due to financial problems faced during his stay in Terere, Marcelo accepted the General’s invitation at first and joined Alliance as an assistant coach.

He partnered with Fabio Gurgel. This was the time when Marcelo gained financial stability. Master Fabio Gurgel was a famous instructor even at that time so Marcelo availed of his skills and learned a lot. Master Fabio Gurgel was the coach who promoted him to Black Belt.  

2.17. Humble and Kind Person

Marcelo Garcia is a very kind and humble person. He earned the name and honor of his students not just due to his BJJ skills and teaching style but also due to his kind, meek, communicative, and understanding personality.

He is not just an experienced and nice person to his gym but also very loving to his family. He was also very kind and living to his parents. He upgraded his father’s 1984s Volkswagen with a 2000 Ford Focus with his earnings from the competitions.  

2.18. Joined Florida MMA Academy

Marcelo tried to accept new challenges and joined Florida MMA academy to train in MMA. But he lost his first match due to a cut near his eye in the first round and the doctor stopped the fight. This was the first and last match of his MMA career.

In march 2010, he announced that he will not participate in MMA anymore and wanted to focus on his students and academy. He returned back to BJJ with his full devotion.

2.19. Promoted to Black Belt 

While serving at Alliance as an assistant coach, Marcelo was promoted to Black Belt by Fabio Gurgel in 2002.

2.20. ADCC Champion x 4 and IBJJF Champion x 5 

Marcelo Garcia is four times World champion. Once in ADCC trials when he lost his final with 1 point against Daniel Moraes, he was not selected for ADCC Championship according to ADCC rules, he was invited as a replacement for another fighter Denis Hallman. He won the ADCC Championship by defeating Renzo Gracie and Vitor Ribeiro.

2.21. Inducted in ADCC Hall of Fame

After Roger Gracie was first, and Andre Galvao was second, Marcelo Garcia is the third person who is honored to be inducted into the ADCC Hall of Fame.

Marcelo Garcia is the only competitor who won the 66-76 Kg division 4 times. He defeated various big names in ADCC matches like Kron Gracie and Ricco Rodriguez and was inducted into the ADCC Hall of Fame.

2.22. Launched his Owns BJJ Academy

Marcelo Garcia launched his own academy in New York and kept his focus on his academy and students. His academy is considered one of the most renowned academies in New York.

To facilitate students away from New York, Marcelo Garcia also gave online sessions and also made instructional videos on different websites.  

2.23. Trained Big Names in BJJ

Various big names in MMA are produced under Marcelo Garcia. His first two Black Belts are Josh Waitzkin and Alexandre Meadows. Other top Black Belts include Bernardo Faria, Matheus Dinis, Gianni Grippo, Dillon Danis, and Marcus Tinoco.  

2.24. Fighting Style

In various international tournaments, Marcelo performed as a killer giant and defeated various big names. He used the butterfly guard as a base and changed it into the open guard with his dynamic skills. X guard and single leg X guard are used by Marcelo as secondary guards to apply butterfly guard.

Marcelo also had a variety of submission attacks in his BJJ history. He is well known for various Chokes, Guillotine, RNC, and North-South chokes. Marcelo is also famous for arm drag which is basically a wrestling technique. His Judo and Karate background shaped his skills beyond limits. 

3. Historic Fights of Marcelo Garcia

3.1. Marcelo Garcia Vs. Victor Estima

In ADCC 2011, Garcia faced Victor Estima in the Quater final. ADCC 2011 was the last tournament of Marcelo Garcia who retired from BJJ to focus on his academy. This was one of its historic matches for Garcia. Victor tried to take down Garcia but Gacia countered by applying Guillotin and submitted Victor within one minute.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2011 ADCC Championship  Victor Estima Win Guillotine Quarterfinal -77kg

3.2. Marcelo Garcia Vs. Leonardo Vieira

Marcelo Garcia faced Leo Vieira in the final of ADCC 2011. This was also the last match of Marcelo Garcia’s BJJ career.

Marcelo took down Leo from the start of the match. During the whole match, Leo tried his best to escape. But Marcelo did not let him escape. Marcelo tried to strangle his head from the front and applied a triangle choke. At the end of the match, Marcelo submitted Leo with this triangle choke.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2011 ADCC Championship  Leo Vieira Win Triangle Choke Final -77kg

3.3. Marcelo Garcia Vs. Rolles Gracie

In this fight, Marcelo Garcia was against Rolles Gracie in ADCC 2007. Rolles Gracie took down Marcelo Garcia and scored two points.

He mounted Garcia with full force and applied pressure with his full weight. Garcia tried his best in the match to escape. He applied full guard and single leg X guard. But Gracie did not allow him to escape.   

At the end of the match, Garcia applied an Armbar to Rolls, and resultantly Rolls was in need of medical assistance. Marcelo Garci was announced as the winner of the match.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2007 ADCC Championship  Rolls Gracie Win Armbar Eliminatory Absolute

4. Marcelo’s Main Achievements

4.1. Marcelo Garcia’s International Tournaments

Year Event Weight division
2003 ADCC Championship 77kg
2004 IBJJF World Championship 82kg
2004 CBJJ Brazilian National 82kg
2005 ADCC Championship 77kg
2006 IBJJF World Championship 82kg
2006 CBJJ Brazilian National 82 kg/Absolute
2007 IBJJF Pan Championship 82kg
2007 ADCC Championship 77kg
2009 IBJJF World Championship 82kg
2010 IBJJF World Championship 82kg
2011 IBJJF World Championship 82kg
2011 ADCC Championship 77kg

4.2. Marcelo Garcia’s Black Belt Achievements

Year Event Belt Position
2003 ADCC Championship Black Belt 1st
2004 IBJJF World Championship Black Belt 1st
2004 CBJJ Brazilian National Black Belt 1st
2005 ADCC Championship Black Belt 1st
2006 IBJJF World Championship Black Belt 1st
2006 CBJJ Brazilian National Black Belt 1st
2007 IBJJF Pan Championship Black Belt 1st
2007 ADCC Championship Black Belt 1st
2009 IBJJF World Championship Black Belt 1st
2010 IBJJF World Championship Black Belt 1st
2011 IBJJF World Championship Black Belt 1st
2011 ADCC Championship Black Belt 1st

5. Professional Record Breakdown of Marcelo Garcia

5.1. Marcelo Garcia’s Professional Record Break

101 Matches 84 Wins 17 Losses
By Submissions 55 6
By  Points 25 9
By Advantages 2 1
By Penalties 1 1
By DQ 1 0

5.2. Marcelo Garcia’s Submission Methods

Method 55 Wins 6 Lose
RNC 16 0
Choke 8 0
North South Choke 6 0
Heel Hook 1 0
Choke From Back 1 1
Triangle 1 2
Armbar 11 0
Guillotine 8 0
Wristlock 1 0
Crucifix Choke 1 0
Submission 1 0
Darce 0 1
Kimura 0 1
Inverted Katagatame 0 1

6. Marcelo Garcia’s Fight History

Year Competition Opponent W/L Method Weight
2002 Brasileiro Unknown W Points ABS
2002 Brasileiro Alexandre Dantas L Pts: 9x0 ABS
2003 Team Nationals Alexandre Dantas W Pts: 2x2, Adv O88KG
2003 Team Nationals Marco Antonio W Armbar O88KG
2003 ADCC Trials Unknown W Points 77KG
2003 ADCC Trials Aloisio Barros W RNC 77KG
2003 ADCC Trials Daniel Moraes L Pen 77KG
2003 ADCC Kiuma Kunioku W RNC 77KG
2003 ADCC Renzo Gracie W Pts: 9x0 77KG
2003 ADCC Vitor Shaolin W RNC 77KG
2003 ADCC Otto Olsen W RNC 77KG
2003 ADCC Mike Van Arsdale W RNC ABS
2003 ADCC Marcio Cruz L Pts: 6x0 ABS
2003 World Champ. Alexandre Dantas L Points ABS
2003 World Champ. Roberto Fonseca W Pts: 7x0 82KG
2003 World Champ. Bruno Fernandes W Pts: 6x0 82KG
2003 World Champ. Marcelo Brito W Armbar 82KG
2003 World Champ. Fernando Terere L Triangle 82KG
2004 BB Challenge 3 Eduardo Santoro W Pts: 11x0 82KG
2004 Best Fighters Ronaldo Souza L Pts: 3x2 ABS
2004 Brasileiro Marcio Corleta W Choke ABS
2004 Brasileiro Eric Wanderlei W Choke ABS
2004 Brasileiro Alexandre Ribeiro L Pts: 6x0 ABS
2004 Brasileiro Felipe Cranivata W Points 82KG
2004 Brasileiro Flávio Serafim W Armbar 82KG
2004 Sub. de Campos Babalu Sobral W Pts: 6x0 ABS
2004 Sub. de Campos Gabriel Gonzaga W Pts: 4x0 ABS
2004 Sub. de Campos Marcos Oliveira W RNC ABS
2004 Sub. de Campos Thales Leites W RNC 87KG
2004 Sub. de Campos Bruno Bastos W RNC 87KG
2004 Sub. de Campos Leonardo Nascimento W Armbar 87KG
2004 World Champ. Flavio Serafim W Choke 82KG
2004 World Champ. Cassio Werneck W Pts: 9x0 82KG
2004 World Champ. Roger Gracie L Pts: 8x2 ABS
2004 Japan Open Fernando Terere L Pts: 4x0 82KG
2004 SJ da Barra Rodrigo Riscado W RNC ABS
2005 Budo Challenge Cameron Earl L Pts: 3x1 87KG
2005 ADCC Chris Brennan W Injury 77KG
2005 ADCC Shinya Aoki W RNC 77KG
2005 ADCC Leonardo Santos W Pts: 0x0, Pen 77KG
2005 ADCC Pablo Popovitch W Wristlock 77KG
2005 ADCC Ricco Rodriguez W Heel Hook ABS
2005 ADCC Diego Sanchez W Armbar ABS
2005 ADCC Ronaldo Souza L Kimura ABS
2005 ADCC Alexandre Ribeiro W RNC ABS
2006 World Champ. Zorobabel M. W Points 82KG
2006 World Champ. Murilo Santana W Pts: 2x0 82KG
2006 World Champ. Daniel Moraes W DQ 82KG
2006 World Champ. Andre Galvao W Pts: 2x0 82KG
2006 World Champ. T. Gaia W Choke ABS
2006 World Champ. Robert Drysdale W Pts: 3x0 ABS
2006 World Champ. Roger Gracie L Choke from back ABS
2006 PSL: X-Mission Jake Shields W Guillotine ABS
2006 LA Sub-X Cameron Earle W North south choke ABS
2006 Brasileiro Gustavo Campos W Armbar 82KG
2006 Brasileiro Andre Galvao W Pts: 8x2 82KG
2006 Brasileiro Roberto Abreu W Crucifix choke ABS
2006 Brasileiro Adriano Camolesi W Armbar ABS
2006 Brasileiro Andre Galvao W Choke from back ABS
2006 Brasileiro Demian Maia W Pts: 2x0 ABS
2007 Grapplers Quest Marcos Avellan W RNC ABS
2007 Grapplers Quest Gregor Gracie W North south choke ABS
2007 Pan American Rodrigo Texieira W Armbar 82KG
2007 Pan American Adriano Silva W Armbar 82KG
2007 Pan American Edson Diniz W Choke 82KG
2007 ADCC Mario Miranda W North South choke ABS
2007 ADCC Rolles Gracie W Armbar ABS
2007 ADCC A. Cacareco W RNC ABS
2007 ADCC Robert Drysdale L Darce ABS
2007 ADCC George Sotiropoulos W Guillotine 77KG
2007 ADCC Kurt Pellegrino W RNC 77KG
2007 ADCC Mike Fowler W Guillotine 77KG
2007 ADCC Pablo Popovitch W North south choke 77KG
2009 World Pro. Elmoutti Azedine W Choke ABS
2009 World Pro. Eduardo Santoro W Points ABS
2009 World Pro. Victor Estima W Choke ABS
2009 World Pro. Braulio Estima L Triangle ABS
2009 World Pro. Michel Maia W RNC 76KG
2009 World Pro. Michael Langhi L Adv 76KG
2009 ADCC Rodney Ellis W Guillotine 77KG
2009 ADCC Kron Gracie W Guillotine 77KG
2009 ADCC Keita Nakamura W Guillotine 77KG
2009 ADCC Pablo Popovitch L Pts: 3x0 77KG
2009 ADCC Bruno Bastos W RNC ABS
2009 ADCC Braulio Estima L Inverted Katagatame ABS
2009 World Champ. Nik Ruben W Choke 82KG
2009 World Champ. Tiago Alves W Adv 82KG
2009 World Champ. Lucas Leite W Pts: 6x0 82KG
2010 World Champ. Chico Mendes W North South choke 82KG
2010 World Champ. Bruno Alves W North South choke 82KG
2010 World Champ. Murilo Santana W Pts: 8x2 82KG
2010 World Champ. Kayron Gracie W Pts: 5x0 82KG
2010 World Champ. Claudio Calasans W Pts: 2x0 82KG
2011 World Champ. Unknown W Pts: 5x0 82KG
2011 World Champ. Vitor Oliveira W Submission 82KG
2011 World Champ. Victor Estima W Pts: 3x0 82KG
2011 World Champ. Gustavo Campos W Armbar 82KG
2011 World Champ. Lucas Leite W Pts: 2x0 82KG
2011 ADCC Davis Heart W Guillotine 77KG
2011 ADCC Victor Estima W Guillotine 77KG
2011 ADCC Kron Gracie W Pts: 2x0 77KG
2011 ADCC Leonardo Vieira W Triangle 77KG

7. Marcelo Garcia Top Fight Links

Marcelo Garcia VS Lucas Leite / World Championship 2009

Marcelo Garcia vs Alexandre Cacareco Ferreira ADCC 2007 Absolute Match BJJ VS Luta Livre

Marcelo Garcia VS Tiago Alves / World Championship 2009

Marcelo Garcia vs Leo Vieira - ADCC 2011

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