Mathias Luna - BJJ Black Belt Champion

Mathias Luna - BJJ Black Belt Champion

1. Mathias Luna’s Details

Mathias Luna’s Details


Jose Mathias Macedo de Lira Luna




Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil

Date of Birth

February 21, 1995

Weight Division

Meio Pesado (88.30 kg / 195.0 lbs)

Last Weight-in




Disclosed Career Earnings



Black Belt

Last Fight


Favorite Position

Distance Guard Passing

Head Coach

Lucas Leite




Carlos Gracie > Helio Gracie > Rolls Gracie > Romero Cavalcanti > Leonardo Vieira > Lucas Leite / Ricardo Feliciano > Mathias Luna

Fighting out of


Team Association


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2. Mathias Luna’s Biography

Mathias Luna is an elite BJJ black belt under Lucas Leite and Ricardo Felicaino. Throughout his avenue of jiu-jitsu , he has achieved multiple titles and performs eagerly against the best BJJ fighters vying for victory. Luna vanquished Ronaldo Junior and became the American National Champion in 2021. Mathias along with his twin brother Matheus worked hard to achieve black belts. 

2.1. Mathias Luna’s Early Life

Mathias Luna was born on 21, February 1995 in the capital of Brazil. His twin brother's name is Matheus Luna, and both kids were energetic and active. During school, Mathias and Matheus took part in various sports including Soccer, handball, volleyball, and basketball. Luna was prejudiced by his neighbour who was learning jiu jitsu in a social project. When Mathias was 16 he began the journey of BJJ along with his brother. 

2.2. Mathias Luna’s Rank Advancement

Luna brothers started their training under the coaches Júlio e Rodrigo Salustino and Fábio Rodrigues at the local social project. Mathias and Matheus become more ambitious and determined in the sport. To flourish their aptitude they joined the Barreto Brother’s Academy. Luna went from white to purple rank under Thiago and Bruno Barreto.

In the year 2017, he became a member of the Checkmat Jiu Jitsu . Later, Matheus and Mathias moved to the United States to earn a living from a sport. Moreover, they can avail better opportunities to compete in the best tournament circuit.

Soon Mathias began to compete at the international level and secured gold medals in several events including UAEJJF Abu Dhabi Pro, IBJJF World Championship, IBJJF European Open, ROYAL III Invitational, ACBJJ American National, and UAEJJF Abu Dhabi Pro as a purple belt. In 2019, he competed in UAEJJF Abu Dhabi Pro and got a bronze medal as a brown belt. 

2.3. Mathias Luna’s Black Belt Promotion

Mathias is emerging as one of the top BJJ athletes and earned a brown belt under Pantcho in the year of 2018. Henceforth, he joined the academy of a well-known coach Lucas Leite. On August 24, 2019, Mathias and his twin had the advancement in rank, promoted to Black Belt by Leite and Feliciano. 

2.4. Mathias Luna’s BJJ Career

Matias began his jiu-jitsu black belt expedition, competing against the top grapplers in national and international championships. Mathias's tremendous performance fetched him 1st place in IBJJF American National in 2021 and 2023. He has a vast list of victories in the IBJJF Pan Championship, IBJJF World Championship and, IBJJF American Nationals. Mathias is among the most leading and sturdy jiu-jitsu athletes, talking about his passion he states:

“Jiu-Jitsu is a hard sport and there are days where you might want to stop training or take a break, but as soon as you stop, you stop seeing your progress.”

2.5. Mathias Luna’s Future Plans

Matias is an avid fighter and amazing grappler, his consistency in the sport is increasing the performance. Owing to his momentous techniques in the competition he aspired to train the young fighters in the future by building his academy. 

“My aspirations in this sport would be to open my own academy and train students so that they could also hopefully be World Champions.”

3. Mathias Luna’s Historic Fights

3.1. Mathias Luna vs Jay Jay Wilson

In the year 2018, a seven-minute exciting match was held between the top two fighters Mathias Luna and Jay Jay Wilson. It was a profound match as both of the grapplers wanted to drag the opponent on the mat. Mathias won the fight based on the points.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2018 Royal III Jay Jay Wilson Win Points N/A N/A

3.2. Mathias Luna vs Erich Munis

In the Pan Championship 2023, Mathias Luna and Enrich Munis competed against each other. Both Luna and Munis wanted to attempt submissions but were not successful in getting the tap out. Munis won the match based on the points.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2023 Pan Championship Erich Munis Loss Points Semi-Final Open Class

3.3. Mathias Luna vs Ronaldo Júnior

In the final stage of American National 2021, Mathias Luna fights with Ronaldo Junior who is a black belt champion. The match lasted for ten minutes and both of the fighters attempted hard to put down the other. None of them secured the points till the middle of the match. After a while, both of them were able to secure equal points and Ronaldo got a penalty. In the end, Mathias won the match by the referee's decision. 

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2021 American National  Ronaldo Júnior Win Decision Final Middle

4. Mathias Luna’s National and International Achievements

4.1. Mathias Luna’s Main Achievements (Black Belt)

Year Event Belt Position
2023  IBJJF American Nationals Black 1st Place
2023  IBJJF American Nationals Black 3rd Place
2022  IBJJF Pan Championship Black 3rd Place
2021  IBJJF American Nationals Black 1st Place
2019  IBJJF World Championship NOGI Black 3rd Place

4.2. Mathias Luna’s Main Achievements (Colored Belt)

Year Event Belt Position
2019  IBJJF World Championship NoGi Brown 1st Place
2019  UAEJJF Abu Dhabi Pro Brown 1st Place
2018  ACBJJ American Nationals Purple 1st Place
2018  ROYAL III Invitational Purple 1st Place
2018  IBJJF World Championship Purple 1st Place
2018  UAEJJF Abu Dhabi Pro Purple 1st Place
2018  IBJJF European Open Purple 1st Place
2017  IBJJF World Championship Purple 1st Place
2017  UAEJJF Abu Dhabi Pro Purple 1st Place
2017  IBJJF World Championship Purple 3rd Place
2016  IBJJF World Championship Blue 1st Place
2015  UAEJJF Abu Dhabi Pro Blue 1st Place

5. Mathias Luna’s BJJ Professional Breakdown

Matches 84 wins 48 losses
By points  33 26
By advantages  6 6
By submission  36 6
By decision  7 6
By penalties  2 2
Draw  2

5.1. Methods of Submission

Methods 36 Wins 6 Loss
Choke from Back  6 2
Triangle 5 0
Armbar  3 1
Toe Hold 2 0
Arm in Ezekiel 1 0
Bow and Arrow 1 0
Clock Choke 1 0
Americana  1 0
RNC  6 2
Submission 4 0
Cross Choke 2 0
Straight Ankle Lock 1 0
Triangle Armbar  1 0
Triangle Arm Lock 1 0
Kimura Triangle 1 0
Inside Heel Lock 0 1

6. Mathias Luna’s BJJ Fight History

Opponent W/L Method Competition Weight Stage Year
Guthierry Barbosa W Referee Decision Grand Slam LA 85KG 4F 2019
Manuel Ribamar L Pts: 2x0 Grand Slam LA 85KG SF 2019
Mauricio Oliveira L Pts: 2x0 Grand Slam LA 85KG 3RD 2019
Daniel Hampton W Clock choke Phoenix Open 88KG SF 2019
Jake Watson L Pts: 2x0 Phoenix Open 88KG F 2019
N/A W Kimura-triangle Phoenix Open ABS R1 2019
N/A W Americana Phoenix Open ABS 4F 2019
Eduardo Avelar W Triangle Phoenix Open ABS SF 2019
Jake Watson L DQ Phoenix Open ABS F 2019
Edwin Najmi L RNC World Festival ABS SPF 2019
Vinicius Garcia W Points Houston FO 88KG SF 2019
Hunter Newton W Pts: 2x0 Houston FO 88KG F 2019
Vinicius Garcia W Adv Houston FO ABS 4F 2019
Ronaldo Junior L Pen SJJIF Worlds 88KG 4F 2019
Lucas Alves W RNC NoGi Worlds 85KG R1 2019
Servio Tulio W Straight ankle lock NoGi Worlds 85KG 4F 2019
Manuel Ribamar L Pts: 0x0, Adv NoGi Worlds 85KG SF 2019
Adriano Araujo L Pts: 3x2 Grand Slam AD 77KG R1 2020
Bruno Lima W Arm in Ezekiel European Open ABS R1 2020
Matheus Felipe W Pts: 2x0 European Open ABS R2 2020
Keenan Cornelius L RNC European Open ABS 4F 2020
Alexandre Cavaliere W Triangle armbar European Open 88KG R1 2020
Tommy Langaker L Pts: 6x6, Pen European Open 82KG 4F 2020
Carlos Souza W Referee Decision F2W 148 84KG SPF 2020
Michael Liera L Pts: 9x1 Grand Slam MIA 77KG R1 2020
S. Viayra W Pts: 4x4, Adv Pan American ABS R1 2020
Jake Watson L DQ Pan American ABS 8F 2020
Raphael Rosendo W Referee Decision Pan American 76KG R1 2020
Jonnatas Gracie L Choke from back Pan American 76KG 8F 2020
Arturo Salas W Pts: 3x1 Grand Slam AD 85KG R1 2021
Wellington Luis L Referee Decision Grand Slam AD 85KG 4F 2021
Lionel Bareiro W Pts: 10x1 Grand Slam AD 85KG RPC 2021
Tommy Langaker L Pts: 5x4 Grand Slam AD 85KG 3RD 2021
Andy Murasaki W Referee Decision WP BR Qualifier 77KG 4F 2021
Luiz Paulo W Pts: 2x2 WP BR Qualifier 77KG SF 2021
Andre Cantanhede L Referee Decision WP BR Qualifier 77KG F 2021
Jonnatas Gracie L Pts: 2x0 EUG 2 77KG 4F 2021
Rene Flores W Cross choke American Nats 82KG R1 2021
Romualdo Andrade W Points American Nats 82KG 4F 2021
Lucas Valle W Pts: 8x0 American Nats 82KG SF 2021
Ronaldo Junior W Pts: 2x2, Pen American Nats 82KG F 2021
Rafael Anjos L Referee Decision F2W 180 83KG SPF 2021
Jake Watson W Pts: 4x0 Pan American ABS 8F 2021
Austin Baker L Pts: 5x0 Pan American ABS 4F 2021
Enrique March W Choke from back Pan American 82KG R1 2021
Lucas Valle L Pts: 10x4 Pan American 82KG 8F 2021
Pierre Leclerc L Inside heel hook BJJ Fanatics ABS R1 2021
Jay Jay Wilson W Pts: 6x0 NoGi Worlds 79KG R2 2021
Rodrigo Gortari W RNC NoGi Worlds 79KG 8F 2021
Hugo Marques L Pts: 0x0, Adv NoGi Worlds 79KG 4F 2021
Caio Caetano W Triangle JJ CON 82KG 4F 2021
Eduardo Avelar W Pts: 0x0, Adv JJ CON 82KG SF 2021
Italo Moura W Pts: 2x0 JJ CON 82KG F 2021
Rafael Anjos W Pts: 4x2 World Champ. 82KG R1 2021
Tommy Langaker L Pts: 2x0 World Champ. 82KG 8F 2021
Alexander Lane W Pts: 102x0 N. Orleans Open 82KG F 2022
Augusto Maciel W Pts: 8x0 N. Orleans Open ABS 4F 2022
Arthur Detanico W Pts: 2x2, Adv N. Orleans Open ABS SF 2022
Helton Jose L Pts: 0x0, Adv N. Orleans Open ABS F 2022
Yue Goh W RNC LA Open 82KG 4F 2022
Peter Frank W Bow and arrow LA Open 82KG SF 2022
Tainan Dalpra L Choke from back LA Open 82KG F 2022
Thiago Andrade W N/A LA Open ABS R1 2022
Anaue Pavanello W Toe hold LA Open ABS 4F 2022
Austin Baker W Points LA Open ABS SF 2022
Fellipe Andrew L Points LA Open ABS F 2022
Caio Caetano W Pts: 13x6 Pan American 82KG R2 2022
Leonardo Lara W Pts: 2x0 Pan American 82KG 4F 2022
Jefferson Guaresi L Referee Decision Pan American 82KG SF 2022
Sergio Rios L Points Warrior Challenger ABS R1 2022
Vinicius Wong W Points SD Open 82KG SF 2022
Cesar Predes W Points SD Open 82KG F 2022
Guthierry Barbosa L Points SD Open ABS 4F 2022
Carlos Neto W Pts: 2x0 Houston Open 82KG 4F 2022
Eduardo Avelar W Pts: 2x0 Houston Open 82KG SF 2022
Levi Jones W Referee Decision Houston Open 82KG F 2022
Rehan Muttalib W Pts: 10x2 World Champ. 82KG R1 2022
Jefferson Guaresi L Pts: 4x0 World Champ. 82KG 8F 2022
Johnatha Alves L Referee Decision IBJJF GP 82KG SPF 2022
Caio Vinicius L Pts: 2x0 LA Open 94KG 4F 2023
Mair Amaral W Triangle LA Open ABS R1 2023
Mateus Rodrigues L Pts: 2x0 LA Open ABS 4F 2023
Clay Mayfield W Armbar Pan American ABS R1 2023
Erich Munis L Pts: 6x0 Pan American ABS 4F 2023
Fellipe Andrew L Pts: 2x0 Pan American 94KG R1 2023
Angelo Claiborne W Armbar Miami Open 88KG SF 2023
Felipe Cesar W Pts: 6x4 Miami Open 88KG F 2023
Marlon Ferreira W Choke from back Miami Open ABS 4F 2023
Roosevelt Sousa L Pts: 4x0 Miami Open ABS SF 2023
Angelo Claiborne L Pts: 6x4 World Champ. 88KG R1 2023
Fabricio Barbarotti W Choke from back American Nats 82KG 4F 2023
Eduardo Avelar W Pts: 4x2 American Nats 82KG SF 2023
Diego Ramalho W Pts: 0x0, Pen American Nats ABS R1 2023
Alef Brito W Referee Decision American Nats ABS 4F 2023
Gabriel Costa L Pts: 2x0 American Nats ABS SF 2023
Omar Mozahem W Choke from back NOrleans Open 88KG F 2023
Emilio Hernandez W Pts: 18x0 NOrleans NGO ABS SF 2023
Diego Ramalho L Pts: 0x0, Adv NOrleans NGO ABS F 2023
Jose Munoz W Armbar Orlando SMO 88KG SF 2023
Angelo Claiborne L Pts: 2x2, Adv Orlando SMO 88KG F 2023
Angelo Claiborne L Pts: 0x0, Adv Orlando SMO ABS 4F 2023
Enrique March W N/A Orlando SMNGO 85KG SF 2023
Gyalisson Freitas W Pts: 0x0, Adv Orlando SMNGO 85KG F 2023
Eliyah Lavatai W Choke from back Phoenix Open 88KG SF 2023
Guilherme Sampaio W Cross choke Phoenix Open 88KG F 2023
Italo Lima W Choke from back Phoenix Open ABS R1 2023
Diego Oliveira W Toe hold Phoenix Open ABS 4F 2023
Austin Baker L Pts: 2x0 Phoenix Open ABS SF 2023
Austin Baker W Referee Decision Phoenix NGO ABS 4F 2023
Roiter Lima W Pts: 0x0, Adv Phoenix NGO ABS SF 2023
Lucas Norat W RNC Phoenix NGO ABS F 2023
Andy Murasaki L Points SDiego SMO 88KG F 2023
Fellipe Andrew L Pts: 2x0 SDiego SMO ABS SF 2023
Aleks Ustimenko W Triangle SD SMNGO ABS SF 2023
Jose Inacio L Referee Decision NoGi Pan ABS 8F 2023
Wanderson Martell W RNC NoGi Pan 79KG R1 2023
Igor Carlos W Pts: 2x0 NoGi Pan 79KG 8F 2023
Heitor Senra W Pts: 2x0 NoGi Pan 79KG 4F 2023
Kieran Kichuk L Pts: 6x4 NoGi Pan 79KG SF 2023
Gledson Souto W Submission ADWP Qualifier 77KG R1 2023
Leonardo Souza W Submission ADWP Qualifier 77KG 8F 2023
Carlos Damasceno W Submission ADWP Qualifier 77KG 4F 2023
Arley Pacheco W Pts: 6x0 ADWP Qualifier 77KG SF 2023
Elder Junior W Triangle armlock ADWP Qualifier 77KG F 2023
Leon Larman W Pts: 2x1 World Pro 77KG R1 2023
Pierpaolo Chiappe W Triangle World Pro 77KG 8F 2023
Andre Cantanhede L Pts: 2x2 World Pro 77KG 4F 2023
Fady Saad W RNC World Pro 77KG RPC 2023
Leandro Paiva W Pts: 2x0 World Pro 77KG RPC 2023
Nicolas Shiromizu W Submission World Pro 77KG RPC 2023
Andre Cantanhede W Pts: 4x2 World Pro 77KG 3RD 2023
Andy Murasaki L Armbar IBJJF NGGP 82KG SPF 2024

7. Mathias Luna’s Top Fights

Mathias Luna v Levi Jones-Leary / Houston Open 2022

Artista Invitational 3 || TAINAN DALPRA vs MATHEUS LUNA

Mathias Luna v Piter Frank / Los Angeles Open 2022

Mathias Luna v Mair Amaral / Los Angeles Open 2023

Tommy Langaker VS Mathias Luna / European Championship 2020

Photo Credit: @mathiasluna_

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