Joe Rogan Reveals the “Sickest BJJ Back Take” “It’s Like Jiu-Jitsu at Its Highest Level”

Joe Rogan Reveals the “Sickest BJJ Back Take” “It’s Like Jiu-Jitsu at Its Highest Level”

Joe Rogan, the well-known podcast host of Joe Rogan Experience, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, recently expressed his respect for one of the sport's living heroes, Marcelo Garcia. During a talk with guest Eddie Huang on the JRE podcast, Rogan praised Garcia's 2003 fight against Vitor 'Shaolin' Ribeiro as "jiu-jitsu at its highest level."

Garcia's "sick back take" wowed Rogan, who called it one of the most remarkable BJJ Back-Takes he'd ever seen. Garcia's performance was made all the more amazing by the fact that Ribeiro was a highly recognized black belt. The fact that Ribeiro was a highly regarded black belt made Garcia's feat even more impressive.

Technical Analysis of Marcelo Garcia’s Slick Back Take

Marcelo Gracia’s memorable back take started by hooking the leg of Shaolin. Vitor Shaolin tried to avoid the attack that imbalanced Shaolin. However, a minor mistake of Shaolin gave room to Marcelo Garcia to submit him. 

Rogan's appreciation for Garcia stretched beyond his grappling abilities. He commended the fighter as an intelligent and caring guy who opened the way for a new generation of grapplers. Garcia's extraordinary ascent to fame in 2003, during which he defeated numerous sports legends, solidified his reputation as a living legend.

Rogan also addressed the accumulating myths about BJJ in his podcast, stating that the interesting discipline attracts bright and thoughtful minds like Garcia. He compared Garcia to the late Anthony Bourdain, a dedicated sportsman, and chef.

Garcia's talent and influence on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are demonstrated by Rogan's admiration for Garcia. He is also known for his politeness and character, which only strengthens his legacy. Garcia's transition versus Ribeiro in the fight was an example of "jiu-jitsu at its highest level," as Rogan put it, and it is obvious that his impact on the sport will last for years to come.

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