Grapple Beasts Launches Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu NFT Project

Grapple Beasts Launches Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu NFT Project

The BJJ community is abuzz with excitement following the release of Grapple Beasts' NFT project. This groundbreaking project is the brainchild of BJJ practitioner and army veteran Mick Cartwright, who saw an opportunity to create a community that supported each other on their journey.

On March 18th, 2023, the highly anticipated NFT release from Grapple Beasts finally hit the market, with 3000 NFTs up for grabs by the public. The brand wasted no time in laying out an ambitious roadmap for the future, which promises a range of exciting initiatives.

One of the most exciting initiatives is the Educate to Elevate program, which offers NFT holders exclusive access to free courses. But that's not all; Grapple Beasts is also set to launch its first merchandise designs in May 2023, followed by the opening of an online merchandise store the following month. This promises to be an exciting time for the BJJ community and NFT enthusiasts alike.

Grapple Beasts' NFT project is not just a simple release, it's a carefully crafted roadmap designed to support and elevate the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community. As NFTs are sold, the brand has set specific goals to achieve. When 25% of the NFTs are sold (750), Grapple Beasts plans to expand its team and take the business to new heights. At the 50% mark (1500), the brand will launch a charity giveaway and develop its first online course.

The brand's generosity knows no bounds. Once 75% (2250) of the NFTs are sold, Grapple Beasts plans to hold another charity giveaway and surprise NFT holders with airdrops and giveaways. The brand has even named two BJJ charities close to their hearts, “We Defy Foundation” and “Reorg”, both working extensively with veterans. This exciting roadmap would surely cement a significant impact of Grapple Beast on the BJJ community.

Photo Credit: @GrappleBeastNFT

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