Tom Hardy Won Another Gold in No-Gi BJJ & Breakdown of His BJJ Techniques

Tom Hardy Won Another Gold in No-Gi BJJ & Breakdown of His BJJ Techniques

Tom Hardy’s Role in Increasing the Trend of BJJ In the UK

Tom Hardy's significant contribution to popularizing BJJ in the UK cannot be overstated. His never-ending passion for martial arts, which he first discovered during his training for the film Warrior back in 2011, has played a pivotal role in inspiring  Tom and countless others to take up the fascinating discipline of BJJ.

BJJ's unique focus on proper strategy, technique, and leveraging the opponent's strength against them, rather than relying solely on brute force, has made it an appealing martial art for many seeking a physically challenging yet mentally stimulating workout.

Thanks to Tom Hardy's influence, more and more enthusiasts are discovering the countless benefits of BJJ, from its potential to improve physical fitness and enhance mental acuity, and overall well-being. The trend of BJJ in the UK is on the rise, and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Why Academy Nominated Tom Hardy Love Jiu-Jitsu?

Tom Hardy has a deep love of rolling that led him to join the grappling career along with his highly anticipated acting career. His love for rolling and dedication to BJJ helped him achieve major recognition and awards in the world of grappling martial arts, including the BJJ open champion of 2022 by UMAC, and secured a win in the 2023 Jiu-Jitsu European Championship.

Furthermore, Tom's remarkable approach toward martial arts has allowed him to develop a deep understanding of the mindset and abilities required to excel on and off the mat. His love for rolling and hard work has not gone unnoticed ever in the BJJ community, where he is admired for his rolling passion and dedication to the art.

A Sneak Peak into the BJJ Training Regime of Tom Hardy

BJJ is not only a hobby for Tom Hardy. He always followed martial arts as a healthy way of life. When he has an open schedule, Tom spends time honing his grappling skills at the renowned Pedigo Submission Fighting Academy driven by Heath Pedigo. Tom's training regime proved rigorous and deeply rewarding. His dedicated approach along with the proficient training of Tom de Blass helped him to level up his Jiu-Jitsu skills.

In addition, Tom Hardy’s commitment to the sport helped him develop not just his physical strength and agility, but also his mental fortitude and discipline.

However, Tom's success on the podium also had a more vibrant training history. He had the chance to train with some of the biggest names in the BJJ world, including the legendary John Danaher. These experiences allowed Tom to gain a deeper understanding of the fighting style and techniques that make BJJ such a formidable grappling martial art.

Apart from the real-life training, Tom Hardy shared his martial arts training routine for his movie in an interview;

“I did two hours boxing a day, two hours Muay Thai, two hours jiu-jitsu followed by two hours choreography and two hours of weightlifting seven days a week for three months,”

(Tom Hardy)

Breakdown of Tom Hardy’s 2023 BJJ Win

Edward Hardy known as Tom Hardy has done it again! The charismatic English superstar and emerging BJJ enthusiast has just nailed yet another Gold Medal in the “All Stars BJJ European tournament” cementing his status as one of the most active and dedicated celebrities in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Tom had the dominant position so Secara couldn’t get his knee. Secara applied the underhook and went beneath Tom. Tom gained more control over Secara and took the Kimura grip. Tom instantly took the back position to be more in control. Tom attempted the Triangle Choke after underhooking his one foot.

In the end of the fight, Tom initiated a heavy double-leg takedown. Tom took down Secara in the last 10 seconds of the match. The takedown was so abruptly finished that Secara couldn’t do anything to escape it.

Tom Hardy’s coach Tom DeBlass, himself was so stunned at Hardy’s performance. He commented,

“He hit a double leg in the match that was PERFECTION with 10 seconds left. I’m trying to get him to let me post, he’s such a humble dude.”

One of Tom Hardy’s most effective tactics in BJJ is his use of pressure. He is an expert at applying pressure to his opponents, both on top and on the bottom. When he is on top, he uses his weight and strength to control his opponent’s movements and prevent them from escaping. When he is on the bottom, he uses his legs to create a tight guard that his opponent cannot break.

Another tactic that Tom Hardy uses to great effect is his ability to capitalize on his opponent's mistakes. He is constantly looking for openings and opportunities to submit his opponent. He has a wide range of submissions in his arsenal, including arm locks, chokes, and leg locks.

Tom de Blass has just shared some incredible news in his recent Instagram post from the world of BJJ. In a truly nail-biting match against Mihail Secara. Mihail Secara started the fight with a guillotine that was successfully passed by Tom Hardy. After the incredible escape, Tom controlled Mihail Secara in the Kimura choke. Tom Hardy emerged victorious in the final 10 seconds of the championship, securing a double-leg takedown that sealed the deal and left the spectators absolutely stunned.

This victory on the podium was a moment of great triumph for Hardy, who had battled passionately against the opponent. In addition, Tom Hardy's 11 years of grappling experience speak volumes about his dedication to the sport. Competing in 2022 after attaining his Blue Belt in 2021, Hardy has already racked up an impressive record of seven submission wins. However, the truly remarkable about Hardy's achievements is that they serve as a testament to the fact that age is just a number when it comes to pursuing BJJ.

It's no exaggeration to say that Tom Hardy proved himself a real game-changer for BJJ. With his passion, dedication, and star power, he's helping to bring the sport to new heights of respect and popularity. So, we say congratulations, Tom Hardy, on another well-deserved victory.

Photo Credit: @tomdeblass

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