Joao Assis - 3rd-Degree BJJ Black Belt Champion

Joao Assis - 3rd-Degree BJJ Black Belt Champion

1. Joao Assis Details

Joao Assis Details
Name Joao Francisco de Moraes Assis
Nickname N/A
Date of Birth 11th July 1983
Nationality Brazilian
Born Porto Alegre, Brazil
Age 40 Years
College/University N/A
Profession Martial Artist
Last Fight 2018
Last Weigh in 94 kg, 207 lbs
Weight Class Division Pesado (Heavyweight) 94 kg 207 lbs
Height N/A
Career Disclosed Earning N/A
Fought Out of Brazil
Foundational Style Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Favorite Technique Half Guard Sweep, Takedown, Foot Locks, and Guillotine
Belt Rank 3rd-Degree Black Belt
Awarded by Leonardo Vieira
Head Coach Leonardo Vieira
Lineage  Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie > Helio Gracie > Rolls Gracie > Romero Cavalcanti > Leonardo Vieira > João Assis
Team/Association Checkmat Jiu-Jitsu

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2. Joao Assis Biography

Joao Assis's life journey is a true embodiment of the power of perseverance and dedication. Despite having struggling life, his love for martial arts helped him overcome every obstacle and achieve incredible success in the world of grappling. Joao's unwavering commitment to his craft and self-discipline allowed him to become a renowned name in the world of grappling martial arts and a source of inspiration for those striving to achieve greatness. His journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of martial arts and the potential for anyone to become their best selves with dedication and hard work.

2.1. Early Life

Joao Assis, a native of Porto Alegre, was born on July 11th, 1983 in Brazil. His passion for martial arts began when he started training to protect himself from bullies at school and fights at parties.

2.2. Mentorship of Luis Brito

Joao Assis embarked on his BJJ journey at the age of 17, enrolling under the expert guidance of Luis Brito, a renowned MMA and BJJ instructor from Rio de Janeiro. Although Luis Brito resides in Rio de Janeiro, he lived in and taught Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Porto Alegre.

2.3. Promoted to Purple Belt

Under Brito's coaching, Joao's skills improved and evolved to new heights, as he tirelessly trained and honed his techniques. It was under Brito's watchful eye that Joao's hard work and commitment were recognized, culminating in his well-deserved promotion to the purple belt.

This promotion proved a significant milestone in Joao's journey that developed an immense love for the exciting nature of Jiu-Jitsu.

Joao's passion for grappling intensified, and he found himself increasingly drawn to the sport. It became clear to him that this was not just a hobby, but a career path he enjoyed pursuing. His time with Luis Brito proved a defining period in his life, and the technical skills he gained laid the foundation for his future success in grappling.

2.4. Journey to Sao Paulo

Joao Assis, being a passionate fighter with an unrelenting desire to achieve greatness in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, recognized the importance of seeking out top-tier training and grappling instructors. He made the decision to leave his hometown (Porto Alegre) and embark on a journey to Sao Paulo to train at the renowned Brasa Headquarters, now known as Checkmat.

Here, Joao had the privilege of training with the legendary Leonardo Vieira, a master of Jiu-Jitsu whose reputation preceded him. Surrounded by a group of highly skilled teams, Joao found himself in an environment that challenged him to push his limits and strive for excellence.

Looking back on his time at Checkmat, Joao knew that it was a pivotal moment in his journey. It was a place that had helped him to realize his potential and solidify his place among the greats of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Through his interactions with the formidable team of Checkmat, Joao experienced a positive transition in growth, honing his skills and refining his grappling techniques. The intense training sessions and challenging competitions were a true test of his determination and commitment.

2.5. MMA Debut

On the 24th of May in 2004, Joao Assis started his MMA career by presenting an incredible debut performance at the ProFight Combat Show. The world of MMA had no idea what was coming as Joao stepped into the octagon with an air of confidence and determination.

As the fight came to a close, Joao emerged victorious by RNC submission, having made a lasting impression on the MMA world with his heartening debut.

From that moment on, Joao's MMA career would continue to flourish, as he faced off against some of the best fighters of MMA including Jalison Santos, and Michael Tchamou, and continued to showcase his exceptional skills and unwavering determination inside the octagon.

2.6. Earned Black Belt

Joao Assis proved to be a dedicated fighter under the mentorship of Leonardo Vieira, steadily climbing the ranks of Jiu-Jitsu with each passing day. He got an ultimate reward in 2009 - BJJ  black belt in recognition of his remarkable achievements.

2.7. A Blindfolded Move of Joao Assis

With his black belt in hand, Joao had made the wise decision to move to the United States. Joao Assis recognized that his aspirations in the grappling field could not be fulfilled in Brazil. As a result, he decided to relocate to the United States. His journey to the United States was just the beginning of an extraordinary adventure, one that would take him to the highest levels of Jiu-Jitsu. 

2.8. Overcoming Obstacles

Joao Assis encountered a multitude of challenges on his journey to the United States. Despite the formidable obstacles that lay before him, his unshakable self-confidence and determination propelled him forward. Fully apprised of the back-breaking path ahead, he resolved to remain focused on his goals, laboring tirelessly to transform his dreams into reality.

2.9. Guidance of the Right People

Joao's prayers and positive energy led him to the right people in the United States who helped him to excel in his career. He found support and guidance from notable names in the grappling world, including Fabricio Werdum, Dan Henderson, Rafael Cordeiro, Lucas Leite, Carlson Gracie Junior, and Robert Drysdale. These distinguished individuals helped him find a place to live, and get a job, and introduced him to the proficient grappling community in the United States.

2.10. Improved His MMA Career

Joao Assis's decision to move to the United States proved to be a pivotal point not only for BJJ but also for his MMA career. This move not only allowed him to establish himself as a highly-regarded grappler and instructor, but it also served as a gateway for him to take his mixed martial arts (MMA) career to new heights.

Joao set his sights on achieving success in the MMA arena, and to do so, he devoted himself entirely to honing his wrestling and No-Gi skills. He undertook extensive training and rigorous preparation, leaving no stone unturned in his quest to elevate his game and achieve his goals.

2.11. Focusing on Wrestling and No-Gi

Joao's unquenchable thirst for success in the MMA world drove him to acknowledge a crucial fact: to elevate his game, he needed to focus on his wrestling and No-Gi skills. Armed with this knowledge, he embarked on a tireless quest for knowledge, immersing himself in the technicalities of grappling and striking techniques and committing himself to master them.

Joao understood that success in the cage hinged on his ability to seamlessly integrate these skills into his arsenal, and he spared no effort in his pursuit of this goal. His dedication and passion were observable, and his hard work and unwavering determination paid off, paving the way for him to achieve new heights of success in the MMA world.

2.12. Training with Team Quest

Joao Assis recognized that to become a true titan in the MMA arena, he needed to seek out the best training and coaching. Thus, he decided to join Team Quest, an elite wrestling-based team whose roster boasted some of the most formidable fighters on the planet, including legends such as Dan Henderson, Matt Lindland, and Chael Sonnen.

Working alongside these titans of the sport was a transformative experience for Joao, who found himself pushed to his limits and beyond by their unmatched skill and determination.

2.13. The Benefits of High-Quality Training

Joao's decision to join Team Quest proved to be a masterstroke. The skilled and accomplished fighters of Team Quest were able to elevate his grappling and striking skills, gaining a competitive edge that would prove invaluable in his quest for MMA glory.

However, Joao recognized that continued growth and development were essential to staying ahead of the curve in this constantly evolving sport.

So, he continued to refine his craft, incorporating the lessons he learned from his training with Team Quest into his grappling and MMA game. Through his tireless training and commitment to excellence, Joao was able to rise to every challenge he faced during his journey.

2.14. World Champion

Joao Assis has an impressive record of Eight World Championship Titles speaks volumes about his talent and dedication. Joao's accomplishments in the sport have not stopped here, he also has prestigious accolades like the ADCC World Championships of 2010 and 2012.

2.15. Retired From MMA

Joao Assis had an incredible journey in MMA, but in 2010, he decided to retire from the sport. Throughout his career, he competed in 11 matches, achieving 5 wins and 6 losses.

2.16. Founder of Electric Jiu-Jitsu Academy

Joao Assis founded the Electric Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Huntington Beach, CA which is the affiliation of Checkmat academy. Joao’s academy specializes in teaching the fundamental concepts of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and self-defense, with a focus on movement, timing, physical challenges, fast decision-making, and techniques.

Electric Jiu-Jitsu offers programs for all levels and age groups, with daily classes available for kids, youth, and adults in both Gi and No-Gi. In addition, students learn practical and tactical self-defense skills while enjoying a relaxed yet disciplined environment of Electric Jiu-Jitsu.

“As the founder of Electric Jiu-Jitsu Academy, Joao Assis brings his wealth of knowledge and experience of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to the students, inspiring and guiding them toward their path of growth and development.”

2.17. An Icon Who Continues to Inspire the Upcoming Grapplers

Joao Assis is a true icon of the grappling world, renowned not only for his outstanding skill on the mat but also for his passion and commitment to teaching and mentoring the next generation of BJJ practitioners. His unique style of grappling, which blends traditional techniques with his distinct style has earned him a place in the pantheon of grappling legends.

Indeed, Joao's legacy extends far beyond his impressive record of championship wins. He has touched the lives of countless students, instilling in them a love for the sport and a deep appreciation for the art of grappling.

3. Historic Fights of Joao Assis

3.1. Joao Assis Vs. Arman Barros

The 2009 final bout of the Pan American Championship was a highly anticipated match between two accomplished grapplers: Joao Assis from Checkmat and Arman Barros representing Brasa gym. The match was a true showcase of high-level grappling skills, with both fighters putting on an impressive display of technique and athleticism.

At the start of the match, Arman Barros caught Joao Assis in his proficient close guard. However, Joao proved his defensive skills and was able to escape the strong grip of Arman Barros. Joao Assis secured a strong grip on Barros' torso with a successful guard pass and applied a powerful foot lock that forced his opponent to tap out.

This historic fight was a true testament to the skill and determination of both fighters, with Joao Assis ultimately emerging victorious and successfully submitting his opponent in the final round. This was a worth-watching match of the Pan American Championship, showcasing the best of what the grappling world has to offer.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2009 Pan American Championship Arman Barros Win Submission (Foot Lock) Final Absolute Division

3.2. Joao Assis Vs. Jeff Monson

The final round of the 2017 ADCC Championship bout was an incredible showcase of great sportsmanship and skill on the mat. The heavyweight championship was held between the two elite grapplers, Joao Assis and Jeff Monson in a highly anticipated battle.

At the beginning of the fight, Joao Assis was able to secure a takedown and gain control over Monson's torso, making it difficult for his opponent to escape. However, the match took a sudden turn when Joao Assis launched a prompt heel hook attack from his position, forcing Jeff Monson to tap out. This remarkable victory showcased Joao Assis’s commitment and dedicated approach for Jiu-Jitsu.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2017 ADCC Championship Jeff Monson Win Submission (Heel Hook) Final Heavyweight

3.3. Joao Assis Vs. Pedro Bessa

In 2013, the world championship final round between two Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighters, Joao Assis and Pedro Bessa, left spectators amazed with their outstanding display of sportsmanship and grappling skills.

As the match began, Pedro Bessa found himself trapped in Joao's tight grip on his leg. However, with admirable grace and technique, Pedro managed to reverse the position and assume control of his opponent's close guard.

Both fighters relentlessly attempted to gain the upper hand on the mat. However, despite Pedro's valiant efforts, Joao emerged as the winner, presenting a breathtaking display of elite grappling techniques, endurance, and determination. The spectators were left in awe of the sheer talent on display, and the match will go down in history as one of the greatest displays of sportsmanship and skill in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Year Event Opponent W/L/D Method Stage Weight Class
2013 World Championship Pedro Bessa Win Points Final Heavyweight

4. Main Achievements

Year Event Medal 
2007 IBJJF World Championship Gold Gold Medal Icon
2007 CBJJE World Cup Championship Gold Gold Medal Icon
2009 Pan American Championship Gold Gold Medal Icon
2008 World No-Gi Championship Gold Gold Medal Icon
2013 ADCC Championship Gold Gold Medal Icon
2010 World No-Gi Championship Gold Gold Medal Icon
2015 World No-Gi Championship Gold Gold Medal Icon
2009 NAGA No-GI advanced Championship (Open Weight) Gold Gold Medal Icon
2009 NAGA No-GI Advanced Championship Gold Gold Medal Icon
2009 NAGA Jiu-Jitsu Championship (Absolute Division) Gold Gold Medal Icon
2009 NAGA Jiu-Jitsu Championship (Absolute Division) Gold Gold Medal Icon
2009 California State Champion Gold Gold Medal Icon
2011 ADCC Championship Silver Silver Medal Icon
2013 ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship Gold Gold Medal Icon

5.Main Achievements (Belt)

5.1. Colored Belts Achievements

Year Event Belts Medal
2007 IBJJF World Championship Purple Gold Gold Medal Icon
2007 CBJJE World Cup Championship Purple Gold Gold Medal Icon
2009 Pan American Championship Brown Gold Gold Medal Icon
2008 World No-Gi Championship Brown Gold Gold Medal Icon

5.2. Black Belt Achievements

Year Event Belts Medal
2013 ADCC Championship Black Gold Gold Medal Icon
2010 World No-Gi Championship Black Gold Gold Medal Icon
2015 World No-Gi Championship Black Gold Gold Medal Icon
2009 NAGA No-GI advanced Championship (Open Weight) Black Gold Gold Medal Icon
2009 NAGA No-GI Advanced Championship Black Gold Gold Medal Icon
2009 NAGA Jiu-Jitsu Championship (Absolute Division) Black Gold Gold Medal Icon
2009 NAGA Jiu-Jitsu Championship (Absolute Division) Black Gold Gold Medal Icon
2009 California State Champion Black Gold Gold Medal Icon
2011 ADCC Championship Black Silver Silver Medal Icon
2013 ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship Black Gold Gold Medal Icon

6. Accomplishments

Year Event Position
2007 IBJJF World Championship 1st
2007 CBJJE World Cup Championship 1st
2009 Pan American Championship 1st
2008 World No-Gi Championship 1st
2013 ADCC Championship 1st
2010 World No-Gi Championship 1st
2015 World No-Gi Championship 1st
2009 NAGA No-GI advanced Championship (Open Weight) 1st
2009 NAGA No-GI Advanced Championship 1st
2009 NAGA Jiu-Jitsu Championship (Absolute Division) 1st
2009 NAGA Jiu-Jitsu Championship (Absolute Division) 1st
2009 California State Champion 1st
2011 ADCC Championship 2nd
2013 ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship 1st

7. Joao Assis Professional Record Breakdown

74 Matches 51 Wins 20 Losses 3 Draw
By Submission 20 8 N/A
By Points 24 7 2
By Advantages 2 0 N/A
By Decision 4 5 1
By DQ 1 0 N/A

8. Submission Method Breakdown

Submission Techniques 20 Win 8 Losses
RNC  7 0
Heel Hook 3 1
Knee Bar 2 0
Toe Hold  2 1
Choke from Back 1 1
Ankle Lock 1 0
Triangle Armbar 1 0
Inside Heel Hook 1 0
Choke  1 0
Foot Lock 1 0
Kimura  0 1
Botinha  0 1
North-South Choke  0 3

9. Fight History of Joao Assis

Year Event Opponent W/L Method Weight Stage
2009 NoGi Worlds Roberto Alencar L Kimura 94KG SF
2010 Pan American Daniel Simmler W Points 94KG 4F
2010 Pan American Rafael Lovato L Pts: 2x0 94KG SF
2010 World Champ. Rafael Lovato L Points 94KG 4F
2010 GQ UFC Expo Bruce Hoyer W RNC ABS R1
2010 GQ UFC Expo Mario Barbosa W RNC ABS 4F
2010 GQ UFC Expo Bill Cooper W Pts: 6x0 ABS SF
2010 GQ UFC Expo Jeff Monson W RNC ABS F
2010 GQ WBG Wilson Reis W Pts: 8x0 ABS R1
2010 GQ WBG Nader Magrihiy W Kneebar ABS 4F
2010 GQ WBG Nolan Dutcher W Toe hold ABS SF
2010 GQ WBG Alexandre Ribeiro W Points ABS F
2010 GQ Las Vegas Bill Cooper W Pts: 2x2, Adv ABS NA
2011 World Champ. Ronilson Nunes W Choke 100KG RDS
2011 World Champ. Ricardo Henrique W DQ 100KG 4F
2011 World Champ. Leo Nogueira L Referee Decision 100KG SF
2011 San Diego Trials Braga Neto L Choke from back O92 SF
2011 G. Quest WC M. Perez W RNC ABS 4F
2011 G. Quest WC Pat Begin W Pts: 23x0 ABS SF
2011 G. Quest WC Rustam Chsiev W Adv ABS F
2011 Grapplers Quest LV Davi Ramos L Toe hold ABS F
2011 ADCC James Poupolo W Heel hook 99KG R1
2011 ADCC Braga Neto W Footlock 99KG 4F
2011 ADCC Alexandre Ribeiro W RNC 99KG SF
2011 ADCC Dean Lister L Heel hook 99KG F
2011 ADCC Victor Estima L Pts: 2x0 ABS R1
2011 No Gi Worlds Luis Pedro W RNC ABS R2
2011 No Gi Worlds Clark Gracie W Pts: 10x0 ABS 4F
2011 No Gi Worlds Antonio Peinado W Pts: 2x0 ABS SF
2012 Pan American James Puopolo W Toe Hold O100KG 4F
2012 Pan American Bernardo Faria L Pts: 3x2 O100KG SF
2012 World Champ. Felipe Bueno L Pts: 7x2 100KG R2
2012 NoGi Worlds Bernardo Faria W Pts: 3x0 100KG SF
2012 NoGi Worlds Alexandre Ribeiro L Referee Decision 100KG F
2012 NoGi Worlds Gustavo Dias W Pts: 12x0 ABS 8F
2012 NoGi Worlds Antonio Peinado L North-South choke ABS 4F
2013 World Champ. Pedro Bessa W Pts: 2x0 ABS RDS
2013 World Champ. Tio Chico W Choke from back ABS RDS
2013 World Champ. Joao Rocha L Points ABS RDS
2013 World Champ. Luiz Panza L Botinha (Straight Ankle Lock) 100KG 4F
2013 ADCC Liu Wen Bo W Pts: 9x0 99KG R1
2013 ADCC Tomasz Narkun W Pts: 3x0 99KG 4F
2013 ADCC Leo Nogueira W Heel Hook 99KG SF
2013 ADCC Dean Lister W Pts: 5x0 99KG F
2014 NoGi Worlds Eliot Kelly W Pts: 2x0 100KG 4F
2014 NoGi Worlds Roger Ambrosi W Pts: 8x0 100KG SF
2014 FIVE NAIC Andrew Miller W Kneebar ABS RR
2014 FIVE NAIC Marcel Goncalves W Points ABS RR
2014 FIVE NAIC Valdir Araujo W Points ABS RR
2015 Sub Series Pro Tom DeBlass D Points ABS SPF
2015 Sub Series Pro Tom DeBlass D Points ABS SPF
2015 FIVE SL Abraham Marte W Heel hook ABS 4F
2015 FIVE SL Yuri Simoes L Referee Decision ABS SF
2015 FIVE SL Lucas Rocha W Pts: 4x2 ABS 3RD
2015 ADCC Tomasz Narkun W Pts: 3x0 99KG R1
2015 ADCC Kamil Uminski W Injury 99KG 4F
2015 ADCC Felipe Pena L Pts: 9x0 99KG SF
2015 NoGi Worlds Evandro Nunes W Pts: 6x2 97KG 4F
2015 NoGi Worlds James Puopolo W Ankle lock 97KG SF
2015 No-Gi Worlds Roberto Alencar W Pts: 4x0 97KG F
2015 F2W 1 JJ Pugsley W RNC 100KG SPF
2016 FTW Pro 5 Ray Kong W Triangle armbar ABS SPF
2017 F2W 24 M. Perez W Referee Decision ABS SPF
2017 F2W 43 Tom deBlass W Referee Decision N/A SPF
2017 ADCC Jeff Monson W Inside heel hook 99KG E1
2017 ADCC Jackson Sousa L Referee Decision 99KG 4F
2017 ACB JJ 9 Lucas Barbosa L North-South choke 95KG 4F
2017 NoGi Worlds Matt Jubera W Pts: 9x0 97KG 4F
2017 NoGi Worlds Tex Johnson W Pts: 2x0 97KG SF
2017 NoGi Worlds Lucas Barbosa L North-South choke 97KG F
2018 F2W 61 Braga Neto W Referee Decision 100KG SPF
2018 F2W 64 Eliot Marshall W Referee Decision 100KG SPF
2018 Quintet II Richie Martinez D Referee Decision ABS N/A
2018 W.S.O.G. Kevin Cassey L Referee Decision O81KG 8F

10. Top Fights Links of Joao Assis

Joao Assis vs JT Torres 2009 BJJ US Nationals

Joao Assis (Checkmat) x Abraham Marte (Basico BJJ) - Match 7

Photo credit: @assis2g

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