Is BJJ Safe for Kids? 10 Reasons You Should Enrol Your Kids In BJJ

Is BJJ Safe for Kids? 10 Reasons You Should Enrol Your Kids In BJJ

1. Is BJJ Safe for Kids?

When a child thinks about joining Brazil Jiu-Jitsu, then most parents worry about the possibility of injury due to the nature of the sport. Many  question whether  BJJ is safe for kids?  The answer is yes, BJJ is a  safe sport for kids. It is a great idea for your children to join a BJJ establishment. It is a productive and safe place for children to engage in physical activity and also teaches them life values  that will stick with them  for their whole lives.

It is a normal and healthy practice for kids to practice BJJ. It is not always about  fighting;  BJJ also teaches the values of  control, patience, and living life to the fullest. Every parent wants to teach their children all-important principles to live an upstanding life and BJJ is the best sport to teach these values.

2. BJJ for Kids

BJJ involves studying popular grappling techniques and movements. This martial art empowers kids by teaching them about strength and self-defense. BJJ also helps with mental and physical fitness which helps kids to better understand their current capabilities. Besides teaching kids how to defend themselves, BJJ will help them to find balance in every aspect of their lives.

2.1. Are Kids Comfortable with BJJ?

Lots of kids love to play games and sports. BJJ is a sport where kids can enjoy learning and practicing at the same time. Unfortunately, most kids spend their time laying around while watching T.V. and playing video games. It is becoming a habit for kids to spend time staying still rather than being active . But on a BJJ mat, kids learn techniques that move every part of their body. BJJ for kids provides a fun and healthy activity. BJJ also boosts energy and stamina in kids. Kids learn new things about themselves and about BJJ during practice. Sometimes it is important to push them out of their comfort zone to encourage them to try new challenges. With the friendly and safe workout environment at BJJ schools, kids feel comfortable practicing.

2.2. How BJJ Provides a Safe Environment for Kids

 Safety is a major priority in BJJ. Everything that goes on in BJJ schools is under watch and under control. Instructors and the coaches measure all the safety in the schools for kids. Instructors are always serious about the kid's safety and protection. They adore kids while teaching them BJJ, which makes the environment friendly. While creating a friendly zone for kids, the teachers make sure the kids are treating each other with respect. Instructors are keeping their eyes on every group of kids in the practice session. Parents can also attend the practice session for observing their kids.

2.3. What Age is Good for BJJ?

When it comes to training kids for BJJ, there are no specifications related to an ideal age group. A child of any age can try BJJ so long as they are motivated. Most children start practicing at an early age, such as between ages 3-4. The level of difficulty is dependent on the child's behavior and ability to learn. There is a chance kids lose interest in BJJ if they start practicing at a young age. That is why most professionals suggest that the  suitable age to start is three years old, while others suggest the minimum age of six. At the age of six, kids tend to be at the basic level.

Age Division

Age Description
3–4-years old 
  • No competition.
  • Learning through playing and fun games.
  • Teaches respect and hierarchy towards BJJ.
  • Class time: 30 minutes.
5–6-years old 
  • Involved particular BJJ movements.
  • Prepare them mentally for winning and losing.
  • Learning to follow rules and regulations.
  • Class time: 30 minutes
7+ years old 
  • Physical training of BJJ begins.
  • Involves in different competitions.
  • Class time: 40-60 minutes.

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3. Expert Advice on Kids BJJ

Most experts in BJJ have suggestions to alleviate the concerns of parents who are unsure about enrolling their kids in BJJ.

  • Make sure the kids communicate properly so that the instructors are aware of  the needs and desires of their students.
  • Keep in mind that kids can easily lose focus during the length of a class.
  • Encourages your kids to gain more confidence.
  • Never expect kids to be able to figure out every problem on their own without help. Listen to their questions and answer them properly if they are having trouble while practicing.
  • Encourage your kids to build friendships and teach them the value of empathy.

4. 10 Reasons for Enrolling Your Kids in BJJ

Here is a list of the 10 reasons you should enroll your kids in BJJ.

4.1. BJJ Builds Confidence in Your Kids

If children learn how to protect themselves from predators, they will feel more comfortable and confident. Bullies find it difficult to bring down kids who feel reassured by their knowledge of BJJ techniques. BJJ helps kids become more confident in their skills which improves their ability to protect themselves. Kids become more focused and retain their knowledge of BJJ techniques, help them to stand up to bullies, and help them be more confident in other aspects of life. BJJ does not teach kids to injure others, but rather helps them react appropriately to danger. Enrol your kid in BJJ and watch them grow more confident when dealing with an opponent but in all other aspects of life as well.

4.2. Self-Defence Through BJJ

Self-defence is important for anyone, especially for kids. If kids practice the techniques they need to protect themselves, then they will be more assured in their skills. Kids learn to control themselves, not throwing the first strike, rather choosing to fight only when it is necessary and you have no other choice. BJJ helps kids learn techniques that allow them to immobilize your opponent while causing minimal damage. Undergoing BJJ training teaches kids how to practice self-defense in a controlled manner, even when confronted by difficult situations.

4.3. Kids Will Learn Self-Control

The first step of any martial art practice is to learn self-control, teaching kids to better handle their aggression. Self-control is an important trait that allows kids to make better decisions and fully utilize their skills in specific situations. Throughout their whole lives, kids will have face highly stressful situations where they need to exhibit self-control. BJJ kids already practice and learn self-control in their training which helps prepare them for adulthood. Kids will be more aware that actions have consequences which helps them understand the need to control themselves in stressful situations.

4.4. BJJ Teaches Discipline

BJJ teaches the principles of prevalence, respect, and discipline to everyone who practises this sport. Children learn through practice how to best deal with being in an uncomfortable position. BJJ kids learn discipline through practicing a daily routine. After consistentently practicing BJJ techniques, kids will be able to handle the challenges of daily life. Kids learn to respect their instructors much like how they respect their parents, resulting in a better understanding of their education which leads to more proficient learning.

4.5. BJJ Kids Achieve More in Life

Everyone learning BJJ makes mistakes once in a while during training. But if you keep making the same mistakes, then your opponent may take advantage of  your weakness. It is easy for your opponent to capitalize on your mistakes and use them against you. When BJJ kids start learning from a mistake, overcoming challenges, and improving their confidence, then it helps them to achieve more in life. A kid should be involved in healthy activities that benefit them by improving their level of confidence. Their patience allow them to achieve almost anything that they want in life.

4.6. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Kids Enjoy a Healthy Life

A BJJ kid naturally improves their coordination and health awareness. Practicing BJJ encourages physical exertion which helps kids develop a healthy lifestyle. A BJJ kid enjoys a healthy lifestyle through practicing martial arts, with an emphasis on exercises and workouts. Obesity is a cause for shame among kids and may cause them to lose their confidence and peace of mind. BJJ exercises help kids get in proper shape while learning essential life skills. Learning BJJ encourages a healthy lifestyle and habits which can significantly encourage body awareness, flexibility, coordination, strength, and endurance. BJJ kids are inclined to learn more about what makes a healthier lifestyle.

4.7. Kids Understand Teamwork

Martial arts teach kids about teamwork that encourage you to learn vital skills. Much like school, martial arts teach kids the value of teamwork. Kids need teamwork training to pass various milestones in life. Emphasizing the importance of being part of a team, BJJ training helps children understand the importance of relying on others. Teamwork helps kids uplift the weaker members in their team and better understand one anothers capabilities. This  encourages kids to help each other, stand by others, and learn to lead.

4.8. Socialization Effect

Here is another reason why kids should enroll in BJJ. BJJ helps kids be more confident in socializing and making friends with other kids from all types of backgrounds and upbringings. Being on the team also lets kids socialize with others, with BJJ kids being less anxious and shy. This allows kids to be more talkative and helps them to better understand one another's behavior. A friendly workout environment encourages kids to polish their skills and gain confidence.

4.9. Ability to Set Goals

BJJ is an exciting and fun way to challenge and strengthen the body for kids. It is a complex sport and requires kids to pay attention to every technique to achieve the best results. Goal setting is another reason to enrol kids in BJJ as it encourages personal growth and improves physical performances. Kids who learn goal-setting in BJJ not only lets them shine on the BJJ mat, but achieving other accomplishments in life .

4.10. Learning from Failure

Professionals say that failure on the mats leads to progress as you get to learn from your mistakes. A person can turn failure into success by fixing mistakes you made so you do not repeat them. BJJ training teaches students to not lose heart in the face of failure, just be willing to ask yourself why you failed this time? If you can identify the reason you failed and patiently figure out how to do better, then it becomes a healthy habit your adopt for other situations in your life. BJJ trains kids to manage the emotional turmoil and embarrassment that comes with failure. Failing in BJJ desensitizes kids to failure in other aspects of their life. 

5. Precautions for Parents

This reading helps parents understand the reasons why enrolling your kid in BJJ can be benficial and safe. A few things that parents should keep in mind includes:

  • Before enrolling your kids, have them take proper medication and make sure your kid is physically fit to join a BJJ school.
  • Do not burden your kid with too many expectations.
  • Find out the best BJJ-skilled instructors recognized by major sports entities.
  • Motivate your kid to achieve their goals.

6. Conclusion

Jiu-jitsu is safe for kids and can instil important values in them. BJJ can encourage personal growth in kids by teaching them important moral principles. BJJ training can help kids to constantly improve their performance and learn from their failures, useful traits to have not only for BJJ but also in life.

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