Jiu-Jitsu Self Defense Techniques for Women: Boost Your Self-Confidence

Jiu-Jitsu Self Defense Techniques for Women: Boost Your Self-Confidence

All types of martial arts can prove to be effective for self-defense. Most of them incorporate a combination of kicks, punches, while others rely on using bodyweight and grappling arts.

When you enroll yourself in self-defense classes, you aren’t training for championship tournaments.

Self-defense classes are taken to prepare you for confronting real-life dangers.

Most striking martial arts might train you with the art of proper punches and deadly kicks but they will not prove effective in dealing with uncertainties of real-life combat situations. That’s where you’ll need to be specific in terms of circumstances and scenarios.

For example, if you consider close encounters and real-life assaults, you can’t imagine a scenario where you’re Bruce Lee vs 2-3 Bad Guys and everyone takes turns to get kicked in the face.

When it comes to assailants, for example, rapists and burglars, they’re looking to subdue you by overpowering your body. This is where martial arts like BJJstep in.

Jiu-Jitsu Self Defense Techniques for Women: Boost Your Self-Confidence

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Importance Of Self Defense for Women

According to the National Organization for Women (NOW), an average of more than 600 women are attacked daily in the United States.

You can imagine how important self-defense has become for women in this era, we can say that it’s a crucial need for women of all ages out there.

Other than safety, there are various reasons which mark the importance of self-defense for women:


Self-defense empowers women to lead their life the way they want. It encourages them to analyze and deal with dangerous life situations independently.

Women’s empowerment is important for encouraging women to feel independent and strong. It has far-reaching benefits such as creating equal job opportunities, social representation, health status, and a lot more.

Self-defense skills can play a key role in women’s empowerment. It motivates them to stand for their rights without any fear of violence.

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Develops Discipline

It’s commonly heard that with great power comes great responsibility. Self-defense plays an important role in incorporating the factor of discipline in our lives.

The reason behind this is because in order to learn and practice self-defense skills you have to be dedicated and motivated. These attributes help you in developing self-discipline in the long run.

Self-discipline and control are important characteristics that encourage you to achieve those goals which you thought were impossible. 

Get Rid of Dependency

Women are often advised to go on trips or even walk down the street alone at night. Self-defense can help you with getting rid of the dependency of always being accompanied.

Being a woman, you have every right to travel alone, you shouldn’t be always asked to travel with a companion.

That’s what you can experience by perfecting your self-defense skills. Learning how to defend yourself if things get ugly can give you the satisfaction of independence.

Is Jiu-Jitsu Self Defense Important for Women?

According to martial art experts, BJJ is the best for self-defense, it offers the most effective self-defense skills for women due to a variety of reasons:

Women Jiu Jitsu Teaches to Defend Against Real-World Threats

In BJJ we practice the attacks that are closely related to real-life attacks. When you are attacked by someone in the street, they will try to get on top of you or grab you from the back.

Strong grappling skills can help you get rid of them easily using minimum effort and without throwing any punches.

If you are attacked by a man then it’s clear that they will take advantage of their strength against you. Throwing punches won’t be much effective as men have more strength than women.

In such cases, the best option is to use the bodyweight of your opponent against them. And, flip them over or hold them in an uncomfortable position.

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 The processes of learning BJJ are much more practical than other martial arts. For instance, in boxing, we focus on our power and speed of punches.

That’s not the case with jiu-jitsu, it helps our mind to think faster and clearly. It’s beneficial for improving our reflex actions and using the attacks from opponents for our own benefit.

There are two key points that you have to keep in mind when practicing self-defense:

  1. Creating space between you and your opponent.
  2. Taking control of your opponent

Surprisingly, these key points are also needed during a jiu-jitsu fight. When you are rolling on the mat, your goal is to take control of your opponent and put them in a compromising position.

Does Not Require High Strengths

Unlike other striking martial arts, BJJ doesn’t require high levels of strength and power. In this sport, we mostly focus on using our bodyweight to comprise the opponent.

However, strength is important when you take BJJ as a professional sport. Still, it does not primarily rely on strength like other martial arts.

So, being a woman, you don’t have to worry about having higher strength levels for self-defense. When you get jiu-jitsu skills back then you are all set for protecting yourself.

Fast Results Through Mental Preparedness


Fast Results Through Mental Preparedness

Women jiu-jitsu is beneficial for developing your reflex actions more than any other sport. By mental preparedness, we mean that it allows you to deal with uncomfortable situations without losing your mind.

BJJ allows students to experience a deeper understanding of their bodies and mind. As a result, you unlock your hidden strengths.

A strong mind is more important than having a strong body for self-defense. Mental toughness can empower you to stay calm and think for an effective solution without panicking.

Best BJJ Self Defense Techniques for Women

So, let’s dive into some of the best jiu-jitsu self-defense techniques for women that can help you to deal with almost all kinds of attacks.

Releasing Headlock

One of the most common types of attacks is that someone grabs you from the head, and sticks it between their underarms and elbow.

When your head is locked, you can be easily pulled or beaten up. To stop this from happening and releasing your head follow these steps:

  • Bend your knees and position your body perpendicular to the attacker.
  • Your one foot will be at the front side of the attacker and the other at the back.
  • Now, grab the free hand of your opponent using both hands.
  • Throw your body on the ground, you will land above the body of the attacker.
  • Use the force of arms to press the attacker’s neck.
  • They will release your neck or end up unconscious.

Releasing a Grabbed Arm

If you are walking down the street and someone grabs you from the arm then you can follow these steps to release it or even break the intruder’s wrist:

  • Trap they’re between your forearms and biceps by bending your elbow
  • Hold your elbow with the other hand
  • Push your arm back, bending the trapped wrist of the intruder
  • They will release your arm or end up getting their wrist fractured

Escape When Someone Ends Up on Top of Your Body

This is one of the most dangerous positions for you as the attacker has full control over your body.

In such a situation, you are most likely to panic, through executing proper techniques with a cool mind you can easily get out of this position.

  • Stuck your feet between the thighs and calves of the attacker
  • Now use force from your hips to lift your lower body upwards, this technique is called bridging in jiu-jitsu.
  • As you bridge, the attacker will put his arms on the ground to stop falling.
  • Take advantage of this moment and lock the attacker’s arm at the elbow by crossing your arms against their arm.
  • Now, bridge for the second time and roll their body towards your right side.
  • You can either get on top of them or punch them in their weak areas.

Releasing Your Hair Being Grabbed from Back

This is another common attack that can end up in something bad if not released urgently.

Getting your hair grabbed can be very painful, use these techniques to release them as soon as possible.

  • Step back and stand parallel to the attacker
  • Roll your closer arm against the attacker’s arm and lock their elbow
  • Squeeze the elbow of the attacker by grabbing your hand with the other one and pushing it upwards

Defend Yourself from Being Hugged from Front

If someone tries to attack you from the front then most probably, they will hug your body so you are not able to move.

To release yourself from this position, follow these steps:

  • Grab the attacker from their waist and start walking backward.
  • Keep pushing the attacker so you can maintain a distance
  • Now, slip your head beneath their underarm and grab them from the back.
  • You can push the attacker away and escape easily


Women Jiu-Jitsu teaches you effective methods of defending yourself in harsh situations. Well, you should only be using them when things get out of control.

First of all, try to resolve any matter with debate. But if situations tend to go rough then BJJ self-defense skills are always there for you.

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