Can BJJ Improve the Psychological Health of Kids

Can BJJ Improve the Psychological Health of Kids

 Jiu-Jitsu is a highly physically demanding sport that requires exceptional amounts of strength as a result it keeps you in great shape.

You might think that BJJ is merely about strength and flexibility. But mental health is equally important for jiu-jitsu.

The good news is that BJJ itself is one of the best martial arts for improving mental health. BJJ practitioners experience a wide range of psychological benefits that help them in living stress-free life.

Importance Of Psychological Health for Kids

If you are having behavioral problems with your kids or think that they are not eating properly and not performing well in school, their mental health is most likely impacted.

On average one child out of every six faces mental health problems. Children’s emotional well-being is more important than their physical health.

If their mental strength is not up to the mark, they won’t effectively deal with the harsh circumstances in life.

There are certain traumatic events in a child’s life that could leave negative impacts on mental health. Under these situations, professional help is needed.

While improving the general mental health of children some simple measures can be helpful.

Tips For Improving Psychological Health of Kids

Maintain Balance Between Study and Play

Many parents out there don’t pay good attention to balancing the work and recreational time for kids.

Throughout their day at school children face many pressures. It includes teachers, parents, peers, and society.

All this might become overwhelming for a kid’s mind due to which they are more likely to affect their psychological health.

Parents should make sure that kids are practicing any physical sport throughout the day. BJJ can be a good option in such a case as it demands to be present at the moment and maintain full concentration.

You can also incorporate their playtime with innovative learning games such as scavenger hunts, solving puzzles, hopscotch, etc.

Limit Their Screen Time

Playing video games might be the favorite thing of your kids and due to their addictive nature, sticking to cell phones for long hours might not seem a problem.

Only allow your kids to use cell phones for some hours throughout the day, give them screen allowance and make sure that they strictly follow it.

Various researches prove a significant relationship between increased screen time usage and psychological issues such as hyperactivity, behavioral issues, inattention, etc.

Constructive Criticism

By this, we mean that if your kids did something wrong then you should be criticizing their behavior, not the child.

You can say that what you did was wrong and bad instead of saying that you are a bad boy/girl.

Whenever you scold them or stop them from something then make sure that you are doing it without threats or bribes.

Instead, explain to them the reason for what you are disciplining them and what could be the harmful outcomes of their bad actions.

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Set Realistic Goals and Praise Your Kids

Whenever children achieve their goals, they feel confident and are motivated to do even more the next time.

Help your children to set goals that match their ambitions and create a helping environment to help them in achieving them.

Moreover, make sure to celebrate their achievements no matter how small. Encouraging is the initial step to help your children develop a desire to learn and do good.  

What Benefits Does BJJ Bring for Psychological Health of Kids

If you consider the importance of good mental health for your kids and are looking for a sport to channelize their energy then BJJ has got your back.

In addition, it also helps your kids to develop physical toughness and self-defense skills.

Let’s have a look at surprising ways jiu-jitsu can help in improving the mental health of children.

Makes Them Habituated to Adversities

We know that life is full of hardships. Every single day we experience new challenges, we must learn to deal with difficult life situations without losing our minds.

BJJ provides a natural setting for kids to face challenging situations. Throughout their journey, they face different opponents who have varied sets of skills.

They also get to know that to become a professional they have to be consistent in training as there are no shortcuts for success.

If kids get adapted to adversities early in their life, then there is no doubt that they will be able to easily deal with life challenges with a positive mindset.

Helps In Improving Focus

Unlike sports like football, or basketball, BJJ is an individual sport. It means that while you are on the mat, then only you are responsible for your performance.

Many kids face problems when they try to maintain focus. No matter how hard they try, they will always be distracted easily.

Jiu-jitsu can come in handy to improve focus. When you are in a fight, you try your best to focus on every movement of your opponent and use it for your benefit.

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Stimulate The Release of Endorphins

Endorphins are chemicals released by your brain that make you feel happy and give a sense of achievement.

Their function is not only related to feeling good, they also help in maintaining sharp memory and focus.

Endorphins are the natural antidepressants for your body. While you exercise while being stressed out, you start to feel good after some time.

It’s because of the release of these endorphins. They also act as analgesics and can diminish the perception of pain.

Like all martial arts, jiu-jitsu is a vigorous full-body workout that can effectively stimulate the production of endorphins.

Kids who practice BJJ have high levels of endorphins as a result they have elevated energy levels, a good mood throughout the day, and better sleep at night.

Positive And Supportive BJJ Community

Most kids out their face problems while making friends. The most common problem is that they are shy and lack the confidence to speak in a group.

Jiu-jitsu introduces your kid to a new and healthy community. The instructors and BJJ practitioners empower everyone to participate and take part in discussions.

Once your kids fall in place with the jiu-jitsu community, their sense of mental well-being will show positive improvements in less time.

To perfectly blend with the jiu-jitsu community, make sure to get your kids a top-of-the-line Gi and rashguards.

Helps Boosting Self-Confidence

Having good self-confidence is a key to better mental health. With a higher self-confidence, you are more likely to focus on what you can change instead of losing hope.

Higher self-confidence empowers you to experience freedom from negative feelings about yourself. It’s also beneficial for overcoming self-doubt and doing what you love.

Moreover, BJJ helps in developing some solid self-defense skills that empower your kids to walk around without any fear or anxiety.

Even if some bullies are sabotaging the self-confidence of your kid then don’t worry because they will be able to teach a good lesson to those bullies.

Decreased Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is a type of anxiety disorder that causes a feeling of fear when gathered among a group of people.

A person suffering from social anxiety tends to think that he is constantly being watched and judged by others.

While practicing BJJ, the participants are watched by the instructors and other gym members. They become used to being constantly watched by others.

This helps them to stop thinking about being judged and let their body speak.


If you are looking for a perfect sport that can have great physical and psychological impacts on your kids then jiu-jitsu can be your best choice.

While enrolling your kids into a BJJ gym, make sure that they have a friendly environment and the instructor is a black belt.

You should accompany your kids for the first few days when they join a new jiu-jitsu academy so you can have a better understanding of the community.

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